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    And @Mike1988uk will also be erect at this news.


    I'm made up. Though I can imagine the 17 needed play throughs to 100% now. :shakehead




    Can't remember the last time I posted on here but thought I would pop on forum and to see this..... YIPEE. Eract indeed!


    I seem to remember us talking about wanting this not so long ago!

  2. Completed all the various runs on this a few days ago to 100% achievement wise.


    Absolutely loved playing this again. The voice acting is so bad though!! Haha


    Real surviver probably caused me the most trouble, not rally the item boxes coz by then I knew what I needed but just the difficulty with no infinite rocket launcher! Haha. And as I was keeping most of the item boxes free for items I was hardly carrying much in the way of weapons.

  3. Possibly, although the DS4 does have tons of functionality to make it a good controller in its own right. The light bar on the controller was particularly awesome for Alien Isolation and added to the mood of the game. Sucked me right in.


    I'm enjoying how easy it is to save screenshots and footage with the share button, probably a lot more than I'd ever thought I would. I'd go with @Guy's assessment of the One controller being just a step behind the 360 pad, or equal to.


    In the end, both controllers (DS4 and One pad) are both good controllers and it makes it comfortable and easy to game for hours. What's also reassuring to know is that this template will be improved upon in the future and it'll get even better.


    Yeah, it's a good point on the functionality, that DS4 does do a lot more than the one can but there not really features I've used, the Middle track pad I've only used as a button etc. But also has the motion stuff etc.


    I've always preferred the stick placement on 360/one compared to ds3/ss4 but I get used to the Ds placement, it's not like I find it unplayable or anything.

  4. I actually think the reason a lot of ppl prefer the PS4 pad is because of how much better it is compared to PS3, whereas One is just a bit of an improvement coz the 360 one was already amazing.


    So the one doesn't have the 'wow' factor that PS4 one has.

  5. Having got a One for xmas, I'm not disappointed! Not had a lot of time to play over the festive season due to work but had some more time on it last few days.


    Loving being back in the cheevo world as I've always preferred them to trophies. I've got my head round the UI now I think but currently prefer PS4. That could just be because I've had PS4 for a few months but I just found that easier to navigate (probably because it's very similar to PS3).


    I found the One just a bit clumsy in comparison, but as long as you have what you need in the pins it's ok. And I do like the snap features for quickly popping up the cheevo's on the side and how all games seem to have an in built tracker now for them.


    But it's all about the games as they say! And the One controller is better.

  6. Dude, you really owe to yourself to play through the ones you missed, especially 2. They were all dirt cheap on the PS3 before Christmas as well.


    I bow my head in shame!


    The first time I ever played a Res was the gamecube re-make. I used to have the mansion layout imprinted in my head! So I played all the releases since then.


    Loved them all bar 6, 6 was a bit poo (still got all the cheevos for it though).


    Think I will hold off for a bit to see if they might get a new release, got loads of other games to be playing right now anyway!!

  7. I really should come back on this forum more... Miss reading gaming convos... :(


    Anyway, just seen @Aneres11 mention of me in here, Yeah I'm looking forward to playing this again. Love me some Resi, we had such a blast in our 'youth'.


    I never did play res 2, 3 and CV though so would be great if they had a bit of a HD treatment! :)

  8. Bit later posting this than I planned....


    Glad I took part again, had a great laugh and all for a good cause! Fourth time doing this now! :)


    Never played Mount Your Friends before, was such a great laugh! Tea bagging galore! Made even better with happenstance's surprise of having our own faces in it!


    My gaming was as follows -


    07:15 - Sonic Adventure (360)

    09:20 - Simpsons Tapped out (iPhone)

    09:45 - Sonic 1 (360)

    10:25 - Sonic 3 & S&K (360)

    14:00 - Solitaire (PC)

    14:30 - Solitiare (iphone)

    14:45 - Sonic 3 & S&K (360)

    15:45 - Simpsons Tapped out (iphone)

    15:55 - Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (360)

    16:15 - Killzone : Shadow Fall (PS4)

    17:50 - Spelunky (PS4)

    19:20 - Fibbige

    20:20 - Spelunky (PS4)

    22:00 - Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

    22:30 - Mount your Friends

    23:45 - Sonic 2 First level competition!

