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  1. Dredd (2012)

    Meh, it was ok. Although considering it is not for profit fan made stuff. It is good!
  2. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    I'm waiting for mine and I ordered it on the 12th.
  3. General Movie Thread

    Yeah I didn't see it on the website when I was looking at times but when we went the guy behind the counter basically offered it to us.. I thought there was a catch but he just said stick ur name on this form, here is ur card and now you can have cheaper tickets! I was like wtf! haha.
  4. Rare to show 'historic' franchise at E3

    Ant gunge was THE SHIT! Back in the day. Amazing game.
  5. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I gave in and watched trailer... It doesn't seem to give much away but enough to show it appears to have a lot of action! (win). Really excited for this.
  6. General Movie Thread

    My local VUE has cheap tickets on a tuesday... ? Only found out when I went to watch Iron Man 3 and I just had to sign a quick registration form for 'Vue Super Saver Tuesday's'.
  7. Nano Assault Neo (eShop)

    BUMPAGE Downloaded this the other week and I love it! Great arcade shooter, doesn't beat Super Star Dust HD on PS3 for me but still awesome!
  8. Sonic Lost World (Wii U/3DS)

    Like @Aneres11 I love me some sonic games! So yeah, I'm excited!! And it's also pretty cool that this is exclusive. Although I would imagine the other consoles will get a sonic game as well at some point as what has been happening this gen.
  9. Doctor Who

    Lol, possibly but Moffat likes dropping hints in episodes and I reckon that one in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS was one of them.
  10. Doctor Who

  11. 3DS Console Codes

    Added @Sheikah and @Eenuh back! Also @Daft I have 'added' you to my friends list as well.
  12. Doctor Who

    Thanks for the warning! Going to have to not google anything Dr Who related!!
  13. Star Trek Into Darkness

    Awesome! Really liked a lot of stuff to do with this film.
  14. Doctor Who

    Probably because people were accusing the show of being too complicated. I can't remember where I read it, but particularly with series 5 finale I remember reading. They have made quite big point with Series 7 as a whole to be single episodic stores (hence why we have had no 2 parters etc). I agree with you in the sense that I do miss that kind of stuff, however this finale has the potential to be super awesome with it's promise and may link to a lot of things. I'm hoping they will actually address how the TARDIS blew up at the end of series 5 with the message 'silence will fall'. EDIT: Just a thought, the only other 'hint' we have had (potentially) is Clara getting the impression the TARDIS doesn't like her, might be nothing but they have brought it up more than once.
  15. Star Trek Into Darkness

    Hopefully I'm going to watch it later today!
  16. Star Trek Into Darkness

    Not sure when I am watching it although I don't know when. Just standard 2D showing for me after what has already been mentioned earlier in this thread!
  17. Gears of War: Judgement

    That good ey? Will wait till it is cheap then and pick up other titles I have missed out on in the meantime then.
  18. Gears of War: Judgement

    My Gears faithful... @Hero\-of\-Time @Dog\-amoto @Jimbob What has this game been like to play then guys compared with the others?
  19. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I was thinking they might do this. Like near the end of the film he realises that he wants to lead a more 'normal' life to talk to people n stuff without everyone being like 'OMFG ur an alien' But whatever happens I would just like to say, I am super super excited for this film!! More so than Star Trek (which is really saying something - as I am for that as well)
  20. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Although it is far 2 early for me to be making decisions but even as a mainly 360 gamer, hearing the rumours so far makes me think that the PS4 is looking a lot more appealing! Only time will tell.
  21. Notable Things About Your Town/City

    I live in a town called Winsford in Cheshire which no-one will have heard off... Except @Aneres11 & @nightwolf! As it is basically in the central of Cheshire it boasts the headquarters of both Cheshire Fire & Rescue and the Police... Apparently it has the largest salt mine in the UK and is only one of 3 commercial sites where it is mined. So there is a very high chance that all that salt on the road which helps keep you safe is from my little town! Oh, and it's a shithole with nothing else decent in it.
  22. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Update from me! I went to see PT again on Tuesday and was weighed in again. Well chuffed. Lost 9 pounds total weight but gained 6 pound in muscle compared to the figures it given off in Feb! (the scales give muscle weight/body fat % etc etc So I am now 15.2 Stone. So he has given me a new program to work on now.
  23. Doctor Who

    Pretty much my thoughts on this weeks ep. Id say the weakest of 'series 7' as a whole so far.
  24. Doctor Who

    Near the end the CEO referred to the screen as 'The Great Intelligence' as well. So yeah it looks like that could be a re-occurring theme, GT knew UNIT were really old friends with the Doctor as well, suggesting it is building up a lot of knowledge.... Puzzles though, who was the woman in the shop that gave clara the Doctors phone number? Saying 'best helpline in the universe'. I'm guessing it could be River? And in Clara's book where she has been crossing out each year with the leaf... it is missing 16 and 23 birthday (I only noticed 23 missing, when I had a look a again to check I wasn't seeing things I noticed so was 16. What could that mean though... if anything!?
  25. The Wolverine

    I read somewhere that it was set way after the x-film films... :/