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  1. A Memory Card Question

    I don't know how to take that comment, as good or bad, heh. As far I and others are concerned, savegames are owned by the end user.
  2. A Memory Card Question

    I got tired of not being able to backup or move saves that were locked, so I found a way around the problem, but with a catch. You need either: (A) An SD Card+adapter, an Action replay disc, and SDLoad. (Google: sdload) or: (B) A modded gamecube that can run a custom built disk. (Google: cubeboot tools) or: © A gamecube mod that you can load homebrew dol files with. (Google: mod that cube) or some combination of the above, plus unlock10.dol. I use a modded gamecube, a built disk of SDLoad, and an SD Card+adapter. If you can do the above, the unlocker can be found in the forums at gcdev or tehskeen. -- Acru