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  1. Currently working through ‘A Way Out’ with [mention=2608]LegoMan1031[/mention] (formerly Mike1988uk) and we are both enjoying it! 
    Story is interesting, likeable characters, gameplay mechanics are decent enough. 
    We have had this game on our radar for ages, and finally got round to starting it last week. 
    Can recommend! 
    Yeah and some of the distance graphics have surprised me! Very nice looking.

    Some of the character animations like running is a bit iffy though
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  2. On 12/07/2020 at 6:45 PM, Beast said:

    Nah, fair enough. I know that Mike1988UK changed his name to @LegoMan1031 too. What happened to the Playground here? Has it been deleted? I miss Mafia games! That would've been awesome to do during lockdown tbh. We missed a trick! 

    I did indeed! (Hi!) Rare post from me, feel free to feel honoured.


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  3. Yo, she's at work all day so it'd be late, like 9pm. Is that ok? If not, I'll text her and see if she's happy for me to log in and do it on her behalf at a time that suits you?
    Anytime from now would be better for me, I might be online tonight but I will probably be knee deep in tereforming and I may use some time travelling but I've been holding off as I'm not sure if it could effect my turnip prices.

    @Mr-Paul send me a friend request if you haven't already and when I know if shorty can get on the other account earlier i will come online.

  4. Thanks Mike! Offloaded the last few that I’d hung onto. I don’t really have anything good to tip but if my SO could pop round later to sell as well that would be great, she might be able to bring something if you need anything? 
    also your island looks great! Top re-modelling
    No probs. I've just gone offline now, yeah that would be fine. Is there a particular time she would be online?

    Thanks, my current big project is getting my house moved onto the incline I'm building to the left of the entrance and I've got everything I think I need for an outdoor gym/play area as I will put that together next.

    I can't really think of anything I need as I don't know what I will do next so don't worry.