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  1. Did it need charm and humour? I wasn't really interested in another Marvel superhero film, or another Superman Returns. I wanted an action film with aliens getting thrown through buildings. I wanted a live action Dragonball Z. But with just enough quality acting, a reasonable plot and a tight, modern origin story. Nailed it IMO.


    I didn't notice any shaky cam past the first scene with the Kryptonian council.


    Basically my thoughts on the subject.


    I didn't miss the humour and to be honest there was still a couple of ones in there, there was one right at the end which made me smile.


    I'm glad they choose this style for the film, I felt like Superman needed something like this on the big screen.

  2. Great customisation would be something id like to see for sure.


    I'm thinking like how on Super Smash bros where you could easily choose what items appear and even how often etc.


    I remember the days on smash bros with @Aneres11 where we used to just pick poke balls! :awesome: we were so cool.

  3. Think I am going to download it rather than wait for the retail version.


    But then I'm probably going to wait to play it with my girlfriend so I may just wait before I download it...


    Basically I haven't decided yet! lol.

  4. Bit harsh on the girl who thought she was going to be MJ in Spiderman!


    I read a suggestion that because they have decided to push her appearance back to the later films she will be unavailable for further filming hence the suggestion of a re-cast. Or it would just be a way of getting rid of her! :p Her 'appearance' didn't quite sit right with me, she didn't have that 'hot factor' I believe MJ is normally portrayed to have.


    I hope this means I can see more of Emma Stone on screen!!! :love:

  5. When Pete Ross' mother is talking about the kids seeing what Clark did on the bus she mentions the Fordman boy, a character from the show.


    I still think that when that mother says "He saw what Clark did" the Clark part sounds exactly like Annette O'Toole its creepy.


    When Dr Emil Hamilton is being introduced the guy from Battlestar sitting infront of him is the guy who played Dr Emil Hamilton in Smallvillle


    Not as much of a link but Amy Adams was also in Smallvilles first season.



    Now time to go back through this thread and read everyone elses thoughts.


    I thought it was the same actor from Smallville but I wasn't 100%! Cool.

  6. The singleplayer was shown during the Microsoft conference (with a clearly visible backspace button on the screen) and the multiplayer was shown during E3's conference via 64 PCs.


    Ah ok. I never watched EA or Sonys conference live this year. But i'm sure I watched 'highlights...

  7. There were rumours that Xbox One would release on same day as CoD and Battlefield as PS4. However Battlefield's "no show" on PS4 makes this seem doubtful even though it is obviously still coming to the system.


    Could just be the case that Microsoft 'bought' Battlefield 4 to only be shown on Xbox One for E3?

  8. How can you forget it was a KZ3 session that gave birth to 30 Minute Gamers?!


    I was certainly better at 3 than 2 and I think that's why it stuck with me more in multiplayer.


    Clearly I have a memory like a sieve!


    I just remember playing the second a lot more online compared with the third.

  9. New Super Luigi U is live at midnight on Thursday. £17.99


    I came in here intending to ask how you it would cost... thanks!


    Does anyone know how big the file size will be?


    Is the retail version going to stay at costing £30? I think I would prefer to disc to save eating into my precious Wii U memory.... BUT for an extra £12? I dunno. :hmm:

  10. I need to start eating more...


    It is such a hard concept in my head to do because I used to eat so little in the early days of my fat loss. And even when I started eating more in February when I proper started up again that was hard to get my head around. And now i have realised I need to eat more again!


    I think why it is so hard in my head is because I basically re-trained it a lot and so more food seems bad on a day to day basis!


    I'm going to start this week though, already spoken about it to other people. I'm going to start having a second sandwich at lunch time and something bigger as a mid afternoon snack, as long as I keep up my exercise I should be fine... I think! :hmm:

  11. I watched this on sunday morning.


    My word was it awesome!


    Below is my thoughts on the film in no particular order! Just brain stormed it down!!


    I liked the change on Lane, how she worked out who he was from the start and there relationship bonded around that, it 'made sense', considering she is meant to be this great reporter but how she chooses to keep it secret because of what he tells her.


    I LOVED how they showed how strong he actually is, skyscrapers were literally falling all over the place when Superman & Zod were fighting but at the same time how new things were to Superman, nothing he did was precise strength wise like catching a bullet, it was a little messey. But it is new to time being able to use all his strength like this.


    Loved the scene where he starts punching the shit out of Zod when he threatened Martha!!!


    I thought Zod was a great villain that you could see where he was coming from, he wasn't just randomly crazy or out to get revenge, he was just trying to save his race from his perspective.


    I like how, in a little way they explained how he could fly, with the whole different gravity thing.


    And even though green kriptonite wasn't in it, they showed it's effects when he was aboard Zod's ship and even get a 'science' reason for that as well.


    I noticed the 'lex corp' on the truck which made me smile but I missed the Wayne Enterprise logo on the satellite! Didn't read about that till after woods.


    I can almost see how Lex could play into this now in a sequel, after the events of this time he could start collecting remains of the ship etc a bit behind the scenes at first, maybe even kind green kriptonite for himself, wanting the power superman has etc etc.


    They made everything feel very 'real' even though it had aliens etc.


    Was shocked that he snapped Zods neck! Wasn't expecting that one.


    I totally called the last scene being him become Clark can't though! Haha. That really made sense though, because 'Clark Kent' has always been his disguise etc.


    I liked how we spent time on Krypton first, was very 'alien'.


    Little confused as to how the costume was on the ship though? That has meant to have been in the ice for a very long time!! Appears there is no FOS this time around as well, as the ship is gone! Unless I missed something?


    Product placement... The Nikon one with Louis in the ship made me laugh, was so obvious!!


  12. In Mario Kart 7, the blue shell hits everyone in its path too, so I think Mario Kart 8 will retain that feature.


    Not 'everyone', just people in it's path. Many blue shells have passed me without touching, but sometimes I have been unluckily in it's path...


    Ninja Edit: Which I have just realised is what you basically said... apologies!

  13. I hope the online is much more expanded this time, as in voice chat, parties etc.


    Also more stuff in the single player would be good rather than just Grand Prix. Maybe some kind of 'adventure mode', mission mode etc.



  14. I was thinking of replaying the Wii version of returns as I never completed it with my gf or even picking up the 3DS version but after seeing this announced for November I am going to hold off I think.


    I loved the first one, it was a great surprise for me gaming wise so I am looking forward to playing this one! :)



    This looks great so far! And the graphics look awesome.


    Gutted this isn't out till Spring next year though, I would rather this be swapped with Mario 3d World, just because there is already several platformers coming out for the Wii U before Xmas and I think this would have broken that up a bit better.