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  1. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    Yeah, the suit does look pretty cool on the front cover! 'Digging' the alien look.
  2. Star Trek Into Darkness

    You have destroyed me. How come it wont be in 2D IMAX?
  3. Star Trek Into Darkness

    I have already decided I am going to splash out the cash and go the IMAX in Manchester for this! Pretty psyched!
  4. Football Season 2012/2013

    Not only is it the same in a overhead kick but in loads of matches legs stick there legs up to try and control the ball, imo this was no different. Except another player was nearby which Nani didn't know about. If this is the case then, every time a player raises their leg to control ball they should be red carded.
  5. Bond 23 - SkyFall

    It is! I have watched it twice on blu ray since watching it in the cinema and I still think it's amazing! :p
  6. The Dilution of Gaming - Shooters

    I think this is quite an interesting discussion what Serebii has started. Although I do love many shooters, the ones I play do tend to be quite different. Yeah, I pretty much play the new CoD's every year but the others use shooters as more of a secondary style such as fallout. There is quite a over reliance on shooters now a days though, especially more linear ones, gone are the days of perfect dark where you could actually get lost in a level (not in all of them admittedly). But is a easy common thing to add to a game, think how many films have guns in one way or another. The way I am thinking right now I do not see a major problem in it, I just wish I could see more other types of games - more platformers would be nice!! RARE MAKE A THIRD BANJO platformer (nuts & bolts was awesome but doesn't count in that field!)
  7. Haha, ok. I haven't really got involved much with any discussions on here recently coz I have been so busy!

  8. Tipping in Europe

    I only tip if I think they really deserve it.
  9. Guns in the home

    Yeah, Hillsborough. Idiots, the lot of them involved in that cover up! I just like to keep 'up to date' on these kinds of things. I don't follow him, but I remember the 'outcry' when he initially made anti-gun comments after that school shooting.
  10. Guns in the home

    Sounds like you have seen a lot of negative stuff then! Well I suppose you would do, being a lawyer n all. I'm sure majority following things, just the minority make them all look bad. I can only speak for Cheshire as a matter of fact but when anyone is booked into custody the computers are prompting the sgt to ask for Code G reasons now, if they ent got them then custody wont authorise detention and should have been dealt via other means like voluntary interviews etc. No worries, I mis-read your post. And yeah I agree on the gun issue, certainly for this country anyway. I can't really speak for America because as it has already been stated, it's a different world over there!
  11. Guns in the home

    Well if individual officers are not following PACE then it will need to be dealt with by way of complaints etc and if procedures are not followed then stuff will be dropped. Culture changes are always hard to swallow I think, I know the new Code G under PACE for need to arrest is extremely recent and that will take a while before everyone follows that properly with people having to re-learn. I would say neither is reasonable as offender is leaving the scene and so your self defence is gone, unless they were then to try and affect a citizens arrest then you could possibly deem a frying pan as reasonable force to detain...
  12. Guns in the home

    At the end of the day the police only act upon what the government set out in law etc. I believe current guidance is reasonable defence can be used to defend yourself or your property - if that is clear cut then you wont be arrested. (key word is reasonable) If there is any element of doubt then an arrest may be nessisary for an investigation, who is to say you haven't murdered someone and staged a burglary? By not arresting someone evidence could be covered up. I have seen a few in the media the last year where an arrest was made, investigation was undertaken but then they were realised without charging when it was deemed reasonable force was used, I seem to remember one in Manchester last year where a home owner killed someone and was released without charge. Although when ppl are released they tend not to get as big of a news story.
  13. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Tendon just under bicep. it happened to me twice that I can remember. And then I had to rest it for at least a week coz it hurt to much to do anything with. Maybe I was just swinging wrong! lol. But I used to play loads when I was younger and didn't have a problem.
  14. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Cool! I love squash. Although I am not sure if it is linked or not but last year when I was lifting heavy weights a lot and then played squash later in the week my tendon would always really hurt!! Like it didn't approve of the fast movements!
  15. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Cool! I have watched a youtube channel called 'the hodge twins' who do intermittent fasting and they swear by it. I don't think that is for me though, I feel really nauseous in the gym if I try and do anything high intensity without eating enough! And even if I miss breakfast I don't feel right for the day. I'm gonna switch to Optimum Nutrition and give them a try, I have noticed they do a 'caramel toffee fudge' flavour, might give that one a try coz it sounds quite different to the normal flavours! :p
  16. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Thanks! How many calories do you aim for a day then for ur weight loss? And I take it you go for an all round nutritional diet with carbs etc? I'm really nosy! :p
  17. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Raining! Perfect timing. Ur goals are very similar to mine in the sense of losing weight and so fat burn. How much protein do you aim to take on rest days and gym days? And how did you work out how much protein you should be taking?
  18. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Tar! I meant to write Green tea but missed the word out. whoops!
  19. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Anyone here drink tea? I have heard it boosts metabolism? Can anyone vouch for it's effectiveness? And if so when and how often? Second question! What brands of protein are ppl using? Has anyone tried optimum nutrition? If so, thoughts?
  20. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    Probably about 14 stone for now, maybe high end 13's. I'm saying this but I don't really know what my ideal weight should be!!! I'm more concerned with body fat than actual weight, so if I ended up weighing more but didn't have fat on show and toned I would be happy regardless of weight. Still much better than the days when I was 21.4 stone....
  21. Donkey Kong Country Returns... Returns!

    I want a sequel. I like 2d platformers on handhelds and home consoles really, they fit handhelds well but I will co-op on home consoles.
  22. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    So I don't think I have posted in here in quite a while... I have put some weight back on since the awesome times of around june last year. Around a stone I think. Went to see IT last sunday who has given me a new program to try and follow in the gym for fat burn and muscle toning, trying to alter my eating again to fit. According to his machine I weigh 15 stone 11 (machines always say I weigh more compared to home ones!) with a body fat of 19.3% and Visceral fat level 5. Will see how I go!
  23. Dredd (2012)

    Did anyone get the blu ray copy of this? Overall I gotta say the quality was poor (only watched the 2D blu ray), i'm sure it looked much better in cinema!! Still an awesome film though.
  24. Citizenship test.

    I got 9/10, got the jury service age wrong. I may have took an educated guess at the landmark & admiral ones though....
  25. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    I was instantly excited when I read about this! Can't wait to see this for real in HD and I only played through Wind Waker once so very much looking forward 2 playing this again. I loved playing through OoT on 3DS again even though I had played it loads on N64! The only negative I remember is sometimes all the sailing did feel a bit 'meh'.