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  1. Doctor Who


    Congrats Dazz. I never bothered with CBT and have no intention of doing that or full bike. Cars all the way for me! :p Think I just enjoy the benefits of a car too much over a bike!
  3. Doctor Who

    Bit worried about the CGI for that one though... We all know at times Doctor Who doesn't provide the best and there is a bit in the trailer where it looks like he is riding one but it doesn't look quite right!
  4. Doctor Who

    Trailer looked awesome! Much better than the first teaser.
  5. Gears of War: Judgement

    Think this thread needs a title change... Not looked into this at all really apart from what was initially shown but it's gears so yeah! :p
  6. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    I don't get to play games half as much as I want anymore coz of adult life And I still live with my mum! I have still been visiting the forum recently BUT I have hardly been posting the past few months coz I have had a lot of stuff going on in my life and I just wanted to spend my time actually playing games when possible when I have been able to (which hasn't been a lot).
  7. Well that's it I'm off to Canada!

    I'm holding back the tears...
  8. 14 Killed in Dark Knight Rises Cinema Shooting

    You mean the fact that he played John Connor like he was playing Batman? (using same voice) Ha.
  9. 14 Killed in Dark Knight Rises Cinema Shooting

    Good guy indeed! Very nice of him. And nice that he didn't want press noticed so it couldn't be seen as a publicity stunt. This makes up for that rant he was recorded doing in the Terminator: Salvation set! :p
  10. Sonic Adventure 2 HD

    Yeah defiantly, the sonic sections were excellent. I'd place God of War above the werehog sections though...
  11. Sonic Adventure 2 HD

    Sonic Unleashed doesn't count. :p
  12. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    I wont be getting it. It looks nice and all but yeah price is 2 high and considering it doesn't feel that long ago I was buying all the boxsets for just over £10 each a season I am in no hurry to replace them!
  13. 14 Killed in Dark Knight Rises Cinema Shooting

    At times I am obsessed with video games but I don't see myself losing touch with reality... The joker link could be just a media spin, trying to find a link so something can be criticised. I haven't read any articles though so there may be truth in it. This is terrible news though, just another reminder that there is some sick people out there.
  14. Sonic Adventure 2 HD

    Awesome! Loved this game back in the day, got A ranks on everything in the game and unlocked that 'secret' level. It was so much better than SA in my opinion though. Not sure why they never did a SA3! DO IT SEGA.
  15. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I got the Crowe voiceover for the teaser before Batman started. Like a good proper teaser trailer that gives almost nothing away! Would be a mistake to show too much now considering the film isn't out till next year.
  16. Banes voice is clear BUT at times it did sound a bit weird (hard to explain).
  17. Mine was a Vue and they showed the superman trailer. Although I didn't think it was coming as there was a lot of animated film trailers before it. Film was awesome, can't decide what is my favourite out the three but this was a fantastic way to end it all off. Hathaway was awesome. Aye, I bought VIP tickets and we picked two comfy seats right in the centre about half way down, perfect viewing angle for the screen as we were central to it all.
  18. I have just risen! Cinema time this morning!
  19. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Speaking of stuff like that, there was a couple of times when I laughed and no-one else seemed 2... awkward crowd! haha
  20. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Watched this before in 2D. Better than I expected! Awesomeness. Prefer Garfield, he did move a lot of spider like than the other films, there was one particular scene where
  21. How's Your Gaming Going In 2012?

    Not as well as i would like tbh. When I say that I mean more about I don't feel like I have had a much time to game as I have in previous years. As a consequence I still have titles from last year I have yet to play! I have some new titles and a few of these HD collections I really want to play as well. For example I am only playing through LA Noire now and have been doing that for about a month (whereas it doesn't usually take me that long to complete a game. Also only bought Skyward Sword a few days ago as I seen it at good price (don't even know when I will start playing it) and I love the Zelda games! But best game I have played so far this year has to be Mass Effect 3, <insert standard negative comment about ending here>. Quite possibly my favourite game series/story ever. Big disappointment so far.... E3! What a yawn fest. Most anticipated? Too busy playing catch up! Ha, Halo 4 potentially looks awesome, I did like ODST and really enjoyed Reach (never played one and two and three was 'meh'). Not really thought to much about up coming games though.
  22. Resident Evil 6

    The negativity around this game makes me want to cry (may be over reacting a bit there...) I hope the final release ends up being awesome!!
  23. Resident Evil 6

    Heath regenerates? Does that mean no herbs or first aid sprays! WTF
  24. It's Raining_Again for the 26th year in a row

    Happy Birthday both of you!