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  1. Rumble off, power saver off, brightness full and volume mediumish id say. I like having the screen bright so it looks 'nicer'.
  2. An improved battery for the gamepad (internal) definatly interests me. I would happily part with some cash to improve it's battery life. I actually timed the use of my controller last week, it lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes! I mean wtf?
  3. Play.com Shutting Up Shop

    I used to use them mainly back in when I was in High School. I always found the shipping bad but then when I was experiencing much better shipping and better prices (ie ShopTo & Amazon) then I just had no reason to continue using them.
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    I thought you weren't going to give it me back at one point!
  5. Thanks for the birthday message!

  6. Onesies

    I only recently noticed how many ppl are getting these! My sister has one, my girlfriend got one for xmas as did pretty much everyone else in my family! I had been seeing facebook statuses from other ppl talking about onesies while watching a film at home etc but I didn't really realise what they were...
  7. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Tuna is another good option for protein. Off the top of my head I think a tin of tuna has about 25G of protein in it and pretty much no carbs or fat. Also good for a quick meal as it is ready to eat straight out of the tin! Only downside is if you don't like fish and like most good sources of protein. It isn't cheap!
  8. Doctor Who

    Cool. I will message u on fb when I put them up. They wouldn't let u take pictures during the interactive bit at the start but u could in the museum bit after woods! I didn't take pictures of everything and to be honest there is a couple of things I wish I did now! For example there was a display cabinet with different sonic screwdrivers over the years but I only took a picture of the latest one. Something to look forward too if I go there again and it seems like they keep updating it! :-) Oh also they had the clothes worn by oswin In both eps... The red one in particular, well there really isn't much to it! :p lol
  9. Doctor Who

    I'm going to be putting some photos up on facebook that we took while I was there if your interested!
  10. Doctor Who

    Had a great time! Got some 'good' photos, like me pretending to put a key in the TARDIS door & putting my head in the sucker on a dalek! :p The interactive bit was quite good, would have absolutely loved doing something like that as a kid! They had props there from season 7 (so far) and even had the snowmen and the big snow globe (with the snow moving around inside) there from the xmas special! As well as loads of other stuff from previous series and some old pre 'new' Who stuff as well.
  11. Football Season 2012/2013

    He doesn't frequent these forums anymore. If you want you can find him on twitter or facebook to discuss such things.
  12. Star Trek Masturbatathon

    Just finished reading a book called 'Where no-one has gone before' which covers the original series, TNG, DS9 and the very start of Voyager and all about the trouble with getting it going etc. A good interesting read into the thought processes and how stand out it sounded in the 60's. What with multicultural crew and being the first TV program to ever show a interracial kiss etc. Stuff which I never took any notice off as I just seen it as a crew but how big it was then. Another thing I can't believe is that I didn't notice that the 3 old klingons who appeared in DS9 to meet up with Dex to avenge a death where the three same klingons who kirk had 'issues' with in the original series till I read it in the book.
  13. Doctor Who

    Ordered tickets today to go to the 'doctor who experience' in Cardiff on Thursday for my birthday on friday. I'm quite looking forward 2 it!
  14. How was 2012 for you?

    For me 2012... - @flameboy left me for Canada and his fiance - Buggered my back up for several months keeping me out of the gym I hadn't long got into -/+ Still in a long term relationship + Got my Dream Job + Raised money for sick kids again + With above meeting back up with @ReZourceman, @Goafer and @Happenstance + Went to loads of music concerts this year (Rock/Metal) + Experienced my first 3 day music festival in the form of Download + At the above got to meet @Murr ! I think that's everything!
  15. Rayman Legends

    Played the demo for this last week, really looking forward 2 this! Looks better than Origins and more varied gameplay. And I totally agree with Castle Rock, it was really fun to go through!
  16. Wii U eShop Thread

    Think I am going to pick up Nano Assault Neo soon, I watched a trailer for it before and it looked awesome! Really my type of game as it looks like super stardust HD!
  17. Doctor Who

    Indeed! Although I did a google search the other day and it said that GI has appeared twice before in the old series and timeline wise this happened before them as one of the episodes GI attacks the London Underground and in this ep the doctor showed it a map...
  18. Doctor Who

    Such a great episode yesterday! As others have said they got so much of it right. Good humour, love the intro (I haven't even watched the old who's) but I recognised its retro connections visually and through audio through watching old title runs on YouTube in the past. I like the new interior to the TARDIS. Would have loved watching that ep as a kid as it seemed like it would have been really scary, oh and I'm very interested in this mystery story arc regarding the companion and GI.
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Cool, I had to replay most of lego indi 2 a few years ago because of a glitch. I think it was in one of the hub worlds a flame or something similar disappeared , I think when we were playing through we grabbed it and threw it messing around but it never came back like it's supposed to, making it impossible for me to get one of the collectables later on!
  20. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Indeed! I have got Lego lord of the rings & lego batman 2 to get and play through with my gf sometime, although our next 'together' game is New Super Mario Bros U. Once we have played it through it I then go solo for all collectables etc - sometimes that can get a bit frustrating but overall yeah, they are nice simple enjoyable games.
  21. good stuff thread.

    @ReZourceman That is like only the second time I have seen a £50 note. Amazing.
  22. General Movie Thread

    Nicolas Cage is in it? He gets in everything now a days doesn't he? Ha. What was it that he has given you? I couldn't quite make it out. My christmas film is Jingle All the Way! Love that film, watched it again the other day
  23. Wich one?

    I got the ZombiU bundle. It's awesome.
  24. Call of Duty: Black to the Future

    Didn't realise CoD was that con-traversal...
  25. Wich one?

    I would recommend the black one (premium), just because I prefer the black coloured console and it has a bigger memory so is a bit more future proof before you would have to go out and buy more memory. White one (basic) has 8GB whereas black has 32GB. Premium also comes with a sensor bar and some extra stands. But it is really just down to your preference.