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  1. Kojima Interested in Wii?

    lol well MGO then:wink: nah agreed something new
  2. Kojima Interested in Wii?

    yea portable ops is a class game no questions asked. something new would be great but id love to see an MGS game on the Wii
  3. Just thought some ppl would like this news. Been a huge MGS fan myself i sure am. Mayb a online port of portable ops comes to mind with a Wii interface..... That would be fun Any ideas, i know this isnt conformation for a game and his involement with SSBB but still intresting never the less You can read the full artical at the gamepro website but its more ps3 that wii
  4. HDMi to DVi

    Samsung LE19R71BX is the TV im looking at. OK i dont think it has composite connections but im not sure. If i want a wii to display 480p does this have the connections i need?
  5. HDMi to DVi

    I'm planning to buy a small Samsung (19") HDTV which doesnt have a HDMi connection. I know that DVi and HDMi are compatible but will this result in either a degrdation of picture quality or lack of functionality? Thanks for any help
  6. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Ok was wondering if the ps3 will be comptible with a HDMi to DVi connector. I'm planning to buy a small Samsung (19") HDTV which doesnt have a HDMi connection. I know that DVi and HDMi are compatible but will this result in either a degrdation of picture quality or lack of functionality? Thanks for any help
  7. Problem with Linked account Wii

    cheers people i have got the account now linked. It hadnt actually linked when it retryed. So i went on the shop and options linked the account. thanks for the heads up
  8. Ok when i first loaded my wii it crashed, and the account wouldnt link as it wouldnt reckonise my nintendo VIP password Upon reloading the wii after resetting i entered my password and the operation timed out. I selected retry and it loaded the VC shope but no conformation my account was linked I recently brought Gunstar heros in the VC and the star points havent been added to the VIP account Therefore has anyone got any ideas how to solve this problem or am i going to have to contact nintendo? Any help!
  9. Wii Release List

    See the Nintendo website people has mostly stuff we aready know but now 1) Trauma Centre SO before end of March 2)Some titles movede back to a Q1 release 3) Metal Slug Anathogy Has dissapeared (was looking forward to that one) hummm any more news just check the nintendo website
  10. Wiimote availablity

    I've seen alot of these problems... tbh i havent had ne im just lucky i guess. Do you live newhere near bham theres a big gamestation on new street they had bout 60 of wii play and bout 30 wii-motes not sure about now but there were plently. sometimes online shopping isnt the best bet
  11. The VC review thread

    Cool so does IGN (well most of them neway) this thread is for readers to post thier own reviews and opinions as they may not agree with some of the said reviews.
  12. The VC review thread

    yea i know what you mean the challenge factor is defs an issue with older games. I suppose a lower challenge factor is more suitable for younger gamers? I will post a VC review as soon as i get my console!! not allowed it til christmas annoying! Edit: Sorry just saw the STTOT add great idea
  13. The VC review thread

    Yea graphics conpared to original console. (i don't think it would be fair to compare them to the Wii!) But maybe also add how the games have stood the test of time. To see if these vintage games have aged well. Yea im srry about the spelling. I'll try and correct it soon. My spell check isnt working and i have really bad speeling anyway. Sorry for been a typical noob.
  14. The VC review thread

    Hi i am aware there are a few Virtual Console threads but no one seems to give a review sooo i decided to create ths thread that people can used to give a more detalied review of a VC game they have downloaded. The give it a final score out of ten. Much similar to IGN but it will be on our own forum. so the game can be split into different catagories which will each get its own score then an overall score, your rating out of ten and any comments the categories are Gameplay graphics Presentation sound Overall This thread is to give a more definative review of VC games which n-europe readers can easily access. Plus give us an insight into what VC games we should all have! Post a review of ure favorite game now! p.s i wanna create a template but i can figure out how to create a table on the forum sorry. If someone could either post one or tell me how it would be great
  15. Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

    hi srry kinda new. i saw the Q1 release list on nintendo.co.uk and its not there! expext it after april and i know how annoying tht is! Just translation into the varoius european langauges imo