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  1. On 06/05/2021 at 6:49 PM, Mandalore said:

    I do most of my raids through a local group on Facebook. Worth doing a search and seeing if you have any similar, I think it'd be very difficult to organise raids on this forum.

    Alternatively, I see quite a lot of people recommending an app called PokeRaid. 

    Joined the pokemon go remote raid group on facebook, good shout 👌🏽

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  2. How did you put in that plastic around the logo?


    Thanks, I bought a Transparent N64 controller, cut out the Nintendo logo and cut a hole in the NES lid, then I added the transparent section into the lid, smoothed it all with filler and sprayed it all white. I had to fill the logo with flour so I didn't spray over the Transparent section, then moved the LED to the side of the NES under the lid.


    Hopefully gonna do something with my SNES too.

  3. Im in the middle of setting up a games room, currently got NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB, GBA, DS, DSi.

    3DS stays in my pocket when im out and about, Wii U is in the living room.

    I'll be creating some sort of downlighting for the systems and hand-helds will get there own square shelves on the wall (as well as Hyrule Historia) Once it's finished I'll get some pictures up, but don't expect them any time soon. Also the NES and SNES have gone a funky colour with age, I was thinking about taking them apart and spraying them so all the console match.


    So to answer the original post, I will be playing them a lot more now they are out of storage :)

    (was playing chip and dale rescue rangers NES over the weekend)

  4. Well I've completed all the Fallblox Park Puzzles, 'Moon' gave me the hardest challenge so far, until I figured it out, then it was suddenly obvious, which seems to be the case with a lot of the puzzles. (i like that though)


    and there are some more harder challenges once you have cleared all 100



  5. The hard puzzles in Fallblox are harder than the hard puzzles in Pullblox, you really have to use your brain to stop from messing up. Im currently on S-13. So been playing it all weekend. Love it so far, had a quick go at creating level, and it seems a lot harder to put together a good level that's not to easy, Im sure it will keep me busy for a long while.


    GO BUY IT if you liked Pullblox.

  6. Here are my spares:

    64-gold wing pseudo-palutena

    Silver wings-42,44,55,57,62,75,77,78,79,102,172,187,205,370

    Also have some spare unmarked promo cards-



    anyone want to swap?


    How many cards would you want for that 064 - Psuedo Palutena

    Also, I'm gonna have to check the promo cards when I get home, I think I might want some of those too, I have a few of them.