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  1. Kororinpa

    Yeah, the borders appear above and below the image, squishing it to a 16:9 shape but completely ruining the aspect ration AND forcing you to zoom in on it to get it to fill the screen. I just stick to 4:3 now... which is disappointing to say the least.
  2. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    Having to type commands mid-battle = certain defeat. Headset is really the only viable option.
  3. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    They're gonna need to if Co-Op's gonna be worth a damn... otherwise it just couldn't possibly be as workable with pre-defined text prompts (one alternative) or a keyboard input to make custom text prompts (second alternative).
  4. With the recent news of MSX and Neo-Geo games coming to VC, I'm hoping they actually start letting us play games direct from the SD card. I also think a system of locking the game to both the console and SD card could work wonders too. I recently got a new mobile which came with a 256mb Micro-SD card, and it has some ringtones and such that cannot be deleted. If they tie the VC games to both console and SD card in a similar fashion they could easily let us move games to and from the SD card using the originating Wii, and play from the card in ANY Wii. If you want to copy or delete the games off then you can only do it on the Wii that the game was originally downloaded to. Surely that would be possible, and more than acceptable.
  5. BWii: Batallion Wars 2

    I'm wondering how online co-op's gonna work if there isn't a headset. Even still, I loved the original, and am really looking forward to this one.
  6. ExciteTruck

    Tons! I haven't even hit up the challenges yet... this game has legs, no doubt about that! I haven't enjoyed an arcade racer this much since Burnout 3!
  7. ExciteTruck

    I'm at the same point... now Gold Cup in Super Excite has made me its bitch. Having a decent soundtrack on my SD card helps immeasurably!
  8. Kororinpa

    I just picked this up today, and am loving it so far. I understand that it's short, but that's fine for me at the mo as I only get to play games in short bursts, and chances are that once I'm done I won't touch it for a while, which usually means that once I go back to it it'll be fresher. One thing though, has anyone noticed the bizarre display options? 4:3 mode = 4:3 aspect ratio 16:9 mode = 4:3 aspect ration squished between two huge black borders. It actually flattens the screen! WTH!?!