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  1. 69 hours 13 minutes. And it'll be one of those title I always go back to, I find when i get into it, im just glued.
  2. Im not sure??? Im perhaps I accidentaly deleted it whilst drawing, I never noticed until you pointed it out, i might re upload it with the change.
  3. This is a problem i never noticed, the only thing i can think of is to add someones as a favourite then go into my favourites and then choose the user name at the top. Failing that you could log in online via PC and add a favourite/like, and then search via your favourites on th 3DS and click user name etc. OR at the moment one of REDSHELLS pieces is on this weeks favourite, if we track that down and comment on it, we could find each others pieces via tapping their name on the comments and adding one of their pieces to favourite. I've commented on Redshells so you can find me via that way, my user name is Calv Ok this one I like.
  4. Thanks, I just been drawing for a long time, Im getting more into it now, I kinda stopped completely once I finished Uni, then I started again a few years back, I dabble in Pixel Art, 3D Models and Digital Art. Here's my latest Colors 3D, looks creepy on the 3DS
  5. Kid Icarus Uprising

    I saw this last night, it's hilarious. Love Yahtzee's reviews.
  6. Letterbox

    Sounds like you may have missed one, if you go into it and press L it will shoot to the last one you haven't read. If that doesn't work, then I think you broke it.
  7. This looks good in 3D Started working on Juggernaut this morning.
  8. My first Colors 3D image. Check out the process here http://colorslive.com/details/85129-Bowser_by_Calv.php Loving this App
  9. Why is this not available yet? It's past 2pm! I thought the games where added onto the eshop at like 8am or something. Ok... It's up there now. Expect to receive some 3D images via swapnote from me in the near future if ur on my friend list
  10. Kid Icarus Uprising

    HA, so true I think it's the best game on the 3DS at the moment.
  11. Kid Icarus Uprising

    This game is the best thing to hit the 3DS so far. I got so engrossed in the second chapter I felt like I was on a theme park ride half way through. I think it's true that any game Sakuri is in charge of is a masterpiece, it was well worth the wait. I haven't even tried multilayer yet, but I know I'm gonna be addicted to it. Also then nods to the original are awesome
  12. Kid Icarus Uprising

    I'll probably dig out my DS Phat thumb strap to play this. It worked well for Metroid Hunters.
  13. 3D Modelling Thread

    I made all these using SketchUp and Kerkythea.
  14. 3DS eShop Thread

    I just finished kid Icarus, loved it on NES and I still love it now, once you get past the first dungeon/boss you get loaded with power ups, then it gets easier. Awesome platformer!
  15. Pullblox

  16. Pullblox

    I made the 3D model in sketch up and rendered it using kerkythea, then made a few tweaks with paintshop
  17. Pullblox

    I made some art for Pullblox
  18. Pullblox

    It's my mii
  19. 3DS Console Codes

    I think I have everyone now added, can you add me back if u haven't already. And if I have missed you please drop me a pm or reply to this thread, also if you are yet to pick up pullblox, do yourself a favour and download it
  20. Pullblox

    I finished all the puzzles and thought I'll start to make my own to share with you wonderful people and a whole new section was unlocked, starting with more retro murals. Favourite puzzle game ever (maybe Layton still takes that crown actually) I will start to create some though, I 'll have to upload them to that site redshell suggested when I get a chance. My first 2 kid Icarus stages. The top one is cool