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  1. New Argos Catalogue

    Yup. Typical really, you'd think working at a branch would warrant a night-before early Catalogue pickup, but noooh, they have to be all tight-fisted about it. Anyways, same here, I always flip to the back.
  2. Little King's Story

    Yeah, the offer is still on. And I second what is being said in this thread; Fantastic, fantastic game. I just wish I had picked this up at full price originally so the developers would have got some cash for it, they sure as heck deserve it.
  3. The future of Motionplus

    Star Wars Lightsaber Game. They can do it properly now, not like that Clone Wars crap, so get on with it Lucasarts. Aside from what everybody else has been saying for the past three years, I'd like to see how a Wii Nintendogs would be handled, and I reckon (won't offer up suggestions as I'm too unimaginative) that Capcom could integrate the 1:1 aspect into Movie Effects and Powers very well for a Viewtiful Joe 3.
  4. Wii drive making 'grinding' noises"

    My Wii was suffering from the same problem a little while back, so I arranged a packaging label via Nintendo online, boxed it and sent it off. Came back in a week, worked like a charm and didn't cost me a penny. Sorry, I'd post the link for the repair center, but I'm writing this on my Wii right now.
  5. Klonoa: DtP ( Out Now! £14.99 Amazon & Play!! )

    Tried to pick this up today, couldn't find it anywhere. Went to 4 GAMEs, Gamestation, HMV, no luck. Must be late stock.
  6. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

    No scans as of yet, but a bit more info on the two games from CoroCoro; -Release date 11th Sept -Preorders start on July 20th, same date as new movie, speculative preorder movie cross promotion -From the Johto map, Kanto is hinted at -Wifi Features Expanded -Boy/Girl choice -Skateboard http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15814537&postcount=1203
  7. Wii General Discussion

    Ah yes, sneaky Ninja buggers. Still too much though, might possibly consider one of those bundles.
  8. Wii General Discussion

    You guys are aware that Pay & Play only refers to purchasable DLC and not Online gameplay (which'll be free anyway), right? As for MotionPlus, GAME's site have it up as £25, so if it ends up anywhere near that as a final RRP, I'll be importing like the rest of you. First Wii Point Costs get inflated, and now this.
  9. Broken Sword: Directors Cut Heads To The Wii

    Just finished The Director's Cut, and I've gotta say, for a Broken Sword fan, that pricetag is far far too high. The extra content with Nico is alright, although it lacks enough NPC interaction, probably one of BK's strongest traits. For someone completely new to the series, it'll last you quite a while, and there is a lot to do. There is a clear sound and visual quality separation between old and new that anyone would notice, but they work alright in tandem, and provide a strong logical challenge. As far as the motion control goes, for some of the redesigned puzzles, it's too fiddly and glitchy, although the pointer works flawlessly, and makes me want to see more Text Adventures on Wii. I'd recommend giving this game a go to everyone, although only secondhand, or after a price drop. Edit; Turns out that question I asked above is a full bona-fide game-ending glitch, so to anyone playing Director's Cut, don't get Paint on the Cylinder after you've used it to open the door.
  10. Broken Sword: Directors Cut Heads To The Wii

    It was on the bottom shelf at my GAME, I picked it up along with Madworld. Didn't most news stories say that the game was Budget-priced? Because it sure as hell wasn't when I got it. Still, I'm a huge Broken Sword fan, so all's fair and all that. :p
  11. Nintendo Raising UK Wii Trade Price

    Chances are everyone here has a Wii already, so I don't see what you're whining about. Plus, think of it this way, if interest in the console diminishes because of the higher cost, what's Nintendo's one foolproof method in regaining attention? It's going to happen in Japan soon, that's for sure.
  12. Hidden Gems

    Dewy's Adventure Made from the same team behind Elebits/Eledees, Dewy's Adventure casts you in the role of a heroic Raindrop that has to prurify the tainted land. Using the Wii Remote to tilt the landscape, you have to maneuver Dewy across 7 worlds of Forestry, Volcanic Environments, and other such places. You can control the temeprature of the environment too; heightening it will turn Dewy into a thunderous Rain Cloud, and lowering it to freeze him solid and lay the smackdown on enemies. Other features include a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, and a fully fledged Create-a-level mode alongside it. Get stuck on a boss? Dewy will send messages directly to your Wii Menu with hints, tips and tricks for fights. Definitely one of the Wii's most under appreciated games, it's cheap and a real challenge too.
  13. Sonic and the Black Knight

    Seriously, whoop de do. IGN's credibility for reviewing Sonic games went straight out the window after their Unleashed writeup. That game is fantastic, and I'd certainly look towards other reviewers before I foolishly condemn this game.
  14. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    That's pretty much what I've been doing without any success, but thanks for answering anyway.
  15. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    My Town is still in its early stages, but what the hey. Name: S.J Town: Phoevill Code: 3867-2115-7958 Couple of quick questions, are there any tips for fishing out the key? and is there a way to stop turnips going rotten after a week? Nook never seems to heighten his prices here. PS. PM me if you do add me, I'm not on here too often.