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  1. Post one word a day that sums up how you feel

    Positive (Most of the Replies are bad, cheer up people!!!)
  2. The Soundtrack to your life!

    haha we put the same song in for Regrets guy above me:yay:
  3. The Soundtrack to your life!

    : peace: Thanks to all whove taken part so far. Quite a variety of songs:laughing: lol Btw Shimmin, Coldplay arent all that great. Good not Greet.. Theyre no Joe Satriani:laughing:
  4. The Soundtrack to your life!

    I used to be a big fan of Jimmy eat World, but some of their songs are really depressing:laughing: I didnt like that Clarity Album, except for Blister and Lucky Denver Mint, they were great. I hope their new album is good though... Yeah theyre bringing a new one out sometime this year apparentley: peace:
  5. The Soundtrack to your life!

    Tis a great song:D when have you heard it? I got into Satchy sometime last year and thats gotta be one of my favourite songs by him:wink: its strange, there's no lyircs but the guitar sometimes seems like it can sing: peace: which i think makes him much better than any band, because he's being more creative with a guitar... Steve Vais another great guitarist, but I hvent heard many of his songs... He lost to the Karate Kid in a Guitar Duel:laughing: not really it was all in a movie, crossroads. watch it theyre playing Eugene's Trick Bag:heh:
  6. Old T.V shows

    sooty and sweep! (There used to be a snake called Ramsbottom lmao which i now get) Teenage mutant hero turtles Sanford and Son Sesame Street Sonic the Hedgehog cant remember any others...
  7. The Soundtrack to your life!

    You may or may not have come accross something like this before... But it's still fun, Ill put a list of events that might happe in your life, and you just write what song followed by the band/composer/singer whatever:hehe: that would suit that situation: peace: Opening - Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks Average Day - Razorblade - The Strokes First Date - Drops on Jupiter - Train Falling in Love - Always with me, Always with you - Joe Satriani Love scene - Dreamin of you - The Coral Fight scene - Club Foot - Kasabian Breaking up - This Time - Starsailor Mental Breakdown - The River is Wild - The Killers Deep Thought - Home - Michael Buble Walking in the Rain - Hold on Hope - Guided by Voices Death of a Friend - How to save a life - The Fray Regreting - Dakota - Stereophonics Death scene - The most Beautiful things - Jimmy Eat World Ending Credits - Dreams - Van Halen
  8. Pictures Of Daniel Timothy's Big Fancy Dress Birthday Bash!

    Dan its me::shrug: what happend to us goin to town eh? =P
  9. Pictures Of Daniel Timothy's Big Fancy Dress Birthday Bash!

    Shimmins the Fat Pirate:grin: haha om shim! youre a legend!
  10. When we are dead.

    i dont think there's a flaw really... It's just a theory anyway, there's no strong evidence.. Same for God I suppose, Except all the prophecies coming true which is weird if some random guy wrote it... I dont like the idea of us being some accident, then all we've got to look forward to is death (yay..) there's a point to life . It'll be quicker for us to find out if God exists than to find out if evoulution is real.. Coz we'd die and go to 'Heaven' (It's not true we've got a ressurection to look forward to:p read the bible..)
  11. When we are dead.

    Yes that was the joke, glad you picked up on it=D
  12. When we are dead.

    No one said Death is a dead end, but its still a sad experience to die, I mean im not an expert on it but others have told me it sucks...:S
  13. Time for Reflection

    hmmm i sit in my room with some meaningful music on and just stare away:grin:
  14. Pictures Of Daniel Timothy's Big Fancy Dress Birthday Bash!

    Adele looks scary:blank: (guess which one she is:indeed: )
  15. Pictures Of Daniel Timothy's Big Fancy Dress Birthday Bash!

    Haha it sucks that i didnt go.. But you alK would have learnt batmans true identity:blank:... Either that or you woudve saw me in a kirby costume:yay: DO THE HUSTLE!!! for some reason...