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  1. good stuff thread.

    Yeah, speed awareness courses are done by private companies I believe (not 100% on that one), I'm sure if the police or more so fire did them that would be more shocking. I know the fire service have pretty grusume pictures for not wearing seatbelts/using phone, one pic is like someones scalp stuck in the windscreen where they flew forward coz of not Wearing a belt, glass cracked, and then as his head fell, cut a bit off! And yeah it's a 30 if the lamposts are 185 metres apart or less (a stupidly long distance) so basically see lamposts it's a 30 unless there are repeaters for a different speed limit. A 30 only needs to a repeater sign if the distance is greater, but I have yet to see a road like that, normally if it's rural enough it's at least a 40.
  2. good stuff thread.

    @ReZourceman @Fierce_LiNk @MoogleViper @nightwolf On the topic of speeding... Legally doing 31MPH in a 30MPH you are breaking the law and speeding. However, ACPO (assosication of chief police officers) guidelines state that prosacutions should only take place on 10% + 2, so in a 30MPH it would be 35MPH and above. Note they are only guidelines and technically if police wanted to stick to law, they can do. Most do follow ACPO guidelines though. Which is where ppl get the 10% story from. A lot of forces now take part in the speed awareness course like Rez did, where if your speed falls within a certain zone you can get offered that instead of ticket and points, then there is a zone for a straight ticket and points and anything extreme would be summenced to court to let a magestrate decide. Just thought I would throw my knowledge out there!
  3. Football Season 2012/2013

    Not right though is it, that was my point...
  4. Dredd (2012)

    Yeah, cinema food/drink prices do take the piss... but apparantly thats how they make money. I remember the days when cinema ticket prices were well under £5...
  5. Wii U Price Check

    Yep. there is an old saying... if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  6. Dredd (2012)

    Yeah, the one liners were great. You didn't miss much, I didn't have a choice. There was no ground breaking 3D moments from memory, just different levels of depth, wether I just got used to it or not I don't know but I seem to notice more 3D near the beginning.
  7. Football Season 2012/2013

    Pleased that united got a good result yesterday. Only got to watch the highlights last night but Wigans defence did make it easy for us. Powells stike was ace though, nothing was stopping that going in! Very disappointed in Welbeck, I just don't see the point in diving. There is just no fucking point.
  8. Dredd (2012)

    @Cookyman I couldn't agree more mate, I was surprised about how good it was. More people should watch it and be amazed! Dredds aggression and when he was kicking ass just made me think "Fuck Yeah". I thought the opening scene was excellent as well with his 'negotiating' and his response when control asked him if he needed assistance.
  9. bad stuff thread.

    @Aneres11 How did you not rant all this off to me before when we were having coffee? lol. I suppose I was talking a lot...
  10. Doctor Who

    Yeah I would agree in that there has been good variety in terms of locations this series. Hmm, maybe thats why I haven't been enjoying it as much? Because there isn't a big story arc this time around and this is more individual episodes! I'm probably just being Mr Negative for no real reason...
  11. Doctor Who

    I enjoyed it, although I am not feeling this series as much as the last for some reason. Maybe it's the whole little hints that they are leaving etc.
  12. Gears of War 3

    So dug this back up from page 6... Anyone interested in 4 player co-op for an insane playthrough?
  13. The Inbetweeners

    @flameboy Out of curiosity, what do canadians or any americans you have come across think of the US version? Is it just coz we have seen the original we hate the sight of this or is it just generally regarded as shit? Lol.
  14. Gamestation stores to be re-branded.

    Gamestation have been pretty shit for awhile now though, they used to be 'different' with the retro stuff etc but then that went. I also don't think their prices were as good as they used to be either.
  15. The Fashion / Clothes Thread!

    I spend as little as possible on clothes and buy new stuff as little as possible! :p When I do need stuff, as was the case a few months ago when I needed new trousers/shirt/tie/shoes for an interview due to weight loss @Aneres11 came to my rescue and basically took me round Trafford Centre and picked stuff for me, he made me look gooooood!
  16. Bayonetta 2

    Anyone who hasn't played the first one really needs too, it's fantastic! Probably my favourite game in that genre of gaming. Was not expecting this to become an exclusive to Wii U! Bravo Nintendo... Bravo!
  17. ZombiU

    Gotta say.... looking awesome!
  18. Dredd (2012)

    Watched this before... It was fucking awesome! So much better than I expected. 3D was shit overall though. Decent in parts. (My cinema isn't even showing the 2D one otherwise I would have gone for that)
  19. Nintendo Gamer to Close

    I used to love this magazine I remember the N64 and gamecube days in particular, where I couldn't wait to see a score they gave a game that I was interested in. I remember going town with @Aneres11 just to buy the latest mag. During the Wii days I had been subscribed to them for a long time but I didn't pay as much attention to them as I used to, just flicking through it rather than reading it fully like I used too.
  20. Best Public Webcams

    I just flicked it on then and the same group keep doing that stopping thing like the beatles thing. Then a couple were just waving at the camera and took a photo of the camers! ha.
  21. Banjo Kazooie

    BK is amazing, I have replayed it many times and loved it again when it was released on XBLA (once again 100% it on xbla) For some reason I never played Tooie on the N64.... I bought it when it was released on XBLA but I never completed it... I don't know why, I just got a little bored with it and lost interest. I kept meaning to go back to it but never did. There is still time though!
  22. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Completed this last week. Awesome! Really enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is still the controls and graphics though, I never really got into the whole art style of it and just thought it looked like a blurey mess. And the sword fighting annoyed me a lot!
  23. What Have You Bought?

    Recently I have bought... £7.95 from The Hut £5 from Amazon £30 from Amazon (birthday present for my sis) £6.70 from Amazon.
  24. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I haven't posted in here for ages because.... basically I have nothing to report except me winging. Still got a problem with my lower back, have now seen a sports theropist to help things along. I'm going to start back in the gym again soon but start back at the beginning with low weights etc to ease myself back in. Even if I can still life the heavier stuff.
  25. Football Season 2012/2013

    Was a bit weird today when I got to watch the last 20 minutes of the united match and recognised the Southampton player Danny fox as being in the year or 2 above me at my high school... Was like where the fuck do I know that face from!? Ha