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  1. Banjo Kazooie

    BK is amazing, I have replayed it many times and loved it again when it was released on XBLA (once again 100% it on xbla) For some reason I never played Tooie on the N64.... I bought it when it was released on XBLA but I never completed it... I don't know why, I just got a little bored with it and lost interest. I kept meaning to go back to it but never did. There is still time though!
  2. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Completed this last week. Awesome! Really enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is still the controls and graphics though, I never really got into the whole art style of it and just thought it looked like a blurey mess. And the sword fighting annoyed me a lot!
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Recently I have bought... £7.95 from The Hut £5 from Amazon £30 from Amazon (birthday present for my sis) £6.70 from Amazon.
  4. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I haven't posted in here for ages because.... basically I have nothing to report except me winging. Still got a problem with my lower back, have now seen a sports theropist to help things along. I'm going to start back in the gym again soon but start back at the beginning with low weights etc to ease myself back in. Even if I can still life the heavier stuff.
  5. Football Season 2012/2013

    Was a bit weird today when I got to watch the last 20 minutes of the united match and recognised the Southampton player Danny fox as being in the year or 2 above me at my high school... Was like where the fuck do I know that face from!? Ha
  6. Doctor Who

    Just one to throw out there... Could the new companion actually be a different character? Just played by the same actress. I assumed it would be one in the same but you never know!
  7. Never really considered that either... I was sure it was Bane until the reveal near the end. I would have to watch it again to remember better.
  8. Doctor Who

    They have made movie style posters for eahch of the 5 episodes airing They also include all the episode titles and I am assuming the order they will air in.
  9. Do you buckle up in a taxi?

    I do, safety first people! For some reason my girlfriends mum and sister keep 'forgetting' when they are in my car so I have to keep reminding them...
  10. Football Season 2012/2013

    Good point on the striking options and Agreed! On that same topic I know nothing about Buttner but hopefully he will give competition for left back coz at times Evra under performs and we haven't really had another natural left back for quite awhile.
  11. Backloggery

    I use it! I keep mine pretty much up to date.
  12. Football Season 2012/2013

    Most of my opinions of the match on monday have already been addressed by other people. As much as I love Fergie I disagree with his comments after the match, I felt Everton deserved to win and were the better team in the match. We couldn't handle a few of their players and didn't create much up front. At times I almost felt like united were scared to go in the box which is why Anderson shot outside the box near the end. But that may just be down to how well Everton played. And @Fierce_LiNk I agree regarding Van Pierse. I feel like we only bought him because we 'could' in the sense he become available. Would have preferred more money to be spent in midfield. We should pick ourselves back up and hopefully I will eat my words regarding VP, just don't really see where he fits in. I also read that Wellbeck has signed a new contract today and what could happen with Chicarito with the VP signing? I can't believe we haven't got rid of Berbatov yet, he obviously isn't part of any plans no more.
  13. Doctor Who

    That's great if confirmed true! Looking forward to some doctor who in my life again.
  14. R.I.P. Tony Scott

    Yeah, I have since read that, I made the post literally as they started to report it.
  15. R.I.P. Tony Scott

    Sky news are starting to report that he had been told he had inoperable Brain Cancer.
  16. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I tried it a few times a couple of months ago... I was surprised about how quick I was out of breath (once I got the hang of getting a rhythm going!).
  17. Expendables 2

    Good to hear! I probably wont go cinema to watch this despite loving action films but shall definitely be picking it up when it comes out on blu ray.
  18. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you need a poo flamey?
  19. UK rail fares up 6+% - Ridiculous or fair?

    Well if they are doing that you should complain, you have a right to do so. It's your fault you lost the pass so why should you not pay for a replacement? If it works out cheaper to have a travel pass for the week then would it not make sense to pay the £15 so it is cheaper for you in the long run? Did you complain about that one? How did you get back in the end? Pretty sure you would have had grounds to complain about that as well and got some kind of compo if you were just 'left' there.
  20. The Last Stand - He's Back

    Looks awesome! Loved the one liner in the trailer, 'Old'. Classic Arnie.
  21. Mass Effect 3

    Am I right in thinking the ME2 dlc was 560MS except for Shadow Broker?
  22. Mass Effect 3

    DLC single player has got a release date! Doesn't say how much it is going to cost though. http://blog.bioware.com/2012/08/15/leviathan-dlc-officially-dated/
  23. Darksiders 2

    IGN have reviewed this... Overall score is 7.5 with the headline 'Bigger isn't always better' Read it for yourself here.
  24. Its been a long time, i shouldnt have left you...

    He has only been gone 2 months! :P His avatar pic used to be a gold coloured fish if I remember correctly.