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  1. I think Xing is part of a faction that has an interest in Laos. Why, I don't know, maybe they're competing with the Company for the rebuilding contracts and having Scylla would allow them to get ahead of them. I don't think Whistler was dealing with Scylla just for the money.
  2. I'm thinking Wyatt's pretty evil now. Changing my tune on that one.
  3. I think they've set it up for Michael to die actually. Whilst the original focus was on Michael and Linc's relationship, they've shifted that onto the safety of the country and finishing off their father's work. So now if Michael does die at the end, assuming that they do take the Company down, it doesn't make the whole story redundant like it would've done prior to the shift in focus. I'm not too keen on Wyatt compared to Kellerman, Kim, Quinn, Blonde Agent (who Mahone dispatched when he ran over his son) and even Gretchen. He's simply not as terrifying as he doesn't have the steely glare or the psychopathic smile. He's smart...but lacks a certain something the others had.
  4. Watched the first one, second one is being torrented.
  5. I've still not gone for Madden Wii yet. I've always been a PC Maddener because of the third party updates etc. With that out the window, I'm back on Madden 04. Football Freaks are doing a Madden '09 update for PC on '08 so I may just use that instead. On a semi-related note, how's Seattle's Training Camp going? In fact...I don't know what you guys have been up to recently. The only thing I know is that we signed your backup MLB...
  6. Whilst Maths A Level is important, it's not necessarily a prerequisite for chemistry. One of my friends on my course (at Oxford) didn't do A Level maths but she's doing fine (just finished second year). First year requires a little more work under the circumstances, but it's fairly doable. In any case, Organic and Inorganic chemistry require very little maths as it is, physical chemistry will be the only problematic one. And there are very few people who don't struggle at one of the disciplines!
  7. WHY SO MANY FUCKING QUESTIONS?! I'm shit at them because I don't want to sound like a pompous tit, nor do I like brown nosing the company in question. On paper. I just want their money.
  8. I'm doing terribly. Several branches of Waterstone's, Blackwells and Cycle Surgery have failed to get back to me. Blah.
  9. Sennheiser are the way to go...I've got the PC161 and they do the job well. Headsets aren't quite as good quality as normal headphones (and make you look like a knob :p) but they're still not bad.
  10. ATi have done a really good job with the R770. I'm waiting until Jan or so to get the die-shrunk version (next step up). I'll probably go with the X2 version of that (and might extend it to X2 + single card crossfire for 3 cores. If it scales well). I would get the R770 now but I only got my GTS 512 in March and I need to be buying a new monitor soon (hopefully a Hazro).
  11. Er, let's see. I've never actually properly blubbed. Although intensely moved at points. 1. Link's Awakening. It remains an incredibly heart wrenching game (in glorious 8-bit). 2. TP. That was another sad one. (probably don't need spoilers to be honest seeing as 99% of the forum have probably finished it.
  12. Good olive oil is brilliant with breads and vinaigrettes etc. I cook a lot with olive oil and stuff just because the end result does taste a little better than if you were to cook with sunflower oil or the like. I only use nut-based oil if I have to heat something up a lot (olive oil is bad when it starts smoking). I also tend to drizzle things (not everything) with it just before baking. I've always been puzzled by adding oil to pasta water though. Tried it once, honestly didn't get it. I salt the water before I use it. And I also drizzle oil on the pasta after cooking (or unsalted butter). But during? that's just strange. Honestly, once you end up using it properly you'll use it all the time.
  13. Hmm, I can draw pretty strong parallels between OoT/TP and Knights of the Old Republic/Mass Effect. The latter games are excellent pieces of work in their own right and should score 90+ on average. However, the moment we make comparisons it's very easy to bring out a lot of negatives which would be swept under the carpet in other cases. Both games suffer a lot from the lack of content outside the main story after the first half of the game...both worlds seem much emptier compared to their older counterparts and in general a little less complete. Both games are a little less atmospheric than the earlier games...I found that there is a lack of a sense of impending doom in both TP and ME which was captured in OoT and KotOR. (ME also has many fewer random conversations and interaction with crew members). It may just be me but maybe developers are relying more and more on visual techniques to enhance the atmosphere now that the line between virtual and real life is being increasingly blurred. Yeah, we're a long way from lifelike but much closer than we were 12 years ago. In the end I feel like the quality of the gaming itself is very high...however, the production is becoming in little less meticulous across the board - although a large majority of gamers won't really notice it. I'm not saying that Nintendo are becoming sloppy, far from it. But a little more effort all round could go a long way to removing OoT from the Gamerankings top spot
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