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  1. Doctor Who

    Overall Id say I'm enjoying series 8... I like Capaldi Doctor, particular his interactions with Clara - probably one of my highlights of this series. I did think that jump in last ep was a bit cringe tbh... I can't say I'm warming to that Pink character, it just feels a little forced (his relationship with Clara). I dunno, I hope I warm to him but I just find him annoying at the moment, I can't work out if it is acting or just how the character is being written.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Hey guys! I'm re-connecting with the world! Got myself a PS4! Didn't know what to start with so I got loads... -Killzone -The Last of Us -Tomb Raider -Assassins Creed 4 -FIFA 15 -Watch Dogs -PS Plus Membership -Resogun -Gonna buy a vertical stand coz scared of knocking it over! -Better headset (P12 Turtle Beech one) Anyone that I'm not already friends with feel free to add me! (Mike1988uk)
  3. Flameboys wedding day!

    Quite a few ppl commented on my moves that night! Haha. Fantastic day though, looking forward to seeing all the photos when they come out and the video of my dancing coming into the hall! Lol
  4. Game of Thrones

  5. Congratulations on making another year!

  6. Killzone Shadow Fall

    *Posting from the shadows* When I get a PS4 I'm defo gonna pick this up @Cookyman but tbh that is prob a few months away yet.
  7. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    I felt like a bit of an idiot when after many many hours of playing this I then realised you could long jump...
  8. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    I include the bar weight. It just makes sense to me, as it is accurate what your actually lifting.
  9. Doctor Who

    Just to add to the above... Unless I am mistaken the Doctor was talking to the military leaders of galifrey in the day of the doctor and even they made a comment that the high council had their own plans (Rassilon - linking to the events of that ep) and I think they made a comment stating they didn't agree with it. The military just wanted to save the planet. Rassilon had his own agenda for acceding time lords to a greater being or something didn't he? So the events in End of Time was the high council 'acting alone' if that makes sense being lead by Rassilon. More like an evil leader.
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    @Aneres11 is pretty darn good with Ness... Kicked my ass about a million times on Melee back in the day!!
  11. What did I get for christmas? Pictures speak a thousand words.
  12. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    What have I been telling you all this time! :p You will be lifting heavier than me there soon!!
  13. Ian Watkins Given 35 Years

    Sky news said he will serve about 20 years in prison and then the remaining 15 on licence making up the 35 years. Attempted rape of a baby... that is pretty sick man. Although he showed no remorse he pleaded guilty, which can knock up to a third off ur sentence... makes you wonder what the judge would have given him had he gone not guilty and there was a full trail.
  14. Mario Kart 8

    Cool. It will be good to get back into the mario league when it starts up for this!
  15. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    So got a reply from my e-mail yesterday from GAME.
  16. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    I bought some liquid chalk from myprotein to help when I struggle with grip (with deadlifts). Smashed my personal best with them yesterday! I had previously got a 1 rep max of 102kg but yesterday I did 3 reps at 120kg! And that was after blasting out 10 reps a go on 90 then 100 then 105 then 110 etc. Well chuffed, my one rep max could prob have been higher but had already beasted my body. It's always been my grip that let's me down!!
  17. Hidden Sonic 2 level now playable

    That's... Awesome! Making want to reply the classic sonic games again since I never did extra life this year I've missed out!!
  18. Sonic Lost World (Wii U/3DS)

    I would have loved a sequel to generations. There is so many classic levels they could have given the HD updated treatment!
  19. Fallout 4

    Yeah. Preferred Fallout 3 though. Still a great game, just didn't quite have the same feel to it. Or maybe it was simply because Fallout 3 was my first fallout experience?
  20. Sonic Lost World (Wii U/3DS)

    I love Sonic. I played the demo again last night and I still can't make my mind up regarding this. Loved most of them last gen, Adventures/Unleashed/Generations etc. But really didn't like the style of secret rings and that other one on wii (name escapes me). And I only found colours ok. I still enjoy replaying the 2D mega drive ones as well. Is it a case that I am just going to have to get this sometime and I see what I think? Is the demo a good/bad reflection on the overall game? I'm talking about the Wii U version here.
  21. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    I quite like the look of this and I am pleased to hear that it has good reviews and Assassins Creed hasn't gone super stale with the multiple sequels. However, I am yet to play 3 so I feel I need to play that first for the story! Once I have got the third I might leave this till I eventually get a next gen console and save it for that... We shall see!
  22. Fallout 4

    Well Fallout 3 was one of my stand out games of the 'current gen' so I can't wait for a sequel! Except the underground subway type sections... Wasn't too keen on them.
  23. Doctor Who

    Moffat making some promises! I hope they do indeed tie up things from Matt Smiths era so it all fits in nicely. Dr Who Official Website
  24. Rayman Legends

    Getting this for xmas! Looking forward to it. Was a no brainer to go for the Wii U version. Should have been out only on this console anyway and for the Wii U lad sections.
  25. The Super Mario 3D World thread

    So I decided to write a complaint e-mail to GAME as well, not that I am really expecting anything but I did it anyway! lol.