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  1. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Yeah, I was having trouble just blocking in the tutorial... :/
  2. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Cool, I'm gonna need the practice! I played with my gf last night (who hasn't played it either) and she beat me 6 times... I only won once! Embarrassment. And she isn't even a gamer like I am.
  3. Doctor Who

    Wow, mine wasn't quite THAT bad but it was still extremely grainy. I only got the box set last year sometime so I might have got one of the 'improved' ones, but quality was still rubbish and grainy. Probably would have been better with the DVD version...
  4. Doctor Who

    Yeah, good point. And yeah my S6 was crap on blu ray n all, the quality from BBC HD TV channel was like a million times better.
  5. Doctor Who

    Hmm, maybe! Although the xmas specials do normally appear on the following series boxset. I don't think I ever gave my opinion of this series as a whole. A mixed bag for me, some really good eps (the last one being on of them) but then some of them just fell a bit flat at the end, rushed if you will. I miss the more story arch type stuff like the cracks in the wall and some double parter eps would have been good! Some of the episodes in s7 could defo have benefited from that. Actor changes are probably really hard to keep a secret these days like this. Matt Smith will probably want to sign on and start filming other projects, when that happens and people notice it would be obvious he isn't doing another Dr Who series and the cat would be out of the bag anyway!
  6. What Have You Bought?

    Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 Don't normally get fighting games but want to give this a go! Another cost me like £3 after trade ins.
  7. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Picked this up yesterday for PS3. Quite big for me really coz I really don't play many fighting games! Bar Soul Calibour 1,2,4 & Smash Bros! The lure of DC characters made me get it...
  8. Bioshock: Infinite

    I started this last week on 360. It defo still has the Bioshock feel to it but still quite new at the same time! I'm slowly getting into it, I'm on Chapter 8.
  9. Doctor Who

    I suppose it was going to happen sometime! Let's hope the episode in November & Xmas Special will be a fitting send off to remember him by! I really enjoyed him as the Doctor, I preferred him to Tennant.
  10. Post your Cooking!

    Now why didn't I think of that...
  11. SHOP-TO

    I think we should go to the sorting office and start a protest about how shit they have been! :p
  12. Post your Cooking!

    No floor space to build lego! (I think we should continue this discussion on fb!) On Topic - I don't cook much anymore... :p
  13. Post your Cooking!

    @ReZourceman Totally off topic but I noticed in your first vid you now have a sofa in that room since the 9 months I was there! Does this mean Claire has kicked you out of the main lounge? :p
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Yeah, that's why I just opted for DVD. Ok... I will bear that in mind, but will watch whatever it is anyway!
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 1 Decided to start going through the one ST series I never really given a chance! BioShock: Infinite (360) ('free' as traded in some games) £15 eShop Voucher ('free' as traded in some games)
  16. Iron Man 3

    I watched that yesterday coz I seen someone post it on fb! Made me actually lol at some points. A certain character taking off his 'underwear' and shouting "REBOOOOT" being one of them! :p
  17. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    GO DAZ GO DAZ GO ANIMAL GO ANIMAL. You can do it bro. I will be weighing myself in 2/3 weeks when I next see PT. Not expecting any major drops, I have defo hit a point where anything I lose will be small amounts, I'm just enjoying weight lifting at the moment really!
  18. SHOP-TO

    Indeed! <blooding boiling> Went back sorting office yesterday morning and it isn't there... (2nd visit) Basically for anyone wondering I ordered the mario figurine you get from the Nintendo VIP points thing off ebay. It was sent on the 13th 2nd class recorded delivery... IT HAS NEVER ARRIVED. Trace and trace just says 'It is in our network for delivery'.
  19. Dredd (2012)

    Yeah, I will give you that one.
  20. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    I had a sports massage yesterday, mainly on my shoulders coz been having problems with them. Loads of things she found wrong, lol! Traps 2 tight, causing all other problems with tightness, Weakness in right shoulder etc. Apparently I breath wrong when weight lifting... I don't breath from diafram, I am using the secondary breathing muscles in my chest which is causing me to tense too much hence all tightness building up. Didn't know there was a different way to breath!
  21. Dredd (2012)

    Meh, it was ok. Although considering it is not for profit fan made stuff. It is good!
  22. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    I'm waiting for mine and I ordered it on the 12th.
  23. General Movie Thread

    Yeah I didn't see it on the website when I was looking at times but when we went the guy behind the counter basically offered it to us.. I thought there was a catch but he just said stick ur name on this form, here is ur card and now you can have cheaper tickets! I was like wtf! haha.
  24. Rare to show 'historic' franchise at E3

    Ant gunge was THE SHIT! Back in the day. Amazing game.
  25. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I gave in and watched trailer... It doesn't seem to give much away but enough to show it appears to have a lot of action! (win). Really excited for this.