    00:10 - Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

    01:15 - Minesweeper (PC)

    01:35 - Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

    03:00 - Sonic CD (360)

    03:30 - Super Smash bros Melee (Gamecube)

    07:15 - Complete!

    Played Simpsons Tapped out on iphone at various points to break up gameplay and at the end etc.


    I skipped sonic 2 as we were going to be doing the race later but after it I just couldn't feel like I could play it... so I gave Sonic CD a go for half an hour...


    First time playing Bayonetta 2 and it was great! Looking forward to playing more on that!


    First time playing Spelunky, intrigued me but really difficult! But I just kept kitting retry, time zoomed by playing it! Never got passed the Mine area though... played it briefly yesterday and I just made it to the Jungle, I am putting that down to having more patience because I am not as tired!


    Played Killzone (PS4) for the first time but can't really give an opinion on it, I was quite far from the TV I was using and couldn't even read the font on screen... (I had simailar with Bayonetta 2 but the gamepad saved me there) So will defo be playing more on this.


    Got proper tired after awhile on melee! I kept randomly running or jumping off the stage! Concentration clearly going then. I am pretty sure the time is accurate when we started it but it didn't feel like we were playing it for for 3 hours, 45 minutes... we played it for at least 2 hours though including 99 stock live match as well as many 5 stock rounds...

  9. Sonic 2 challenge complete! (act 1 first level speed run) (no practising, one run only)


    The times were...


    @Happenstance - 45 seconds

    @Goafer - 45 seconds

    @Nintenchris - 45 seconds

    @The Peeps - 40 seconds

    @flameboy - 40 seconds

    @ReZourceman - 39 seconds

    @Cube - 37 seconds

    @Mike1988uk - 36 seconds


    So the losing three all donated to me $10 each! Thanks guys.....



  10. Trying to play Fifa 15 on PS4 makes me realise how shit I am at football games!


    Maybe I shouldn't have left it for over 10 years in properly playing one... (the last football game I properly played was fifa 03 on gamecube... (excluding football mangers).

  11. I had to make a platform for my PS4 out of plastic storage cases so that the power wire had enough clearance so that it wasn't squashed against the back of the unit I had it on - I ended up having to swap the lead that comes with it for a better one too - but that's how I solved my issue with it anyway. : peace:


    The things we have to do ey!!


    Think i've solved mine, propped it up with some small wooden shelves I don't use, but in a way so that it doesn't look stupid and keeping it horizontal! lol


    Saved money on a vertical stand anyway! Thanks @Jimbob for the heads up. After I read ur comment I did some googling and found others experienced louder fan etc.

  12. Overall Id say I'm enjoying series 8... I like Capaldi Doctor, particular his interactions with Clara - probably one of my highlights of this series.


    I did think that jump in last ep was a bit cringe tbh...


    I can't say I'm warming to that Pink character, it just feels a little forced (his relationship with Clara). I dunno, I hope I warm to him but I just find him annoying at the moment, I can't work out if it is acting or just how the character is being written.

  13. Hey guys!


    I'm re-connecting with the world!


    Got myself a PS4! :D Didn't know what to start with so I got loads...


    -The Last of Us

    -Tomb Raider

    -Assassins Creed 4

    -FIFA 15

    -Watch Dogs

    -PS Plus Membership


    -Gonna buy a vertical stand coz scared of knocking it over!

    -Better headset (P12 Turtle Beech one)


    Anyone that I'm not already friends with feel free to add me! (Mike1988uk) :)

  14. What a day it was!

    One of my personal highlights was mikes moves on the dance floor !


    Quite a few ppl commented on my moves that night! Haha.


    Fantastic day though, looking forward to seeing all the photos when they come out and the video of my dancing coming into the hall! Lol