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  1. Downloadable Content For Wii

    for all the people moaning about lack of space, i know vc games and wiiware games can only run off the internal memory but is their any reason at all DLC cant be saved to the sd card
  2. Arcade Sticks & Skins?

    there already is a hori stick for the wii i'm sure there is
  3. The Points Cards Case

    unless u pay with a debit card
  4. Wii is market leader!

    that was a news piece probably using slightly outdated figures, the latest sales-age stuff from neogaf using full US, canadian, japanese and partial figures partial estimates from europe shows the wii has now overtaken the 360 (oh and the figures are only slightly lower than vgchartz)
  5. "Unnofficial" Wii USB Lan adapters

    interesting side issue, can the wii be directly connected by usb if your router has a usb port???
  6. Wii Release List

    just need to point out crap as it may be, bionicle heroes is out
  7. Rumor Control - IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat

    unless it was developed by a different company
  8. Rock Band coming to Wii?

    thats one rock band that wont make the top 40 at that price
  9. Square Enix SNUBS Wii

    actually i'm sure i read that star ocean 4 hadn't been decided what format it'll be released on
  10. shock horror, wiis on shelves

    was very briefly in both branches of game in cheltenham yesterday and was slightly shocked to discover they both had wiis on the shelves, i say only slightly cos only the week before i'd seen some in stock the week before in one of those branches though then they were forcing a rip off bundle (had to buy with 3 games no discount 300 squid and only a free warenty thrown in) but yesterday not only did both branches have them but they had more normal bundle offers (+1 game £5 off, +2 games £15 off, +3 games £30 off) whats happened?? have the pikmin suddenly managed to make fuk loads more wiis??? oh and wii play was on the shelves to and no longer 40 squid
  11. Pro Evo 7 Wii?

    i'm pretty sure fifa's already confirmed
  12. which is why loads of people aint heard of him, if he wins that'll be a travesty wow he's a yank satirist where as miyamoto is effectively repressenting a cultural phenominom
  13. Zoonami's Game Zero - still coming?

    i'm sure i read somewhere martin saying that the game formally known as game zero was in development but wouldn't be out this year and he doesn't want to show it off til its nearer to coming out
  14. ebay - ha ha

    sorry for being a total fanboy but just had a look on ebay, wii's are still selling at above RRP not by a lot but still over, where as theres loads of ps3s up most with starting prices of 600 quid that NO ONE has bid on and the few with lower prices have attracted a few bids but are still going for less than on the shop shelves theres sure gonna be a lot of people trying to make a quick buck that get their fingers burned
  15. Just about to order a wii

    just a quick point to everyone saying to get wii points dont buy them from a shop unless you have to cos they are cheaper to buy directly from the wii shop (though it only lets you pay by visa or mastercard, though it does take any type of visa including electron)
  16. New Wii Games

    although they all look shit i'm sure they'll all be cheap (i'd guess they'll be released for about 20 quid) and overtime they'll probably end up for 6.99 in the supermarket, the wii needs crap like this to succed
  17. Nintendo is full of lies.

    i reckon lylat wars got the mix perfect
  18. wii or 360?

    wii, innovative and fun with great games already and shedloads in development 360, good (but expensive) online service otherwise no different than whats come before but with shinnier graphics
  19. Rare now making Xbox Live Arcade games

    about 8 or 9 years ago i once had a job interview at rare and bloody hell the place is massive (aparently its bigger now even than then) but it shocks me how little they seem to be able to produce these days (let alone wether its any good or not), bill gates must seriously be thinking about wether it was worth anywhere like what he paid
  20. A new Wii?!!

    am upgraded wii of some sort is a definate, most likely we'll first see multiple colour choices (in time for this xmas) but then i think a version with larger internal storage and dvd playback is likely (maybe next year though), however most of the likely upgrades could easily be done in software such as dvd (and possibly other media formats), limited HD (if the ps2 can do it theres no way the wii cant) and i'm sure you can think of other things
  21. Segas Secret Title...

    oh yes, it has to be
  22. graphics chips

    slow memory's better than no memory
  23. game bugging

    that just happens, slightly bad programming methinks
  24. If You Were Nintendo How Would You Improve The Wii?

    F**k NO it'd take longer to rush through it with a walkthrough
  25. Where will gaming go now the Wii is released?

    the next gen will more than likely be a two way fight, i can easily see either ms or sony dropping out with their massive losses, nintendo will still be their with a machine probably power-wise slightly higher than the ps3 but with further innovations control wise