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  1. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    Well i just went on that website today to order because i became so tempted but it is not there anymore! Nooooooooo!
  2. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    I sold my version of res 4 on ebay (got abit more than a £1!) hehe
  3. I'm after a new wireless home router, HELP!

    Ok guys thanks for that. I take it Netgear works fine with the Xbox 360 and Wii? EDIT: What is the best Netgear product out there? In terms of reliablity and speed, but with this hole speed thing do i actually need ont that does 270mbps coz is no way my net connection that fast or is there some other reason for it? Sorry i'm just confused over this hole home network stuff and i dont wanna buy the wrong one!
  4. Which Game?!

    I vote Sonic!
  5. Well i turned 19 in January and i did.......nothing. Just spent some time with my girlfriend. I just made her do everything all day, lol.
  6. Red Steel - Some Of My Views

    I also enjoyed Red Steel, nothing amazing but a decent game and like many others have said it shows good potenial with what the Wii can do in terms of FPS games. I did feel the game lacked in depth though. I found the sword fights good at first but later on in the game i just got anoyed with them and quite repetative. I did have some issues with the controls at first but then soon went (my screen used to jump and swin round sometimes) but i fixed that by going on the wii sensor bar settings and fiddiled with the sensitivity slightly and never had any problems since then. I loved throwing a grenade! It felt so realistic just holding down on the D-PAD and doing a swinging motion! Not played on any of the other FPS for Wii so i don't know how the other controls compare!
  7. Should I sell my Wii for a 360?

    If u can i would say av both. i got a wii for xmas and a 360 last month and it gives me a great mix of games. And i dont once regret it.
  8. Your Next Wii Purchase

    Well i got Zelda and wii play for launch, followed by Red steel and warioware. Had Red Steel and warioware traded in once i completed them at my local game store (Crewe) And got super monkey ball last week as it was on offer on game online for £20. I went round my mates house today and i played on his excite truck. I really liked it and i think that will be my next purchase! Sonic is also a contender as well as heatseeker.
  9. hi guys, sorry if this has been posted before and i'm having trouble finding info on this. Basically i'm seeing what is the best cable i can get for the xbox. I bought my 360 a few weeks ago and on monday i bought myself a Samsung LE27S73BDX 27in HD Ready Digital LCD TV. I have the cable that came with the premium pack but i was wondering if there is a cable better than that or is it the best one? Thanks to anyone who helps me out on this!
  10. What is the best Cable i can get for my Xbox 360?

    Ok, thanks for your help!
  11. ***** on Xbox live

    I am quite new to xbox live (only had my xbox few weeks now) but last week i went on gears of war online and i went into a room and some american was really taking the piss out of my gamertag, i was that much in shock i just left the room! I just couldn't believe that a fellow gamer could do that, I mean it IS only a gamertag.... Also i know it is a little off topic but i noticed everyone on there seems to have 5 star reputation thing but i only have 3....... is it coz i ent bin on there long or what? how do i make it go higher?
  12. Rumour: Hard Drive for Wii

    I agree that the wii does need to get more memory space from somewhere, i mean if someone was too buy a wii just for the wii games then far enough 512mb would be fine but the way im downloading these vc games it will eventually be full. And to delete some vc games to make some more room for others will be a pain, because i don't want to have to wait for a game to be downloaded everytime i want to play a diff game that i have already bought! The idea of enabling USB drives and SD Cards to store on them and play off them sounds like a good idea though. They would be small so wouldn't require any more space! If they did do this though, what kinda size can USB drives go up 2(storage capacity)?
  13. The Wire

    Can't say i have ever had this problem. Think it may have got in the way slightly when playing on red steel but it never really bothered me. It would sound to complicated to have a wireless nunchuk surley? As like said above, it would need to have batteries in, which of course would need to make the nunchuk bigger....
  14. Just about to order a wii

    Welcome to Wii.......
  15. N-Europe Xbox 360 Gamertag List

  16. Wii Play out of stock everywhere?

    My local asda doesn't seem to have a problem with the wii-mote and nuncuck! It seems it always seem to have one in stock!
  17. To Sell my 360 or not to sell

    I'd say keep! Just because i bought an xbox 360 on tuesday and i'm really loving it! The only action my wii has had since i got it is a look on the everybody votes channel and wii tennis with some friends yesterday. . . . .
  18. Nintendo is full of lies.

    i av got a little confused over this because i have heard a few ppl say that but my wii is connected to my wireless network and it has 3 lights on it, one for power, one for broadband connection and one letting me know if something is connected to the network. Since i got my wii and have had it on standby mode the 3rd light is always lite up green meaning that something is connected to it. So wouldn't that mean that the wii is connected the whole time? I dunno im little confused over this, anyone able to clear this up for me?
  19. Your status

    Wii-Xmas xbox 360- Seriously considering getting one in the next few days PS3- As much as i enjoyed the ps2, i dont think ill ever get this, very pricy and most of there titles are moving to 360 as well anyway. EDIT: I now own an Xbox 360 and i'm loving it!!!!!!
  20. Most Wanted Wii Game

    Definatly a hard one to choose! I av gone for MP3 as i feel i want a more serious game at the mo and i loved the other 2 on cube! I am considering buying an xbox 360 for that kinda stuff as well though........
  21. Stuwii im not being funny mate but i thought i answered this question you had in the Wii area?? Why asking it again?
  22. to short wii sensorbar?

    Certainly not me! If anything i have too much cord! Mine is trailing around all over the place coz my tv is on a wall mount in my bedroom and there is no where to hide the wire....... Edit: I'm sure i have seen that image in another thread somewhere........
  23. how many games can the wiis memory hold

    stuwii if im understanding your question correctly then the squares that appear in the system memory havbe no baring what so ever on how much the console can store. You can store as much as you want until all the blocks off memory are full that get taken from the 512mb of flash memory. Yes there is only 15 square boxes on the wii system memory page but i can only assume is when you have more than that that it will probably either create another page or create a down button so you can scroll further down just like the gamecube memory 'boxes' did. Like i had a 251 block gc memory card, i could store as many games as i wanted till i used up 251 blocks regardless of how many different games that could be and of course with that a down scroll button appeared so i could scroll through the game saves. I hope that clears it up for you.
  24. A new Wii?!!

    Can't you just take the flaps off? They can easily be taken off and put back on. :wink:
  25. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    I got the latest issue off NGamer in the post this morning and they have given sonic wii 82%! With the summary comment 'Polished and entertaining, but not without moments that make you scream and curse your clumsy playing. This is a great wii start for a franchise we'd given up on years ago' So basically there saying the same as alot of other ppl in that they think its the best 3d sonic game yet, and they useally hate sonic games (they have never given one a good score) However i shall wait till i get the game myself to decide......