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  1. Post Your Purchases

    Sorry its not a photo I took! =)
  2. Anime and manga discussion

    On the manga front, does anyone know when the next volume of Your & My Secret is out? I love all these genderbendy series, and this is one of my favourites (plus I just LOVE anything by Ai Morinaga... Heavenly Hockley Club is godly).
  3. Post Your Purchases

    Nice! Is that out in europe, or an import? =0 I hope I can get some cash to buy it soon!! *sells RPGs on ebay to raise cash*
  4. Post Your Purchases

    Hirasawa Yui Figma <3 And a review It's a Rumic World box set (DVD, Ranma figure, Lum figure, Inuyasha figure... £150-ish =0) Watarase Jun figure *gets a boner* Mass Effect 2 Up Surf's Up (lol what) Doctor Who In Their Own Words Sennheiser 300-whatever. I have no money left.
  5. Anime and manga discussion

    Any guys here into anime figures? I just made a new website for the UK figure scene, if anybody wants to visit and join the flickr group I'm looking for article writers and figure reviewers too, so if anyone wants to contribute please contact the site! Incidentally, who's looking forward to season 2 of K-On? I can't wait!
  6. Post Your Purchases

    "Moeblob" Yui Nendoroid <3 Doctor Who: Writers Tale Final Chapter Ocean Waves <3
  7. Post Your Purchases

    Awesome machine. Now I don't have to watch my stuff in stuttervision on my laptop. Few new CDs, mangas, DVDs...
  8. Post Your Purchases

    Mio from K-On Nendoroid Was the guitar MEANT to come in two pieces? The body of it was seperate from the neck, but I wasn't sure if it was meant to be. It kinda looked like it was broken. Also, Spirit Tracks guide and a 1983 CD cuz it was the year I was born and downloading music is too modern for me.
  9. Post Your Purchases

    Whee, I got my Raspberyl Nendoroid at last
  10. Post Your Purchases

    Gurren Lagann Volume 3 You're Under Arrest Natsumi figure <3 <3 <3 Spirit Tracks Lucky Star 1 Yotsuba 7 =D =D =D Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 3
  11. Post Your Purchases

    I got these today... Close Up Close Up Ass I also got a purple slanket. £25 from Firebox.com!!
  12. Post Your Purchases

    Was £25 on the Asda website. Gone back up to £32 now. It's surprisingly fun, even if you do feel a bit silly playing it as an adult!!
  13. Post Your Purchases

    Mario Bros Wii, Aegis Figma, PlaySega pad Close ups...
  14. Stargate TV Shows

    Without spoiling episode 5, it was obvious from the last few seconds of episode 4 what was going to happen. It didn't take a brain surgeon to grasp what was going on. I dunno, I feel like sci fi never has any actual surprises anymore. Any solution to a problem is generally worked out by the viewer in the first few minutes of the problem arising.
  15. Post Your Purchases

    Windows 7 (£50, Argos) Heroes Season 3 (£25-ish, Amazon) Gunsmith Cats Burst 4 (£6-ish, up1.co.uk) Atelier Iris 3 (£15, Play.com) Glad to finally get another burst of GSC! I'd kind of given up hope of it ever getting continued after volume 3. Here's to Kenichi Sonoda, the best manga artist evar!
  16. Post Your Purchases

    Finally replaced my stolen copy of Drake's Fortune on friday, cleared it yesterday night. Uncharted 2 arrived this morning. Perfick! 3 and a half hours in... best game ever, basically.
  17. Post Your Purchases

    Finally! Only took two weeks to come! Just done the first gym, loving it all over again. Everyone tells me to watch this. It's not my usual cup of tea (prefer sugary sweet slice of life stuff, as a rule), but gonna give it a stab.
  18. Post Your Purchases

    Okay, that's about me spent this month!!
  19. Post Your Purchases

    Yup. And Magichange is in It seems there'll be DLC too.
  20. Post Your Purchases

    I prefer Disgaea 3, but the the gameplay improvements in Disgaea 2 make this a more enticing game than the original for PSP, despite the less fun story and characters. The fabulous highlights so far from Pixiv. Some wonderful artwork within these pages!
  21. Post Your Purchases

    Gacha Gacha Next Revolution Volume 10 Yotsuba Vol 6! Glad Del Rey picked this series up!! Suikoden III US import Finally I can say I've played them all And yes. Blu-ray imported cosplay filth. Without censorship, would be a 8/10. As it stands, I'd give it a 6. :-p
  22. Post Your Purchases

    American PS2 so I can play all those RPGs we never got (I've got Radiata Stories, PM me with other recommendations to import! Considering Suikoden 3!) Also, Dirt 2. Woo!