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  1. For starters, theres no need to jump the gun at me. Secondly, I was merely stating that Nintendo rarely ever engages in slapdown comments like the one at the centre of this topic. the most Nintendo can muster are 'we did it first' comments. Also, I think you'll find Peter Moore does not represent the entire company either. Its not all Praise flying out the Microsoft camp, surprisingly.
  2. All i'm saying is that Nintendo rarely say anything this bitchy, the most they ever do is say stuff like ' we're aiming for a different target audience '. Its mainly microsoft who constantly make snide remarks like this.
  3. Oooh, Aint Microsoft a bitch! Not long before the handbags are out boys. or should that be handbag.
  4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    I checked up on it. the Olympics are in AUGUST. thats closer to christmas 2008 than christmas 2007. also, I dont understand what all this 'monumental announcement' stuff is about, Sega have been working closly with Nintendo for years, they already worked with a major Nintendo IP before with F-Zero. Then Again, I was only a sperm in the Ninty Vs. Sega wars, so what would I know.
  5. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    This is awfully fishy. 1. why would they release a game promoting the Olympics, months before they actually happen? 2. why no screenshots? only a slightly shaky looking promo image? 3. and a Multiformat mario games, specificly handheld to console release sounds very un-mario like unless its a hoax, designed to promote another game rumoured to have sonic and mario in, coming around christmas time? I can dream
  6. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    Got this game for my B-day. Its fun, the first game to be so in a long while, and certainly a great game. the first few "get to the goal" levels in particular. but god, it isn't half frustrating. *mild spoileroonies* Today, for example, I tried to beat Ifrit. I home in on two of his knuckles as I'm blatantly reminded I should do every two seconds, then i go for the third but I get hit by the neverending explosive barrels and land just in front of the third knuckle. When I land sonic has started to move forwards again, except I have no control So I miss my chance to do anything, I have to go around or move backwards. moving backwards is like wrestling jelly: hilariously uncontrolable and frustratingly difficult, you just cant do it, and in an on-rails game like this, you really shouldn't have to. I tried using the slow down power to dodge the barrells, that I assume I have to use, by the pearls on the path, but its completely useless, and really only lets you watch your failure in slowmotion this time. Then I keep walking into the lava because i dont stop moving forwards, WTF? *mild spoileroonies* Still fun though, I like the storybook, even though I've only unlocked a few things in it. I also think the homing attack is awesome. FWA-SHAMM!
  7. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    I believe the first half was the better half of the game, as there was loads of great story elements between dungeons, but the dungeons themselves just felt thoroughly unoriginal. I dont think the Wii version was glitchy at all though, the camera worked fine for me, and I never once thought about using GCN pad. This is my opinion, so dont have a go at me for it, but now that I've played TP, WW feels plain broken. link is flying all over the place at the slightest tap of a button, the controls are way too loose for my liking. good thing the art direction is designed to support the whole game, eh? also, in contrast to my last, rather angry post, I've been playing the game a bit more recently, and i've actually grown to appreciate the ending, which actually makes sense now.
  8. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    I thought the best moments in TP were the ones that weren't copied off OoT. Half the game was Recycled: the first three dungeons, all the howling stone songs, the plot. If it had focussed on new ideas Like WW, it would be more memorible. now, it just serves to remind of old experiences rather than to create new ones. Thats not to say I didn't like it. It's my favourite zelda game so far, I thought the combat system was top notch, the music was great, It had a brilliant art direction and the dungeons were astounding, It just felt a bit too familiar. I thought the ending suffered most. Zant was an awesome villian, but they just pushed Ganondorf into the final Scene like he was an afterthought. A bad ending always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
  9. Top Ten Gamecube Games

    Its good to see another 'splitters fan. I thought TsFP had tighter controls, better weapons and an awesome story mode. But Ts2 had a story that made sense, loads of challenges and a brilliant sense of humour. Its hard to decide between them Also, I hope Free Radical develops Timesplitters 4 for Wii, and if not they should develop some sort of Wii FPS. Right now they're one of the best FPS developers around, if anyone can make the first good, traditional FPS for Wii, its them.
  10. Top Ten Gamecube Games

    1- Twilight Princess 2- Metroid prime 3- Timesplitters 2/3 4- Paper Mario 2 5- Smash Bros. Melee 6- Prince of Persia 1 7- DK: Jungle beat 8- Tales of Symphonia 9- Metroid Prime 2 10- Wind Waker things to note: I owned Twilight Princess on wii, not GCN. I like the wii controls better though. I consider timesplitters 2 equal to future perfect, I dont really think one's better than the other.
  11. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    you probably haven't repaired the bridge yet by giving that ludicrus amount of money to the old Goron inside the Malo Mart. only then can you take the water across the bridge too the Goron who needs it.
  12. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    My local Rent shop doesn't do wii games, but I dont know whether my local gamestation does returns or not. probably do though. My birthdays coming up, so I'll probably get it then, along with elebits (eledees? oh, how the mind perplexes!).
  13. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    everytime I touched the sonic franchise it burnt me. sonic adventure, sonic heroes. dont talk to me about shadow. I still have scars from that game. a while ago I managed to get hold of sonic rush, a brilliant game and definatly the best sonic i've played. I was gonna pick this up after playing rush, but rings is getting negative and positive press at the same time. oh, what to do, what to do.