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  1. Raging Blast 2, right? I pretty much only bought it for the special as well since I wasn't keen on the gameplay either. lol


    I've read Jaco will be included in the 3rd DLC pack they're releasing, so no worries there.


    If your PC can run it at recommended specs I see no reason to not get it on Steam, it'll be cheaper after all and I see people saying it's a pretty good PC port, though I don't think we could play multiplayer if you did. ;p


    If you've got a backlog, unless you feel you need to play a good DBZ game right now you might as well wait.

  2. You wanted my impressions on the new DBXV right?


    My initial impressions are quite positive, creating your own warrior from 5 races (Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Frieza race or majin) to help repair the broken DBZ timeline (not perfectly, your involvement does change some little details) is a really cool novelty story. The combat isn't too hard to pick up, typical combo's with light and heavy attacks, Supers and Ultimate's are hot keyed which can be a little difficult, however there is RPG style customization which can make the story a little difficult to complete, you will need to grind but there are side missions with their own targets where you can take in a team of any characters you unlock to help out. You wont have very good supers and ultimates in the beginning, but you can become a student of the various DBZ characters to learn their special moves.


    Anything else you want to know give me a shout.

  3. Nice! I hope I can go to Akihabara sometime in my lifetime.

  4. Steins;Gate, awesome anime, good avatar choice.

  5. Well I got my Metallic red 3DS today with Starfox 64 3DS, that's all on the game front.

  6. I got the DVD's a few weeks ago to watch for the first time, it really was an awesome ride from start to finish. Re-watching with a mate now and still enjoyable to watch.

  7. I notice your a fan of Gurren lagann.

  8. Headset came and gotten it to work. Maybe play later?

  9. Just message me when you feel up for it. lol

  10. So when are you up for another go?

  11. My Little Bro is playing LittleBigPlanet. So I don't wanna kick him off yet since he is sick. But 3pm for definite.