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  1. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    This game was announced in Famitsu. Factsheet
  2. Trauma Center:New Blood (Wii)

    This game was just revealed on famitsu.com Link: http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/2007/07/10/103,1184055903,74915,0,0.html It has 2 player mode, online ranking and 16:9. Screens: Since the first one hasn't been released yet in Europe, I want to try that one out first. But this one looks nice as well.
  3. Resident Evil 5

    It's only online co-op, IIRC. Or did they confirm split screen somewhere?
  4. Resident Evil 5

    There are two new videos from TGS up on Gametrailers: Demo of the game: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/41380.html Co-op demo: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/41386.html
  5. Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous/Image Epoch)

    I really hope we won't have to wait long for this to make it over here. It looks great!
  6. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Tried the Valkyria Chronicles demo today, and it has sold me on the game. It was really easy to get into, I'm usually pretty bad at strategy type games, and the way the fights are done are pretty original and fun. Graphically the game is really great, I love the pencil filter everything has.
  7. PS3 TGS News

    Yakuza 3 looks really good, I hope they'll release it in the US at least so I can get it. I'll have to play the first two before it though, it seems necessary after watching the extended trailer on gametrailers. I would be missing a lot if I didn't I suppose.
  8. PS3 TGS News

    I'll definitely be getting White Knight Chronicles when it's released over here, and Demon Souls looks interesting so I hope to find out more soon.
  9. LittleBigPlanet Thread

    They mentioned they could patch this feature in if it was requested enough and I hope they will do this.
  10. LittleBigPlanet Thread

    Although the create mode seems pretty complete a lot of decorations and stickers and objects are probably missing. You can also only play 4 levels from the story mode, of which there should be around 50. They also mentioned this is an old build so some features like 5 star ranking of uploaded levels aren't there. I don't think this will spoil the full game.
  11. LittleBigPlanet Thread

    Well I've been playing this for two days now, and it's a lot of fun. The stages that are already made by users are pretty good, although some tend to be a bit difficult due to some odd jumps you have to make now and then. The race levels are really fun and have me trying to better my highscore some times. I've even made it to number 1 in some. Yesterday I started on my own level, and although it was hard to think of something at first I managed to get somewhere by just trying stuff out. All in all this game has really impressed me with the enormous amount of possibilities you have.
  12. Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous/Image Epoch)

    The official site has just opened: http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/game/wii/arcrise/
  13. LittleBigPlanet Thread

    I managed to get one of those beta keys, after a lot of F5ing. Can't wait until I get to try it this weekend. (my PS3 is at home and I'm only there during weekends)
  14. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Well I'm sure the random is random, those results you're all getting with it are still very possible even when it's truly random. The chance is small that you get the same character three times but it's still there.
  15. What games are you looking forward to?

    Not a lot for this year actually. Most Wii games that I want haven't even got a date for Europe but they'll probably arrive somewhere in 2009. I have a lot to look forward to on my PS3 thankfully like LittleBigPlanet, Valkyria Chronicles, Prince of Persia and Dead Space for instance.
  16. Kizuna

    This one sounds very interesting, although I can't see much from the game because the screens are a bit small. I'll keep watching this one.
  17. The Official MGS4 Thread.

    Finished the game yesterday and the last moments were amazing. I'll probably go through this game again for some other emblems.
  18. Secret Press Conference?!

    Yeah that was another one, but that was mainly about Animal Crossing until one of the reporters asked if Pikmin was coming and they answered yes. That was it basically.
  19. Secret Press Conference?!

    I'm not getting my hopes up this time, but who knows.
  20. Fatal Frame 4

    Trailer looks very good. Hope we get it this year.
  21. Wii Music!

    Some tracks in the game:
  22. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    It does sound extremely similar to the GameCube version, not even motion controls are in the game. No graphical improvement that I can notice is a bit dissapointing as well.
  23. Wii MotionPlus- 1:1 add on

    Well I hope a lot of games will use it instead of only a few, let's see how this works when they show it off tomorrow.
  24. Wii MotionPlus- 1:1 add on

    So this one could be for Punch-Out then?
  25. I'm not really interested in Punch Out but I can't wait to see what features they've added to Animal Crossing.