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  1. Hello, I am writing  public message on your feed... like out of the shadows....

  2. Congratulations on making another year!

  3. Haha, ok. I haven't really got involved much with any discussions on here recently coz I have been so busy!

  4. Thanks for the birthday message!

  5. Defiantly mate! Infact I will PM it you now... no time like the present ey?

  6. Hey, Just txt him then coz he hadn't mentioned anything but he said he thinks he by mistake, sorry! Ha.

  7. No problemo Mr Murr! Happy to help. And yes that sounds like a plan!

  8. You might still find another one or two... lol

  9. And here.... Happy birthday!

  10. I still have probably 15 matches before i am on 50 to unlock him in game and then i would have to do the 10 with him to unlock for retail

  11. Just added you back on 3DS! :)

  12. Yeah sure! Invite sent!!

  13. My eyes hurt....