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  1. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    As i menteioned above one of my friends had some problems with woolworths. I know they charged him to the wii long before they dispatched it. After 'processing' his order was on 'ready to dispatch' for a good few days, then it just turned up at his house! Did you pre-order urs from there or did u order it once it had released? I know he pre-ordered his about 2 weeks before launch and his came on Thursday 14th.
  2. Classic Controller - analogue shoulder buttons

    Thanks for the help there guys! Yer i probably will get one at some point! (Well as soon as my bank account recovers from buying xmas presents!!!) But on seconds thoughts, my birthday is on 4th jan, so maybe i could hint towards my mum or girlfriend to buy me one then. . . . . . . .
  3. Classic Controller - analogue shoulder buttons

    I know its a little off topic for this thread but im new Anyway i just want to know that if i downloaded a virtual console game that my GC-pad will play them no matter which console the game comes from. Coz i dont really want to pay another £15 for a classic controller yet as i dont have lots of cash.......
  4. Bad Press = Sony at work?

    I dout sony could afford to drop the price of the PS3 considering the amount of stuff they are trying to put in there console. I'm sure if it did happen it wouldn't come anywhere near the price of the wii. Nintendo could probably afford to drop the price if they wanted 2 anyway
  5. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    i know one of my friends had a bit of trouble with woolworths they said they would have his wii on 8th but a day before said he wasn't. . . . . but all wasn't bad news as they had one sent to him on the 13th on there second batch.
  6. Bad Press = Sony at work?

    Maybe sony are not behind it. Maybe they wouldn't go that far. But still, there is nothing to say that the writer behind it (who many seem to think is biast towards sony) is just trying to set out on his own little mission to destroy nintendo! Of course though he could easily be on sonys payroll and just doing what he is told...
  7. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    Well it i found out my local Asda got another 3 consoles in yesterday..... Not really alot for a second load but still better than nothing....... I work for Asda and they just kinda appear on a delivery in the warehouse, no warning about when we get more in or how many.........
  8. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    High: My local Asda store had 10 in stock and i was lucky enough to purchase one of them!!!!! (Got Zelda and Wii play from Amazon, but strangly wii play did not come till tuesday, while zelda came on friday.....) Low: I can't play on it till christmas!!! (Its an xmas present from my mum and because my mum was in work early i had to go and buy it.........)