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  1. Hello, I am writing  public message on your feed... like out of the shadows....

  2. And here.... Happy birthday!

  3. Congratulations on making another year!

  4. Defiantly mate! Infact I will PM it you now... no time like the present ey?

  5. Haha, ok. I haven't really got involved much with any discussions on here recently coz I have been so busy!

  6. Hey, Just txt him then coz he hadn't mentioned anything but he said he thinks he by mistake, sorry! Ha.

  7. I still have probably 15 matches before i am on 50 to unlock him in game and then i would have to do the 10 with him to unlock for retail

  8. Just added you back on 3DS! :)

  9. My eyes hurt....

  10. No problemo Mr Murr! Happy to help. And yes that sounds like a plan!

  11. Thanks for the birthday message!

  12. Yeah sure! Invite sent!!

  13. You might still find another one or two... lol