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  1. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    *Resisting urge to read your spoiler tag* @Cube Is the preview shown in all IMAX showings? Or is it only the 3D showings that it's in.
  2. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Just read an article on IGN which have revealed a few spoilers as it were. It confirms an alien race making an appearance in the film well known to Trekkies and confirms who the female character is in the trailer wearing the blue uniform. The villains name was given the same as the spoiler on the previous page but people are still saying it is just a cover name for somebody else, especially with the reveal on who the female is...
  3. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    ^ It's true that no matter what some ppl do they still complain! It has surprised me a bit that it's a new character... as the one that has already been suggested (not Khan, the other one) seemed to fit so well, even down to a female character in this film looking similar to the one that appeared in a TV ep! Doesn't bother me either way tbh, I'm just really looking forward to seeing the film!
  4. Sigh... GAME reveals 'GAME Pad' hotel break...

    Least we now know why they charge more for new releases than other places.
  5. Home renovation / decorating!

    Well I don't know what you were thinking but I was merely stating that I am looking forward to seeing your room... ! :p
  6. Sigh... GAME reveals 'GAME Pad' hotel break...

    There is something wrong with my calender, I thought it was 8th of December but it would appear to be 1st of April! ............... wtf?
  7. Home renovation / decorating!

    Haha, well it took me till today to notice this thread! I can't wait to get the full extent when I sit on your new bed...
  8. Home renovation / decorating!

    I have lost count the amount of room changes you have done over the years I have known you... But every time I am impressed!!! Back off Rez, he's mine!
  9. I'm 'hoping' that this gets amended in some way. IMO companies should put reasonable steps in place to prevent the wrong age group accessing thing (such as the option for parenteral controls which has already been done) but this is too strict coz of the amount of genuine age group gamers it's going to effect. (CoD dlc keeps coming to mind) Enforcement of age ratings etc should be down to the parents taking responsibility and making their own decision.
  10. I don't see why it wouldn't affect dlc unless they change the 'rules' as its all 18+ content. :/
  11. I tested it on mine and the restriction is indeed there. I even set up parental controls but allowed access for everything.... it still doesn't work. It's really silly. So for ppl who own Black Ops 2, you could only download dlc between them times etc (just as an example). Not everyone is awake between them times to download 18+ items.
  12. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    There is an extra scene at the end of the Japanese version of the trailer that trek fans will 'recognise'...
  13. ZombiU

    Just completed it, 11 hours and 48 minutes gameplay time and 36 survivors! :p Apart from me dying loads I really enjoyed this game, my last survivor ended up being my highest score (well technically second to last as I died right near the end) I had about 3 hours playtime with that one and got my score just over 4000 if I remember correctly.
  14. ZombiU

  15. I was in ASDA on sunday and again today and I can't see a Wii U display, granted I didn't look very hard but pretty sure there wasn't one there!
  16. ZombiU

    I think this game is awesome! It is, I think the scariest zombie game I have played. I always feel on edge because I know how easy it is to die etc. That said, it can be frustrating when you keep dieing because you don't have any good items anymore when you are trying to get them back!
  17. ZombiU

    I'm like 6 and ahalf hours in and on my 29th survivor! Yeah i'm well shit, lost some good items along the way as well though dieing twice in a row before I could get my old stuff back.
  18. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I haven't really been trying for ages! My weight hasn't fluctuated much so at least i'm keeping all that weight I lost off! :-)
  19. ZombiU

    @lostmario We must be in similar positions game wise coz I have run into ur dead survivors several times! And on the last occation you killed me...
  20. ZombiU

    I just ran into a dead survivor! @James and Games Thought that was really cool! Sorry but I may have looted stuff from ur bag... Ur Zombie doesn't need them anymore! :p
  21. Just got home.... About to open up the box! My sonic order arrived separably later on after my super early console delivery! Side note never had a delivery like that before 08:00, when I ordered the gears of war 3 epic edition it was something like 16:00 :-(
  22. Wii U Price Check

    No it wasn't mate, I checked late last night.
  23. Wii U Price Check

    Oooooo tempting... But I wont! Haha Indeed!