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  1. Zavvi = No More.

    its quite worrying that suddenly some big names shops are going down I guess there isnt room for them all with the interent to compete with too. I feel sorry for the workers who suddenly find themselves out of work It makes me grateful i work within the public sector where its not based on business sales to survive on !. likewise
  2. : peace: awesome. it reminds me a little of secret of mana: peace:
  3. Wii Awards 2008 Edition

    The Best Visuals In A Game SMASH BROS BRAWL The Best Online Game Of The Year SMASH BROS BRAWL Best Use Of Wii Controls In A Game wario land Best Soundtrack In A Game SMASH BROS BRAWL Best Multiplayer Game Of The Year SMASH BROS BRAWL Most Underrated Game Of The Year Spider Wick Chronhicles Suprise Game Of The Year Spiderwick Chronichles , ( surprisngly good for a movie game ) WiiWare Game Of The Year BOMBERMAN BLAST Virtual Console Game Of The Year Mario RPG Best Wii Game Of The Year SMASH BROS BRAWL Best DS Game Of The Year Dont have a ds cant vote on this sory! Best Nintendo Related Moment Of The Year the sheer fact the Wii is doing so well and selling out frequently Most Anticipated Game Of 2009 SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT Most Innovative Wii Game Wii Fit Most Innovative DS Game n/a Best Single-Player Experience wario land shake it Worst Game of the Year ive only played good games this year
  4. My Comics

    dam right i did
  5. Living Alone

    lol thanks moogleviper , alot of people actually tell me that! but I always reckon it would wind people up for some reason
  6. My Comics

    Hello. I do alot of script writing for various web comics Id like to show you my latest comic strips that is a series i invented long ago . I do the writing and colour/lettering . Drawing is by an artist friend of mine Yen Ip . If you want to see more of these or other comics then my devart account is http://rossk.deviantart.com or my drunkduck comic account .http://user.drunkduck.com/Rossk
  7. Living Alone

    Id rather live alone i much prefer my own company as anyway i think id drive someone mad ive got compulsive cleaning disorder , people cant leave anything out on a surface , if it looks messy ill tidy it away , im forever wiping surfaces/floors and hoovering .
  8. Christmas dinner

    Im a Vegan so I normally have the standard veg , nomrally Neeps , spruts,carrots . As for the Turkey replacement i havent quite figured it out yet , im gong to look in holland and barret and a health food shop on monday , thinking maybe Beech Smoked Tofu or some sort of Special veg/nut cutlet thing .
  9. How Much Is Spent On You At Xmas?

    yeah i think this thread is slightly materialistic , might make some people feel bad ?
  10. Sonic and the Black Knight

    looks good!
  11. Rate The Last Book You Read

    : peace: hurray an old thread that looks interesting.. Today i finished Nemesis : Ride of Death by Catherine Mcphail Its the 4th and Final book in the Nemesis Series which follows the story of a boy who wakes up in a lift in a flat with a dead man , he has no memory of his past wheres he from or who he is . He is wanted by the police in questioning for the murder and is constatly being followed by a man he knows only as the dark man who h eknows is from his past but doesnt know why . The books standalone are brilliant with essnetialy a crime thriller base but with also horror and sci fi with a clever plot involving terroist cells and conspiracy theorys and beasts on the moor. The books are incredibly drawing and i finished each of them in 1-2 days max and they are a good 250-300 pages each . They keep your interest and your always wanting to find out what happens and geniunly care for the character and constastly wondering who is on his side and who will turn against him , the short breakdown of chapters is something i like , it makes me read more if anything really . This book I give 7/10 but the series as a whole is a 9 easily . If you want something exciting and keep you guessing and involves conspiracy,murders,beasts,terrorists , mad doctors , alien gods. ... then here is your boooks
  12. Ghostbusters Wii

    wondier if the wii will have online multiplayer. doubt it..but be nice:(
  13. Gamecube TV adverts

    I remember Sonic Heroes had one i think... Mario Sunshine maybe?
  14. going on the topic of over analysing books at school , i found that this has ruined some good novels for me . Im an extremeley fast reader and I do alot of it so taking like 3 months to get through one book i found very frustrating . Secondly the whole analysing thing...its looking for things that really arent there half the time and making up conclusions and themes that you just know the writer wasnt really thinking about ! Ive gone back and read a few books we did at school but in my mind im still analysing characters and themes and so the story gets ruined . stupid secondary school!