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  1. good stuff thread.

    It might be difficult teaching, but when you see the kids learning, it makes it all worth it
  2. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Just wanted to say, massively enjoyed Animal man, its super hero horror at its best, that artist whose name I can't remember is an amazing detailed drawer! Spider-man epilogue was a tad disappointing with the whole relationship aspect, ah well.
  3. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    MAN Spider island was SO amazing!! Loved it especially how spidey saved the day
  4. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    So plot for 7.2 (thors fear itself aftermath issue) As he walks the nine steps, poison seeps through his body, his friends and family appear at each step to wish him good bye. Odin appears with loki on his penultimate step and as he takes his last step donald blake appears saying they can go on this final adventure together. Thor begins to take another step thinking he's beaten the poison. He collapases dead before it touches the ground. BOOM ALSO Scarlet Spider anyone?
  5. Your experience of the recession?

    I'm on a PGCE Teacher Training course, when I'm not at school 8 til 4 I'm at uni 9 til 5, while I have weekends free I use them to do work for my classes and projects for uni. They took away funding to the universities so the universities took away the bursaries. They're giving them back in 2012 because of the increase in tuition fees. I don't reeeally have the time to have a job. My phone contract is 13 pounds a month, and petrol is 20 pounds a week if I stretch it. Food is at 25 pounds a week between the two of us, we are having competitions to try and get it as low as we can parking is between 2.50 and 5 pounds a day. What else is there? Already living rent free and bill free. Couldn't do the course if we weren't. Thank you for the uplifting message though jay thank you
  6. Your experience of the recession?

    My bursary got withdrawn before I started, I have 1000 pounds to live on until January, but I was already in debt when I started the course (400 pounds overdrawn). To get to my school placement it costs 40 pounds a week, foods risen so its around 25 pounds a week. I figure I have 175 pounds ish a month to live on? That goes after three weeks. Next year they are bringing the bursaries back. Yes it has.
  7. Name Changes

    Hum, I'm training to be a teacher and I realise my email is the same as my forum name, can it possibly be changed to DJCG instead to prevent future employers from digging dirt on me? (moved it to the right place)
  8. Questions

    Hum, I'm training to be a teacher and I realise my email is the same as my forum name, can it possibly be changed to DJCG instead to prevent future employers from digging dirt on me?
  9. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    So Animal Man was the best comic of the week...that double page spread was amazing. 6 weeks in and only one justice league issue? Whats going on DCnU?
  10. good stuff thread.

    The good kind that lead to bad times? Or the bad kind that are just dull?
  11. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    My new DC pull list Justice League Action comics Animal Man Swamp Thing Stormwatch Baman and Robin Batwoman Batman Demon Knights Justice League Dark Green Lantern Superboy Teen Titans DCU Presents Blue Beetle Wonder Woman Nightwing Aquaman The Flash Firestorm (possibly GLC and GLNG) DC has sold me, I'm getting more from them than before and will continue to do so. What about everyone else?
  12. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Just read Teen Titans, atually enjoyed it, possibly more than superboy (both end the same way) Strange how Lobdell can write a shocking book (Red Hood) and two good ones... Looking forward to Justice League Dark
  13. good stuff thread.

    Starting my A placement school next week
  14. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Its weird to think I've read just over three hundred issues of a single comic (Spider-man)
  15. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Whats blue like? I read the coming home volume, it was reeeeally good, loved the ending, have you read the Grim Hunt volume? Its at the end of Brand New Day spidey section and while I know you don't like that part, its still fantastic (has Ana in it who I think you like?) How much are those discs?
  16. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Of both and of all time Have you read nothing can stop the juggernaut too?
  17. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    You didn't like Spider-man Hap? I thought maybe the Jonah and Richards bit was a tad ham fisted. The plot may be massive, but I thought it was really enjoyable. The ramifications from the ending will also be huge. I think its shaped up really nicely so far. Whats your favourite spidey story Hap?
  18. bad stuff thread.

    Ugh, got hit by a bad 24 hour bug yesterday. Started at 6am and continued till midnight Resulted in throwing up every half hour or so. Feel ok today, feels like I'm hungover, very weird.
  19. Galaxy Skin

    I want one now! So very badly.
  20. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Just read Schism 4, ended amazingly, it all fits in to place.
  21. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Did anyone else feel the sexual tension between hawkeye and cap in fear itself 6? I thought they were going to kiss goodbye at one point...
  22. Tidying

    I crave tidiness, my paperwork is all organised sitting next to me ready to be sorted into my folder, I have an intray, i spend 5 minutes before bed whizzing round my room making sure its tidy. I hate having junk/stuff. I like minimalist everything. A reaction against my mum who keeps everything.
  23. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=34367 As this article shows the DC sales are going to be massive, this month should be immense hopefully it will continue afterwards. Any comic sold is great What about peoples local comic book shops over here? Have you asked them how they're doing?