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  1. Virtual Console - All you need to know

    Ah it's good to see im not the only waiting who can't wait for SoR! I absolutly loved it on mega drive!
  2. Segas Secret Title...

    Most definatly! I'm glad other ppl think the same as me! I hope your listening sega!
  3. Segas Secret Title...

    I'm all for house of the dead for the wii! I love playing it in the arcades it just takes so much of my money! I can remember havin a house of the dead way back on dreamcast. It would work really well with the wii mote and who is to say that nintendo would not have released that gun attachment for it by then. . . . . .
  4. Manhunt 2

    yes.... i am also loving that same screen asking me over and over and over again.... ill try again some other time.
  5. Rumor: New Wii Games From Konami

    Ok, well i suppose the idea is there for them. Anyway i would much rather see them release something new instead of porting! Or at least port something i ent played on. lol
  6. Are you happy with your Wii?

    So true! I can remember when i first got twisted on ds, i was playing that for months! Me and my girlfriend got alot of fun out of it!
  7. Rumor: New Wii Games From Konami

    Do you reckon they could possibly release metal gear on wii but not the 4th one (new one), maybe the second one? The only reason i think this is because they did release the first one on cube but that was it. . . (not that i would really want them to release MGS2 as i already have it on PS2. . .. I'd love to see them release MGS4 on wii but to be honest i very much dout it, very much so. . . . . . . .
  8. Are you happy with your Wii?

    Well i have had my Wii since xmas day i have not once regretted getting it. I got Zelda, Wii play and Wii Sports (of course) then. I got Red Steel for my birthday (jan 4th) and last week bought warioware. I have also bought 3 VC games (golden axe, super mario bros and mario 64.) I am really enjoying these games and will last me awhile yet, espically mario 64, Red Steel and Zelda (well ive almost completed Zelda but ill probably start on it again!) There is Mario Party 8 around the corner that i will purchase, the same with Sonic and the secret rings. There is COD3 that i may purchase at some point and the same with Rayman. From a VC point of view i cant wait for streets of rage.... For me anyway there is a long supply of games that will keep me occupied for a long time. And even if it comes to like late summer and ive run out of stuff to play, there is old gamecube games i can play on and i quite like going back on games once i have completed them. Then of course super mario galaxy, metriod prime 3 and super smash bros brawl should just be round the corner from there. For me i can't remember the gamecube having so many titles i could buy so soon (i got my cube week after launch) I can remember getting lugi mansion at launch, a few weeks later i got super smash bros and then in september came super mario sunshine and Resident Evil and that was it for awhile i think.
  9. ASDA to get 700+ Wii's this weekend

    I went back into work today after 3 weeks off (i work in an Asda store) and to my amazement there was 4 wiimotes, 3 nuncucks, wii play and some other componant and RGB cables behind the Music and Video desk! Which considering my Asda store is not very big and in quite an unknown town i was suprised we had that many in! I nabbed up an RGB cable! yay!
  10. Nintendo Financials

    Can you not just buy like 1000 points off the wii shop channel coz tht would only cost £6.99? Or you not able to do that?
  11. Back in Stock?

    I noticed that on sat 20th, i was shopping at Cheshire Oaks shopping centre and i noticed a massive que in there. As i got nearer the que i heard ppl talking about the wii and asking there sales staff in there how many they had, and he just replied 'we have got loads more in the back' (after there sales counter was full of them) They seemed to be running off some kinda order system coz i seen names getin ticked off a list, anyway it was a joyful day for me coz i managed to finally get a second nunchuck and a classic controller!!! Game sold me the 2 accessories for £17.99 each, and the guy even said to me 'they are £17.99 by the way' and i just said ok thats fine coz i had been after them for so long i didn't really care over a couple of pound. Which just shows they picked an ideal oppatunity to raise the price slightly coz they know how in demand they are!
  12. Wii: Not As Quiet As Iwata Promised?

