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  1. Forum Roundtable: Manhunt 2 banning

    I must admit that i am unhappy and suprised that Manhunt 2 has been 'banned' in the UK and Ireland. After reading the Ngamer review i was really looking forward to this game. Just because it is a violant game does not mean it is going to make me go out, stalk and kill people. There are many reasons why people become phyco's and such and people try to blame it on different things. If i can buy a film like Saw, then why can't i play a similar video game? Every adult deserves the right to choose what they want to buy, most people will look into something before they buy it. It would make more sense to give the game a 18+ rating and put a warning message on the front and back of the box, kind of like what Capcom have done by putting a similar message in there Resident Evil games as it is loading through (and Resident Evil's only get a 15+ rating!).
  2. Manhunt 2

    Would that mean then we could order from play and they could sell it legally?
  3. Manhunt 2

    Well that is the kind of news i didn't want to hear. Who has durastiction over Jersey then? I'm not even sure where Jersey is... All i know is that Play.com are based there and i have ordered off them many times!
  4. New and Improved N-Europe Xbox 360 Gamertag List

    Could you update my name please as i have changed my n-europe username now to Mike1988uk (same as my gamertag). Thanks.
  5. Questions

    Oh right, i did have a look on the member list but i didn't see that one was taken... oh well. Could i have Mike1988uk then please, may as well make it the same as my 360 gamertag! EDIT: Thanks to whoever changed my name!
  6. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Arh more game selection headaches! lol, i never even realised that was out so soon, i'm not used to this good choice of games for the wii!
  7. The age old art - sleeping

    I think i'm similar to you there Jordon, i used to get alot less sleep but i feel i need all the sleep i can get now. I went to bed at 1 last night and got up at half 10... But some nights i sleep alot less. Normally go to bed shortly after 1 but my wake up times are irratic. (Depends what time i'm in work normally) If i got my bed to myself i normally lie on my back in the middle and fall asleep that way. If my gf is is sleeping with me i seem to like lying on my side facing the wall, i find it very comfortable for some reason....
  8. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Is anyone else having an issue with getting the 'connection lost' message just before you win a game? At first i just thought that a genuine connection lost had happened, but now i'm starting to get the impression that the other person is doing it on purpuse to avoid getting a loss. For example i was playing a ranked match with a person who has not lost a game, it was in the last few seconds and it was 1-1, i got a orange megastrike and scored 3 goals from it, suddenly connection lost happened.... It ent the first time it has happened to me either.
  9. Regrets

    Mine has to be allowing myself to put on alot of weight. I have managed to put on 6 stone in 3 years.... I am currently trying to lose weight but my will power lets me down all the time and i'm still putting it on... i joined my local gym but never actually seem to go...
  10. Which Gen?

    I have always seen it as the 7th generation of consoles. PS3, 360 and wii are now current gen. The next consoles when they would be revealed in the future would become 'next gen' Although i think some companies consider the wii past gen with them porting some ps2 games across.
  11. I don't think they age should be changed, but what should be added is maybe more training before you can drive and maybe restricting certain things like the type and power of a car you can drive. I agree that you can't just change the age because everyone is different. I passed my test just after i turned 18 and year and ahalf later i have had no crashes and i consider myself a pretty good driver. I have seen many cars overtake me in a very reckless fasion with there modded cars and i cringe the way i see them drive and they ent always young people at the wheel.
  12. Questions

    Mike88 please
  13. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Yer it is really close. I'm not sure which game to buy next between Manhunt 2 and Res 4. I'm tempted to go for manhunt just because i have played res 4 on the cube but i still want it!
  14. Pre-Owned Wii Sports

    How very strange! I can remember seeing the odd person trying to sell it on ebay... i'm sure i read in small print once in game that they don't except wii play and wii sports as a trade in...... Weird
  15. Questions

    Hello everyone, is there any chance off getting my username changed to Mike88 or Mike1988 please?
  16. Doctor Who

    She heard that voice before because i believe he is the prime minster of UK in her time before she was off on her travels with the Doctor. 'Mr Saxon i think his name is' Great episode though! I'm excited for the last 2!
  17. I'm going on holiday :D

    Well i'm off on holiday in 3 weeks! Off to Gran Canaria for 16 days! yay, really looking forward to it.
  18. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    I will prob get this game at the end of July as well. Not much point getting it sooner as i'm off on holiday in a few weeks. Just read Ngamers review as well, a great 96%! 'RRP £30? RIP boredom. A Resi package that melds ace visuals, controls and features into a fine Wii game. If you've never played before there's simply no excuse not to'
  19. Manhunt 2

    Well i got my monthly dose of Ngamer magazine this morning they have given Manhunt 2 92%! 'As dark as we've ever played, Manhunt 2 is a brilliantly constructed piece of fanservice for horror enthusiasts and a masterclass in stealthy nastiness! Must admit i am suprised that they have given this game such a high score!
  20. Doctor Who

    That last episode was really good. I can't believe it is episode 10 already! Only 3 left.... oh well im getting excited about the last few episodes! Was it just a rumour that they are getting rid of Martha? Or is there some truth behind it... Also anyone got any ideas how long tennant plans to play the Doc for?
  21. Gears of War Achievement Thread.

    Hiya, i wouldn't mind doing it sometime, i have not got any of the ranked match achievments. How do you do it? And how do you find each others games? It just says 'host' whenever i go on the ranked match bit and looking for a game.
  22. Car Insurance

    Well im a young driver (19), my first year tesco car insurance gave me the best quote(by far!) but for my second year (which im on at the moment) churchill gave me the best quote (with the 1 yr no claims of course). My advice would be just get loads of quotes from different places. I have never trusted those comparision sites anyway. I just got quotes from places ppl would recommend and some that i have heard off and find the best one that way. It takes time but it will be worth it in the end, the difference in some quotes is amazing. Direct line are good like previously mentioned. (but churchill quoted me about £100 cheaper per annum compared to them)
  23. intrested in buying a wii

    I'm Ready!!!!
  24. Missing People

    With her parents being wealthy n all, could they not have paid for some of this media coverage? Also she may have got this much attention due to the fact she is so young and can't look after herself but your friend in theory could of just ran away and started a new life and so if that came to light after they made a big fuss of him being missing would just make the media look stupid? I am not saying for a second he has done that but that could be how the media would look at something like that possibly?
  25. The 2012 Olympics Logo

    That is quite an interesting logo, it is interesting on how shit it is! I can't believe that will be the logo that will be on flags around london, on tv etc, it just does not look good...