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  1. Devil May Cry 4

    Completed this game this morning. Brilliant game! I take it that then the games don't go in order then? This is the first DMC game i have played and just assumed coz it said 4 on the end. When you first start playing the game and it gives u the runthrough of the other games it looked like they followed each other in order. ???
  2. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    My local ASDA has uncharted for £40. Nothing special price wise unfortunatly.
  3. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    mmm. That boxart does look really nice!
  4. earthquake

    Its on sky news now on the 'breaking news' banner
  5. earthquake

    I felt it! it was weird, i started hearing a little rattling sound coming from inside my wardrobe and as i got out of bed my whole room started to shake, nothing fallen but i could see the water swaying in my fish tank!
  6. Devil May Cry 4

    Got this game today on PS3. Never played a DMC game before, from the little i have played today, i like it so far!
  7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I for one will defo be getting mario kart but that is not the point like many others have stated! I have waited for brawl for so long now and them teasing us with releasing all the info they have done, for it to now be out in Japan and soon US and we still dont have a release date and now an 'unoffical annoucement' says Q3!!!!!!!!!!! Got my Ngamer is the post the other day and after reading there review on the japan import it just makes me wanna cry coz i want to play it so much! Me and my mates need this game! The hours we spent playing melee on multiplayer was so good!
  8. Rainbow six Vegas 2

    Excellent, thanks for that. Looking forward 2 this even more now!
  9. Rainbow six Vegas 2

    What is the offical release date for this? I have seen alot of websites saying march. Is this correct?
  10. Bye.

    Read the forum rules. It says permanent ban... Need i say more?
  11. Bye.

    Can't we just all get along? I thought the idea of a forum was to talk about stuff as in this case GAMES! THe brill thing that god himself invented (or maybe he didn't...) anyway. I personaly don't see the point in slating the admins/mods for what they do, they are there for a reason so just leave them get on with it. The rules are in place for a reason.
  12. The Law

    The law definatly needs to be more strict on youths. Through my job the biggest problem we have is youths. One recent example, young lad think he is about 16 now was just a tit, always taking the piss out of P.C.S.O's (police community support officers), calling them all kinds off names, drinking and getting pissed on the town centre causing trouble, constantly shoplifting and causing criminal damage and every time he got arrested he just got let off. They eventually gave him a cerfu order off 7am till 7pm and tagged him, made no difference and now he ran over a police officer while illegaly driving a car in north wales! 2 days later i see him back on our town centre on bail! He then later that day got arrested again as he was seen on C.C.T.V with class A drugs. What a glorious life that lad will now lead.
  13. Hey People

  14. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Yer i agree with the last comment. I tend to always use gameplay for pre-orders and they have quite often came day before release! (such a good feeling when it happens, hehe).
  15. Burnout: Paradise

    I am! Never played a burnout game before and i am quite enjoying it!
  16. Rainbow six Vegas 2

    I thought it did work but was worded wrong? Like you have to do all t-hunts on single player rather than split screen. (something like that anyway) i could be wrong though...
  17. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Would there be any possability of it comin out on ps3? no longer have a 360 and dout very much my laptop could handle it. And i loved red alert 2, i also quite liked c&c3 alot..
  18. I can't believe they let the Wii slip so far so fast

    Good post, i have always felt something missing when i got my wii on xmas day 2006. Think thats why i got a 360 and now even considering a ps3. I never felt i needed another console before with owning n64 then gamecube but this time i felt i needed another console to fully enjoy the games i want 2 play.
  19. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Oh dear... Yer maybe i should open up my eyes bit more.
  20. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Where did you get your HDMI lead from? When i was looking at ps3 stuff i couldn't seem to see one anywhere. Don't suppose anyone knows of any good deals for the ps3 incase i change my mind and get one sooner?
  21. The Darkness

    Bought this game on sunday. Not played much of it but from what i have played i am quite impressed, think it will be a good game.
  22. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Well i defo want MGS 4 as i have loved the other installments on cube/ps2. I'll probably leave it for awhile after having some thinking bout it. I'm hardly off my 360 at the mo (well apart from when i'm in work) with so many games that i want to play on. Hopefully some better priced bundles will come out for the ps3 in future as well.........
  23. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Right ppl, i currently have a wii, ds and 360 and have started thinking about getting a ps3 coz im greedy like that. But does anyone think it is worth while having a ps3 and a 360 have alot of the same games. I did think about selling my 360 which that thought quickly left my mind coz there is alot of games that are out for the 360 that i love playing. Does anyone in here own all 3 consoles? I think i want one so i have a full range of games i can choose from but is there enough or will be enough out for the ps3 that ent out on 360 to warrent a purchase. Any advise would be greatly apprichated!
  24. The Darkness

    I have noticed it for £18 on play.com. Prob find it at a good price in other places 2.
  25. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Wonderful. I'm still hooked on Cod4 online and i ent even started playing on Mass Effect yet!!!! Like Jordon said, for some reason live is really fucked at the mo which is hampering my play time on live for Cod4!!! Seems worse in the evenings.