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  1. relationships

    Yes more fool you for not making a move but like others have said he is a shit friend to do that to you. If he had genuine feelings for her then he should of talked to you bout it but from what you have said his reasons are crap. It's like 'oh ur not making a move so i will just so i can rub it in ur face' Real friends don't do that....
  2. Drinking

    This is quite an interesting debate as it is easy to say that underage drinking is bad etc but like a few people have said not all underage drinkers are bad. For example i am 19 now when i was younger i did drink underage (not all the time though, just at peoples houses for partys etc) and i never made or got into any trouble. I do disagree with the underage drinking when they do it in the street, they are the kind of people that seem to go on to cause anti-social behaviour, now it is true that some adults also do this. I work in security at an Asda store in my town and we get abit of trouble hear and there with the odd drunkin git in the evenings wandering into the store trying to nick a few sandwiches but we also do have the kids near the store drinkin some beer and then come into store trying to give people shit. On saturday just gone there was a music festival just across the store and that has to be one of the worst nights i have experienced, almost every young person seemed pissed out of there face and were causing nothin but trouble, smashed one of our windows, myself and other colleagues were called all the names under the son because we wouldn't let them go the toliet because we close at 10. (The toliets had already been trashed earlier on) We had about 14 yr old girls going on the spirits isle and opening up whisky and having a swig then putting it back. Something does need to be done because it can't go on like this, the route of drinking under 18 is illegal and the purchase of it and if we catch people selling it to under18's they would be prosacuted. It is obviously not working because in my opinion anti-social behaviour is getting worse.
  3. Doctor Who

    Lol. Yer this weeks 2-parter was good. I also liked how it had that kinda underlying theme of how the first world war effected the kids that had to go to war showing them crying etc. Should of given em some whisky i say! (sayin that though, 2much and they may have laughed at the scarecrows...)
  4. Doctor Who

    From what i have read from the synopsis for next weeks episode 'blink' it sounds like it's one of them episodes that shows how the doctor can alter peoples lives without having him in the whole episode 'properly' like the one with Peter Kay in from the last series.
  5. Just something that I need to know..

    I have always had mine on my right ear, i never even given it a thought when i put it on the first time. I just put it there... Never even thought about putting it over my left ear...
  6. It could add to the whole realism of playing games such as RE:UC. Having a gun on screen, holding one in ur hand etc. But yer each to there own, the wii-mote by itself would be fine as a 'gun' and may be more reliable than a 'light gun attachment'.
  7. Gears of war Thread

    Thanks for the tips on how to beat RAAM on insane, i managed to get a friend to co-op with me and i beat him last night! The feeling was so good....
  8. 7 people assulted in my town today, including me

    How very true, i myself was being attacked by the same person on several occations about 2 years ago and it destroyed my social life, i would not leave the house etc. Mine was suposidly motivated though as i apparantly beat up his younger brother (complete and utter bullshit might i add) I am not the only person he has attacked though, he is regulary in the local paper for beating people up and robbery. Here is one link showing an one more recent article: http://archive.winsfordguardian.co.uk/2006/3/15/267286.html That link if you read just shows how shit the justice system is now-a-days n all. Get well soon Haggis, unfortunatly it happens to the best of us!
  9. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Hmm, does everyone have a unit cap then? it is just like i said i have never had this problem but my friend seems to be getting it quite often? It sounds abit silly to me...
  10. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Yer he says he has got loads of tiberium????
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Hi all, i was wondering if someone could help me out. Well it is more my friend. On Command and Conquer 3 my friend tell me he keeps getting a message during gameplay saying 'not enough command points' (not exact words) I have never had this problem while i play but he says he keeps getting them and it wont let him build any more tanks or troops and just keeps saying the same thing. Anyone got any idea's? It has really confused me!
  12. Gears of war Thread

    Is it possible to do it by urself? Coz i have only heard of ppl doin it on co-op? Whenever i aim at him he just kills me!
  13. Gears of war Thread

    Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone had any tips on beating RAAM on Insane mode? I am having real trouble with this one.....
  14. C&C3 any good?

    I bought this game on tuesday for the 360 and i love it! I think it's a great game, i would recommend it to anyone who has played C&C in the past or likes RTS games!
  15. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    I am currently considering getting this game! If i do i would love to take part in a tourne! When do u need to know if im definatly taking part or not?
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    i feel for u mate! i did the same with my gamecube when i had my gcse's a few years ago.
  17. Official Spider-Man 3 Thread [big spoilers within]

    Yer good point. Suppose if they really wanted that character back though they would just make something up with the synboate attaching itself to some other poor bugger, If they really want to im sure they will think of something.
  18. Official Spider-Man 3 Thread [big spoilers within]

    Well there is still a sample of Venom in Dr Conners lab isn't there.... Is it not possbile that it could escape and 'grow' to bring Venom back?
  19. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    Most definatly! Me and my mates would have so much fun playing co-op on this! We loved playing house of the dead!
  20. Simpsons Game Countdown

    Hehe, love the posters!
  21. Soul Calibur Legends

    Cool, this might turn out to be a very good game! I used to love reading all the background info for the players on soul calibour 1 and 2. They have always had a strong story element to them but only in text form whereas this game it seems like you might actually play and experience the story.....
  22. Spider-Man 3.

    I'm looking into getting this game because i really enojyed Spiderman 2 on gamecube. However i do not know which console to get it for, wii or 360? Anyone played both or know which one is better?
  23. Soul Calibur Legends

    Yer i would really like a new soul calibour game. But why didn't soul calibour 3 come out on cube? Coz i thought the second one sold really well on cube? or im i wrong? Oh well if they do something new with it then i hope it's good!
  24. shock horror, wiis on shelves

    Funny enough GAME in the Trafford Centre had Wiis in stock last night while i was in there!
  25. Hello all, i currently have a BT Wireless network 1250 with a PC, 2 Laptops, Xbox360 and Wii that connect to it (not at the same time though). The laptops contect via PCMCIA cards, PC is wired and 360 + wii both wireless. Basically i want to upgrade it to something new but i'm unsure of what is the best ones out there in terms of speed, allowing the xbox and wii to connect to it etc. I have looked at the BT Voyager 2110 Wireless, which seems good but i could be wrong..... Any help would be appricated. Thanks in advance.