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  1. Owen Wilson Suicide Bid

    Did someone finally force him to watch all his films back to back or something?
  2. Name That Game

    There was an Outrunners released in 1992, I assume thats what he meant. It was pretty good.
  3. The truth about Sensible Soccer 2006

    Those screenies took 8 years? Well I guess they are/were trying to keep the retro look. I wonder if you can still score by running inline with either line of the 18 yard line, shooting and bending it. Always worked on the first game.
  4. Spending money

    Get raped on the 27th of each month for rent, which is £303. Right now I have £180 after I just pissed away about £45 on drink in the past week. Oh well, will have to work like a motherbitch in Easter and wait for my next £1075 \o/
  5. Funny console wars video

    Lmao FYAD humour. Plus I realised by the end why so many people disliked it...
  6. University pranks

    So far I think the best has been when Will left his door open and we moved everything out of his room - clothes, laptop, cd, desk, drawers, wardrobe and mattress. Everything that wasn't screwed or fastened to the wall - which is only the bed frame. He went mental. Plus we have a thing with the girls in E whereby we turn up drunk at any time of the night/morning and rob stuff from them. There has of course been the taking labels of cans, sellotaping up of foods etc.
  7. How long do you stay online a day

    I'm loving the fact that I went to Uni and live in a flat, its awesome going out to pubs/clubs with the people in my block we have a right laugh while the beer flows. Only on here now because I came back home for the weekend and am killing time till I go to my gfs.
  8. Roy Keane leaves Man Utd

    I doubt he was on so much. He got blamed for a hike in season ticket prices because he went onto a £52,000 contract and his fine in 2002 of 2 weeks wages wwas £150,000. I don't recall a £100k a week contract. Utd aren't going down, Nistelrooy won't leave, Ronaldo has signed an extension till 2010, and of course Ferguson is going to leave soon. Sure we might not win the Premiership season in season out but we will be contenders for a few seasons yet.
  9. Official Neighbours Topic

    Holy crap yesterday's was awesome. Only 2, maybe 3 people in my flat watch Neighbours but all 5 of us watched it at 1.40 and 5.35. Today's better be as good
  10. Angry! Angry! Angry!

    Having no goddamn food in the house aswell as feeling rough as arseholes. There has to be more but I can't think of much...Overly played up shit films that are on late at night so you have to stay up and watch it and its the biggest pile of crap ever. Well not that bad, but still pretty shoddy. I mean 'The Hitcher' which was on 4 a few nights ago, played up by Bill Bailey. Still, he was good on QI.
  11. Where does your money come from?

    At the moment, the government! Well local council or whatever. Still I'm spending shitloads of it (around £500 in 4 weeks). Must survive till Christmas...
  12. Sony losing support & money?!

    They were pioneers then at least.
  13. PS3 = Better Graphic power = Revolution X360 = Better Graphic power = No revolution That's what I got from that post. Plus, how can a hugely successful online playing console not be changing the way we play games? Microsoft led the charge on that front.
  14. Ronald or Ronaldette McDonald?

    Need to subscribe to see it
  15. Sony losing support & money?!

    Sony invented BluRay technology, so that's one expense they won't need to deal with. Well I'm not a Sony fanboy at any rate. Recently they cut 10,000 jobs and I think it was within the last year their credit rating was cut (from A+ to A). Something's not going right that's for sure