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  1. I still believe North Korea could be a wonderful utopia. I heard that when they were recently targeting other countries their first target was for the Free Masonry in America. *oh no, here I come again with his Illuminati jargon* OF COURSE the west could all too easily be using the media as a form to put us against N. Korea, the only country refusing to conform. I mean, how else do we find out about world news -- it's all the media. N. Korea could be the single entity wanting to bring down the Illuminati.
  2. where else could I put them?

  3. The Music Thread

    Ohhh maybe you could ask for a suggestion or two? More dated, I guess, but at least it may be from the correct era. As in, I'd be expecting 80s whereas modern Italian music has this strange late 90s / early 00s vibe but in a bad way. She really really terrifies me the video is just overflowing with Illuminati motifs and all her videos, she resembles this airless mannequin. I also get this unusual sexual vibe from her. I dunno. I'm sure if I just listened to the music it'll be terrifically uplifting but the videos are terrifying...
  4. The Music Thread

    Is anybody aware of some interesting / talented Italian musicians? I've sorta lost my passion for the language since studying it as my major and I need a saviour to instil my passion for the language again. I've looked but Italy's music scene is quite...dated and mono, I think...
  5. First World guilt?

    uhh, of course I feel it! How could you not? It's ridiculous. Just because we are not a direct reason for world poverty doesn't mean that a form of guilt doesn't manifest itself within us. Perhaps, there's a better word to describe it rather than guilt...an unsettling consciousness, maybe? I've listened to one album quite frequently recently which addresses the world we occupy and how fucked up it is. Humanity really disgusts me. It's all a bit teenage-angsty / chicken soup for the teenage soul but I've recently become aware of how fucked up people are and how greed destroys so many. I need caffeine but every time I buy / brew coffee, how can I not think of the impoverished hands who've brought me the coffee beans? And at such a low, unfair wage. Every time I subconsciously think, thank you and I'm sorry.
  6. Thanks for the reply (: I certainly realise that unfaceted forms of connections like Facebook, which only reveal a certain point of view of someone's character, is not a wise thing to judge a person on. I can't help but see forms of immaturity through it though... 1 example, he shows off that he buys 2 iPhones and buys Armani clothing. Stuff like that. It bothers me. But it's not like I'm super hung up on this guy. I guess I find myself being really attracted and then not so much towards him depending on my mood. Eh, I'm over it. ~ ~ ~ I hope your misunderstanding with the girl has cleared up. To be honest, I think she's ridiculously overly sensitive for expecting you to walk her home and being pissy about it. But I hope she doesn't ask similarly in other ways...
  7. In the past few months I've become quite private with a lot of happenings in my life as I've felt them becoming too personal to share openly. I'm trying to not become too closed off, however. Since November I've been in contact with one guy. We've mostly chatted but we have met several time, of course. It's involved coffee, strolling, drinking together etc. but not in a greatly romantic way. He's an OK guy, quite handsome and quiet (which I really like :p ). I've always been lukewarm toward him as our chemistry isn't electric, it's fine. I recently decided to add him on Facebook as I prefer to hold off people having that information on me for a while. Turns out he's one of those irritating posts-every-couple-of-hours about nothing. After creeping a bit ( ) he likes to show off his wealth etc. [he bought 2 iPhones to have a different colour]. I've also got a really immature vibe now. We're the same age however he's still in school and I'm in my 2nd year of college which is strange as I've never kissed anyone else remotely younger than me. So, Does an online persona show one's true negative personality? And is this reason enough to move on?
  8. General Movie Thread

    I watched Silence of the Lambs recently which I really really loved. The story was thrilling and interesting, Jodie Foster was spectacular. And Hannibal was probably one of the greatest characters written. I need to watch it again though because I was being sniff kissed and drinking wine D:
  9. bad stuff thread.

    How about I grab my bag pack and let's go on the open road to the Silicon Prairie? I think patience is key for whatever is troubling you. I bet that you'll be leaving sooner than you think, so make whatever you can of Dublin (and let's see a movie :3 ) [\vague advice, sorry =__=] ~ ~ ~ Just back to college, it's sorta lovely to be back but I've become so lazy and complacent with just lying all day with my friends that the work load depresses me. It's so silly that studying languages forces you to take modules based around uninteresting literature / culture. I usually love that stuff but the teaching execution makes me wanna die.
  10. Love Thy Neighbour

    I like my neighbours. They have charm. They're Italian (so I can practise!) and play loud heavy metal. Last night though James Blunt's "beautiful" song was played full blast which was a lol. They also have loud sex occasionally but it's humorous.
  11. The Music Thread