    I have heard some noises on mine, only really wen playing on Red Steel there i can hear it constantly. My wii seems to 'clunk' whenever i load the wii menu up after playing a game and if i load any other channel while i still have a disk in the slot. Would be interesting to see if this happens to everyone.
  13. Wii glitches

    Lol, the world works in misterious ways......
  14. Wii glitches

    What kinda problems did u av with ur cube? Mine was pretty fine, just every kmow and then half way through me playing on something there would be a disk error. But in the years i had my cube isince it was launched it must of only done it about 4/5times. But saying that the first cube i got had to be returned after 2 weeks as it was faulty. . . The second one only did what was mentioned above.
  15. Wii being played on a GBA

    It's a great idea but not really suited for the wii, what with the sensor bar and all. But for another console....maybe it would work. Not that im ever going to need to use it, quite happy with playing on my wii at home on my tellie or playing on my ds if im on the move.....
  16. Wii glitches

    lol, ah well were only human i suppose! Well i must admit i agree with your comment. Nothing is perfect and i mean computers crash all the time dont they? just one of them things.
  17. Wii glitches

    omg, i feel like such an idiot now! lol what was the reason for moving so slow? I spent so much time trying to work round it by rolling contantly and stuff!
  18. Wii glitches

    I have noticed several glitches with my wii so far. 1. I have any experienced the wii-mote losing connection to the wii once (which was fixed by me resyncing). 2.The console has blackscreened a couple of times and seems to vary in time to when the channel will load up. 3.My biggest glitch experiences seem to have come from Zelda! One experience resulted in me having to restart the console. I had just won the first battle with a man on a bridge (man on a pig-looking animal) and a key shot out of the sky and landed in my hand but then nothing happened... no text came up saying i had got the key or anything, link just stared at the key and the game was not responding to any of the buttons i was pressing. The second and most ANOYING glitch i had with Zelda was in the 4th Dungeon (the sand one) I was in a room with bits of sinking sand and platforms and i had to pull out a chain and run across to get through a door before it closed. Now as we all know when you go into the sand link slows down in his walked, just like if he were wearing his iron boots, now the glitch kept making link walk like this really slow even if i was on proper land but it only did it in the one room. This was so frusrating because i could not continue with the game as i had to move quickly to get through before the door closed. I tried switching to the wolf but it still did it. I even turned off the console and went back on it and it did it again! I eventually got past this one room after alot of attempts of trying to work around this glitch. Sorry for the really long message but has anyone else experienced the second Zelda one i have? It's just i thought by turning off the console it would have stopped it as a once off like the other one?
  19. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    Yer sounds like a good idea! They probably already have your console in there store but the system is all messed up. Well i im correct, store pick-up is quite a new thing for them so maybe the order tracking on there website has not updated properly! I mean it was telling my mate that it was ready to dispatch and then just turned up at his door! lol
  20. Bad Press = Sony at work?

    Lol, all Sony do is copy other companies. . . . . . Yer there is something fishy going on. The latest thing is over this wrist-strap for the wii-mote. People are blowing it so out of proportion in newspapers and the like. I was at Cheshire Oaks yesterday near Ellsmere Port and a female colleague in Game was giving this one man aload of rubbish saying that all the wii's were being recalled and making the remote bigger in size!!!!!
  21. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    As i menteioned above one of my friends had some problems with woolworths. I know they charged him to the wii long before they dispatched it. After 'processing' his order was on 'ready to dispatch' for a good few days, then it just turned up at his house! Did you pre-order urs from there or did u order it once it had released? I know he pre-ordered his about 2 weeks before launch and his came on Thursday 14th.
  22. Classic Controller - analogue shoulder buttons

    Thanks for the help there guys! Yer i probably will get one at some point! (Well as soon as my bank account recovers from buying xmas presents!!!) But on seconds thoughts, my birthday is on 4th jan, so maybe i could hint towards my mum or girlfriend to buy me one then. . . . . . . .
  23. Classic Controller - analogue shoulder buttons

    I know its a little off topic for this thread but im new Anyway i just want to know that if i downloaded a virtual console game that my GC-pad will play them no matter which console the game comes from. Coz i dont really want to pay another £15 for a classic controller yet as i dont have lots of cash.......
  24. Bad Press = Sony at work?

    I dout sony could afford to drop the price of the PS3 considering the amount of stuff they are trying to put in there console. I'm sure if it did happen it wouldn't come anywhere near the price of the wii. Nintendo could probably afford to drop the price if they wanted 2 anyway
  25. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    i know one of my friends had a bit of trouble with woolworths they said they would have his wii on 8th but a day before said he wasn't. . . . . but all wasn't bad news as they had one sent to him on the 13th on there second batch.