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  1. Mario Kart 8

    I hope the online is much more expanded this time, as in voice chat, parties etc. Also more stuff in the single player would be good rather than just Grand Prix. Maybe some kind of 'adventure mode', mission mode etc.
  2. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    I was thinking of replaying the Wii version of returns as I never completed it with my gf or even picking up the 3DS version but after seeing this announced for November I am going to hold off I think. I loved the first one, it was a great surprise for me gaming wise so I am looking forward to playing this one!
  3. Mario Kart 8

    YAY WALUIGI IS BACK!!! This looks great so far! And the graphics look awesome. Gutted this isn't out till Spring next year though, I would rather this be swapped with Mario 3d World, just because there is already several platformers coming out for the Wii U before Xmas and I think this would have broken that up a bit better.
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    Well I can definitely say I am looking forward to playing this again! I enjoyed the cel-shadedness at the time but looking back I can't remember large parts of the game. And it is Zelda, always love me some Zelda!
  5. Bayonetta 2

    I loved the gameplay in the first one, I would be happy with more of the same or even better!
  6. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    #Fail As Aneres11 said I got my mushroom one couple of weeks ago now!!
  7. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    When I watched the Nintendo Direct video I was initially disappointed when I saw this. Whereas I still would have preferred the next 'big' mario game (no idea what it could have been, but I wouldn't have wanted a Galaxy 3... something different like they have always been) Maybe not with a water cannon on the back though! :p But I know I will enjoy this game as I usually do, the option to play multi-player as well is something that interests me because I can actually play a 3D mario now with my girlfriend rather than just the 2D ones. 3D Land was great on the 3DS and I am sure World will be great on the Wii U. I understand where people are coming from in that it almost looked like a 3DS game at first, I too initially thought this. For me, as long as this is great fun to play and gets Nintendo sales of the Wii U then I will be happy!
  8. Battlefield 4

    I never really given Battlefield 3 a proper chance because I love my cods, only played a little bit of it online and didn't really get into it. I am liking what I have seen of this so far though!
  9. Killzone Shadow Fall

    Looks very pretty! Which is very different considering KZ2&3 I remember just being very dark and grey with red eyes! ha.
  10. Kingdom Hearts 3

    The official Xbox mag on twitter have just confirmed this is coming out on Xbox One as well. They are saying it was revealed at a Square conference. I don't have a link sorry.
  11. Final Fantasy XV

    The official Xbox mag on twitter have just confirmed this is coming out on Xbox One as well. Saying it was revealed at a Square conference. I don't have a link sorry.
  12. How long will the Direct be on for?
  13. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    Just booked my tickets now. 10:30 Sunday morning. 2D showing!
  14. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    I'm 6"0/6"1. His scales reckon I've got 12.5 Stone in Muscle which has actually dropped from 12.8 Stone from my last check in. :/ It comes up as 'Physique rating' on his sheet but that is how he writes it down. My visceral fat has gone down to level 2 as well.
  15. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I'm currently playing catch up on news as I too tired to stay up to watch conference. The having to get plus made me lol to play online a bit because of all the stick Microsoft have got from Sony fanboys over the years for that very thing. Although I do appreciate that Plus has offered a much better service in 'free' games etc and not hiding other basic services behind a premium price. I think the only reason I never got plus is because I paid for xbox live and didn't want to pay for two services. I think I got gold last year for £25 for 12 months, I'm not even sure how much plus costs.
  16. Where it says 'other platforms', will this likely be coming out on PS4 at some point? Also, I would have been happy with just a direct sequel/same strategy type game to the first as that was awesome!
  17. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Had my body check up yesterday and new programme. In the two months since my last programme another 8 pounds has been shifted! Body weight is now 14.8 Stone and body fat % has gone down to 12%.
  18. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I haven't read the review to avoid any potential spoilers but I did go to the bottom to look at score... IGN have given this a 9! http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/06/11/man-of-steel-review
  19. SHOP-TO

    Ha, They made me laugh. The guy I bought it off from ebay has said he has submitted a lost parcel form now so waiting to hear from that.
  20. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    This thread being bumped has made me see the last post I made in here... I stated that I would leave it awhile before starting Echoes again... Well, I still haven't started it! Crazy how fast time goes.
  21. Grand Theft Auto 5

    This is me. I only played (due to not originally having a PS2 till near the end) San Andreas and GTA 4 loads and didn't complete either.
  22. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    That would be why I recognised that game name as well! haha
  23. ZombiU

    Would be great if they decided to make a sequel of sorts to this. Great game, just certain areas that could have been better. Graphics could be improved, more melee weapons, more interactive environments for picking up possible melee weapons etc.