    Did you watch it though? It's a little silly to think that there's a timeframe on works that can make you cry. 5 minutes is plenty of time given the work is crafted beautifully enough
  12. I'm surprised about the response for crying at video-games! I can not recall once where I've been close to crying for any video game... I was touched many times during Zelda:Majora's Mask but that's about the closest. I've always heard about how emotional Final Fantasy is though. With other mediums, it's a different story though :p I remember breaking down during, as ReZ mentioned, Dancer In The Dark. I've also watched 'La Vie En Rose' quite a number of times and it gets worse with each viewing. I have this extreme affinity with Édith Piaf that I can't help but sob, rather than prettily have 1 tear slide down my face, during the moment she's looking for Marcell. Even many of her songs are ridiculously emotional. I've restrained from listening to 1 song in particular. I cry a lot at music & film. I even just posted about one in the music thread. There's also a famous musician called 타불로 (Tablo) who makes me weep a lot. I couldn't even begin to retell his story now D: Books , haven't read one yet where I've cried though.
  13. If I were in some sort of factory crafting the perfect match, I guess I'd pay extra attention to the eyes - I like 'em big and expressive, the hair - listen, nothing turns me on better than a nice upward flick of hair, and nice / non-creepy smile. I care very little for the body which is strange, I just can't help but look at faces though. Of course, obesity doesn't do anything for me. I have been talking with 1 guy recently who goes to the gym 4 times a week and is, of course, pretty fucking fit. Which for the first time is quite a turn on. I will also adore you if you have satirical wit and laugh at nonsensical things!! But it feels weird making a list of traits that you find most attractive. Partly because when I find myself attracted to someone, it's unexpected. I usually fall for those who don't really match my "attraction-list" of all but what I like about this is how it makes you appreciate different things in a person. Overall it makes me more compassionate. Oh, I forgot Asian. It's really embarrassing but as hard as I try -- I just can't find any white / black / in between people remotely sexually attractive :'(
  14. N-E Awards 2012 - The Results

    My love for you is internal and private.
  15. N-E Awards 2012 - The Results

    Went on a voting splurge last night only to realise later that the awards had finished... Derp derp derpy derp
  16. Happiest of Birthdays Jay!! oh don't stop being the stud you are
  17. The Music Thread

    One of the most beautiful and disturbing videos I think I might have ever seen. Nell is a Korean indie band so this song is quite harmonious -- very subtle in its style, very soothing and pretty. The guy behind the camera is trying to come to terms with the suicide of the guy in front of the camera. What's even more heart wrenching is the ambiguity of whether of not they're just friends or lovers (was the suicide because they couldn't be together?). Details, panning and focus is perfect. I can't say that many music videos have made me wail but this one did. Had tears rolling down my face : (
  18. Forum User Photos

    Loving everything in this photo. Listening to heavy metal with Jameson, celebrating the coming of the new year
  19. I can see why it seems a bit much but I don't think that would really bother me at all. If the housemate were to say that they had given a set of keys to their boy/girlfriend beforehand that's fine, but I dunno -- I have housemates who can be quite picky when it comes to me bringing friends over so I'm sensitive about this topic :p
  20. Happy N-Ew year!

    you take that back -- MORE REBECCA BLACK FOR '13 !
  21. General Movie Thread

    Jeez , I am exhausted. I've really spent the last week watching movies back to back with a supply of never-ending leftover turkey. It was perfect. I watched Ponyo, Morocco, Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now!, Rebecca, The Sound of Music, Blade Runner, Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, On The Waterfront, Goodfellas, Some Like It Hot, Roman Holiday and Charades among a bunch of others. I loved them all ! (This comment's purpose is more so to remember which ones i watched over the Christmas :p) I think the most wonderful ones were Blade Runner (I wanted to live in that dystopian future, the film noir-sequence style was beautiful), On The Waterfront (Brando's performance really impressed me) and Ponyo (I spent days of Christmas watching black-and-white flcks along with war movies which are really only have a brown / grey palette so the colours made me high and happy)
  22. New Years Resolutions: 2013

    2012 was really lovely so I'm beginning ideally. I've nothing in mind in particular but it's always positive to try become the best version of ourselves. At the front of my mind, I really hope to become more free and limitless -- whether it's not worrying about fucking up certain relationships or not being afraid to delete pictures / music / memories. Weird stuff like that. Also, if I can -- I just wanna drink more whiskey, create beautiful things and do something romantic I'll listen!! Share your work and flow
  23. Onesies

    Was there some tv show or some other thing in recent pop culture that made these popular, maybe? I think it started with that blanket with the arms. Well, anyway, I know that my brother got one for Christmas and almost all of my relations love / have them