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  1. Forum User Photos

    It's really nice. You have a bit of a just-got-back-from-war stare though :p
  2. Merr N-E Christmas!

    I wish each member a Merry Christmas. Why I certainly hope it's a joyous period for you all
  3. Agree that the Irish are pretty extreme too, which I only noticed in the last year. Because parents were helping with my living situation out of home I felt guilty asking for anything more than a few CDs , DVDs (did get a rad fujifilm instant camera though!). It's funny, even though we (my family) has been affected bad-ish by the whole economic downturn , I can tell my parents are really determined to buy at least 1 "big" gift for my brother, sister and myself. Like, my brother got a laptop this year. Not as bad as my cousins though. 1 group in particular made a n explicit point about struggling financially, for Christmas they got their children an iPad mini, an electric guitar, 2 iPhones and 2 laptops among a bunch of other smaller stuff. I'm awful for Christmas though, I don't buy for anyone (lollll)
  4. General Movie Thread

    Ooh that's pretty cool @Mokong X\-C , I used to listen to that show on my way to school a few years ago. Which is pretty ironic because I lived really near him for a while and he'd often walk around with his daughter (:

    You need to pass a test to become a bike rider now?
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Was at a house party socialising last night -- sitting down casually with some wine conversing with these really interesting people I'd just met. I guess the straight whiskey I drank had a little effect as when I looked down I seem to have put my phone in my glass of wine ... It's recovering on my radiator now :| the screen is whack and goes all dubstep / disco when I turn it on ..
  7. Sleeping

    Just got 14 hours of sleep last night ,,,-{^o^}-,,,
  8. What Have You Bought This Christmas?

    I live so humbly without any excess cash, I've no idea how I'm going to afford presents this year x_____x
  9. Quick questions

    What do you take in to consideration when you buy games? I can't remember the last time I've actually bought a game but it usually piques my interest if it is aesthetically appealing (think Mario Galaxy style water / ooze effects) and the characters are colourful. I'm obsessed with characters. Whose oppinions matter to you? Those close around me who I know feel genuinely of my well being. My friends have a variety of interests so having experience in something if I were to inquire is pretty important. What makes you feel succesful in your life? Knowing I've made an effect on others. What are your ambitions? To create beautiful things and be the best version of myself.
  10. Sleeping

    I've become so awful at waking myself that most nights I sleep 8-10hours which is good, I suppose, but then any university lecture before 11am has suffered greatly. 2-3am is a Norma, time to go to sleep -- I mean, does anyone know of someone who sleep before 12? Despite my sleep I still feel pretty much zombie-like most days which comes down to health / nutrition ...
  11. Met up with a guy for 1st time. Although he had a strong dublin accent I liked him (he's Asian...lol) -- home alone now but hope something happens in la future :3
  12. good stuff thread.

    Happy with a new guy. We danced, walked, and sang. He didn't stay over which is a bummer at the moment but I know it's better in the long run. Why am I so silly / shit with relationships. My heart belongs to daddy
  13. good stuff thread.

    haha, of course not -- I live miles away from home, not with parents, one of whom is unemployed so the government was / is quite generous
  14. bad stuff thread.

    I always giggle when people say, "to be frank" on this
  15. good stuff thread.

    My grant came in today so my bank account is fat with moneyz which makes me happy. I celebrated with Mongolian all-you-can-eat and coffee with friends Speaking of which, made a friend 2 months ago and he's probably become already one of my closest (: plus he likes to tell me I'm pretty which is lovely
  16. Instagram

    Instagram is for loooooosers & bad photographers
  17. Bond 23 - SkyFall

    I can not recall a single Bond film that I have actively enjoyed yet I found this pretty fucking amazing. I'm not sure, there was something about it. I don't know why people are whining that it was more an homage to previous Bonds, this film was a nice leap ahead of the others. The characters were all very well done, I loved Q, Silva, Eve and even Bond who I haven't found very likable in previous films. Of course, Judi Dench is always badass. The story was clear, but interesting. The action was very well executed. Each character was very unique (the villain was perfect <3) and my favourite aspect of this film was how it was shot. I found myself in awe of how beautiful the sets and scenes were (expecially Shanghai and Scotland!) Ugh... such a good film.
  18. General Movie Thread

    Herro guys Does anyone have any recommendations for a good ol' fashioned film for me? Sorta looking for an indie-ish / avant-guarde film , preferably uplifting and based on something simple like friendship. That's specific. Hrm, well I have 2 packets of cookies, a carton of milk and a pizza waiting for me so I'm easy for anything
  19. Happy Pancake Day!

    The lovely Pancake doesn't frequent the forum as much as she should! Happy birthday !! Have an extra glass of wine on behalf of N-E
  20. Android App for Dublin Bus Users

    bummer! I can check it out on Eddie's phone next time I see her though (: I'm pretty impressed of your work though, looks really something good!
  21. Android App for Dublin Bus Users

    I am not very aware of android phones as I've never owned one but I presume this wouldn't work on an iPad?
  22. General Movie Thread

    Guessed right, i watched Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance a few days ago. wow, I feel it was just as good. The camera work was even possibly better. The characters were just so fucking well done and amazing and I fell in love with Ryu, a teency bit. [his hair rocks] disturbing is certainly a word I'd use for this too and I'm expecting the same for Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. damn, I then made the mistake of watching Irreversible afterwards.. basically a weird french film - I watched the first 30mins and shut it off [it's basically explicit gay porn and more explicit violence]. i just wanted something nice & pretty. ANYWAY - tell me you're favourite of the trilogy! what are your thoughts on them?
  23. well duh. of course I have all albums, I think her new is contending to be my favourite of hers actually. Might even take over When The Pawn... ! I think her main single, Every Single Night, and Periphery are the standouts for me / they're the most fun to listen to, particularly her war cries in Periphery. Yessss. What's your favourite? Anything standing out for you? *cups face in hands* Although I don't expect her music to be the most relatable when you're in love :p
  24. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

    Never having grown up with the Star Wars movies, I never really got the whole deal with the franchise. I remember trying to watch the original film before and it was just really meh and I couldn't appreciate how goofy it was. I think I'll try again as this does sound interesting
  25. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Riiiight, so I walked back from the guy I'm with to find my two friends snuggling & awake. I'm awake with a glass of Prosecco wine while my 2 friends beg for duvets. Ill just get drunk here and reminisce.