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  1. General Movie Thread

    Good man! But shame on you for leaving it so long!!
  2. Left 4 Dead 2

    The characters in L4D 1 were awesome, even down to the comments they made while playing/dying. As Aneres11 said the petrol cans thing was pretty shit, but overall gameplay in second was better, melee weapons FTW! All this L4D talk makes me want to play them again!!
  3. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    It's because jimbob forgot his fez. Isn't it?
  4. What Have You Bought?

    Zelda: Skyward Sword £15 Brand New! Complete impulse buy, @Aneres11 told me Argos were selling it for £15, popped into my local argos, they had one left so snapped it up! Will get round to playing it at some point! Thought the price was 2 good to be true since Nintedo first party games never seem to go cheap from what I have seen. I also seem to be lucky that it is one of the editions which has the CD with it as well.
  5. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Cool! Will have to add it to games that I want to get! Seem to be a lot of old games I want to play at the moment (as well as new titles yet to play!), I have got the MGS Collection (I have played them bar Peace Walker but love them), Silent Hill collection (never played a silent hill game but heard good things) and now this!
  6. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    So for someone like me, who has never played a Ratchet game prior to Tools of Destruction would you recommend them to me? I loved ToD and A Crack in Time.
  7. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    I hope @flameboy and I are counted in that 4! :p
  8. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

    I don't even have a CPP so played this all the way through without it and had no problems at all...
  9. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    @Jimbob Since this is a public forum I would advice taking your mobile number off... Send it to ppl going in a PM. Unless you want potentially endless spam sent to your phone since anyone from the world wide web can look at this thread.
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Just read a review from IGN which wasn't very positive.... (They gave it 6/10)
  11. Gigs / Concerts

    No they didn't! I did watch a YouTube vid which showed them playing it though.
  12. Gigs / Concerts

    Watched a band live tonight callled Black Stone Cherry! Another awesome band.
  13. I Just Don't Get Presents

    Happy Birthday!
  14. What Have You Bought?

    I actually bought an album this week! Halestorms second album. Heard them at download and thought they were great.
  15. Football Season 2011/2012

    Maybe Liverpool are getting desperate and think that by wearing that as their third strip it will distract the other team into a 'wtf are they wearing state' and play better! :p
  16. Forum User Photos

    Haha, I reckon he must have felt the power of awesomeness of two N-E members meeting for the first time and was blown away by it!
  17. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Ah man, 9 months! That Sucks. Yeah, if I feel anything at the gym tomorrow i'm just gonna have to keep blasting cardio till it gets better
  18. Forum User Photos

    Look who I met at Download Festival! @Murr
  19. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I have been resting it for almost a month now! When I was having the pain I wouldn't feel it when I wasn't using my arm, only felt it when lifting a few weights etc. I have been very aware of not using it for day to day tasks much, such as carrying heavy shopping with right arm. What is weird though is the last few days it feels like it's aching, but I don't know if it's all in my head coz it's been pissing me off for awhile and I keep thinking about being careful with it. Also I felt this 'aching' sensation even when I took some ibuprofen. I have got some old dumb bells at home (4KG each) and I tried some bicep curls with that pitiful weight and I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. So maybe I just need to slowly build it back up over time, hopefully it has fully healed as it is doing my head in now not being able to lift weights, all the progress I have made will start to disappear!!! I can only assume I damaged it quite bad coz when I felt it playing squash I carried on playing for like another 40 minutes (whoops).
  20. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I'm back in the gym tomorrow with what feels like forever being off it, being away for Download festival and seeing my gf has allowed me to eat lots of rubbish! Before then I hadn't really been lifting weights as I been having grief with my left arm elbow tendon, hopefully the rest has sorted it out. I didn't even injure it in the gym, it was due to having an arm wrestle and playing squash I started to get a pain and it hasn't gone away... Scared to weigh myself after all my food eating but it needs to be done! :p
  21. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    That reminds me... Just updated my status to 'not going'.
  22. N-Europe London Meet 2012 - 30th June!

    Well I said awhile ago I was looking at coming but have gone quiet since then... Unfortunately I am 100% unable to go, something has come up work wise. Hope you all have a great time though!
  23. This gen's under appreciated/performing developers.

    Couldn't agree more, I went in knowing it wasn't a third Banjo game and I loved it! It still had the cutest and charm of the games (imo) but being something different, I loved creating all the different vehicles and than using them to complete courses etc. It was so much fun. Admittedly the only games I have played from them was Geometry Wars but they were great games! The second added loads with the different modes and the leaderboards made it great to compete with other XBL friends, sad to see them close down. Yeah, Bayonetta was AMAZING, I think the best game I have played for them genre, fluid combat with combos and extremely fun!
  24. Venom Movie

    I realised that! (I was poking fun) I only called him a moron coz it says so in his sig...