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  1. Blast Works

    I did have a look through the forum but couldn't find any thread posted about the game (correct me if i'm wrong). This is a game that caught my attention a while ago, and i've never seen a thread about it here. With IGN's recent update on the game, i thought i'd post a thread for throughts and reflections here. Typically, ign's site seems to be down, so i can't link the article. Blast Works is a side scrolling shoot em up with a lego appearance style, one shot destroys your ship, so players have to salvage parts from destroyed enemies to shield themselves from enemy fire. The most appealing feature in the game is the ability to build your own ships, enemies, weapons and levels. The basic style means your pretty much unlimited in what you want to build. Infact, the tool used to build things is the same tool the developers have used. I'm not yet allowed to post videos, so i'm going to have to plead with other users to post some of the youtube videos. So for the time being, use your imagination . Another important thing the recent IGN article mentions, is the developer is constructing a website players can upload ships, weapons, shapes and levels for anyone to download. You simply enter your friend code to the website, and anything you want to download is sent directly to your wii. I personally think this game looks awesome, and its right up there on my list of must haves.
  2. You make some very good points. The 360 gets flooded with FPS's because it sells, there’s not much proof that FPS can sell in big numbers on the Wii. At the same time, there is this void of original FPS. Red Steel, the first original FPS sold over 1 million copies, certainly helped by the fact that it was a launch title. But since then no original FPS? Surely someone must be making an original FPS beyond Red Steel 2. The very fact that there’s a lack of original FPS in the wake of million seller Red Steel, indicates a potential thirst. Granted i believe Heroes 2 (though underfunded) needs the commercial success to match the critical success.
  3. No More Heroes

    I received the same email, his reply to you suggests they still havent ruled the possibility of the US version being released. Maybe hes feeling the pressure and is just trying to appease you for the time being. This is the email i sent back to him: Perhaps you could forward my appeal to Suda and Yasuhiro. I personally don't feel censoring out the blood while broaden the games appeal in Europe. While there is a large and growing installed user base of Wii owners in Europe, the audience has yet to be understood. The typical user who buys Brain academy, smarty pants and numerous party titles isn't going to buy No More Heroes. Its clear distinctive style will only appeal to hardcore gamers, gamers who follow gaming news. After the situation with Manhunt 2 (which now looks likely to be resolved with a release in the UK), a situation where NMH is censored is only going to aggravate that crowd. With the news only having got out in a matter of days that NMH will be released censored, there has already been a reaction, which I’m sure you've seen. My opinion is (yes this is only my opinion but I am your target audience), censoring No More Heroes will do nothing but damage its success in Europe. The game could include the option to switch between blood and no blood, with parental look. If you could take my opinion into account (along with my previous email), and let my feelings and those of other gamers be known to Suda and Yasuhiro and whoever else is involved in deciding which version to release in Europe, I would be most grateful. Thanks for listening, Your Violent Aesthetic admiring Chris.
  4. I really would like to see a FPS built from the ground up for the Wii, not PSP or PS2 port with a couple of extra shimmers added here and there. A FPS conceptualised around the Wii itself. Red Steel was interesting, and I enjoyed it, but it was rushed to launch and suffered flaws. Heroes 2 actually looks to use the Wii quite well controls wise, and I am interested in purchasing it (32 online, fantastic for first online FPS). But why must we rely on ports, even the mentioned game above got moved from PS2. I would like to see more than Red Steel 2 built from the beginning for Wii. I want to see some outside the box thinking, and I think Wii can encourage this.
  5. Wii Chess

    Chess should be kept to a wooden chess board and pieces, this is nothing more than fodder. Put it whatever options and extras you want, its all just gimmicks when you come down to it. If its included as part of a bigger game, fine, nice little addition. But as a stand alone videogame, I personally don’t see the point.
  6. Baroque

    Agreed. The trailer looks pretty, purely because of the anime sequences, but that says nothing about the game. I do want to see some RPG's. On the bright side, Atlus has a pretty good handling of the Wii.
  7. Spielberg's Boom Blox

    At first I was a little disappointed to hear the game Spielberg was making for Wii was going to be a puzzle game (though I am sceptical of movie directors making videogames). But this looks fantastic fun, I haven’t had a good puzzle game to play in years. Come to think of it, the last puzzle game I had was Wetrix on the N64, great game. So I’m all for this. I’d rather see original puzzle games, than the amount of party game crap we’re seeing.
  8. No More Heroes

    For those who haven't read this in the Manhunt 2 thread , the Video Appeals Committee has overturned the BBFC ruling to ban Manhunt 2. If the BBFC don't appeal this, it could have an effect on Rising stars decision on which version of NMH to release in Europe. With enough pressure from consumers, they may seriously reconsider.
  9. No More Heroes

    Thanks for the praise Lazyboy. I do encourge everyone who is interested in this game to let their feelings be known. With over two months until its release, there's still plenty of time for the game to be changed.
  10. No More Heroes

    Thanks for reading my post, I thought it was going to get swept by. Well, the definition of Art itself is loose a term, and quite subjective. Historically it’s normally been Elites declaring what is and isn't Art, but today in the age of the consumer. Art is much more open to public opinion. Don't forget, Film wasn't accepted as an Art form for decades. While there are still debates as to what films are art and what films aren’t, ideas of Art have had to broaden to include Film. I personally see this happening with Videogames eventually. Not all Videogames, and they may face an uphill battle (like the film industry). Killer 7 and No More Heroes (though I have not played NMH, based on what I know and have seen of the game) stand out. Not everyone may agree with me, and interestingly, probably not all of the industry, because it doesn’t represent the aesthetic and idea of a videogame people want to impose upon on industry.
  11. No More Heroes

    I find this extremely frustrating, and normally i wouldn't bother emailing anyone about it. But i feel passionately about this game, to the point of emailing them (and Grasshopper). Even to the point of posting on here for the first time. For those that are interested in what i have to say about No More Heroes being published in Europe without the Gore, this is what i had to say: Dear Richard, This isn't something I would usually do, I’m very sceptical about consumers trying to influence the decisions made by companies. Money is the only thing that influences decisions. But it seems something I’m very passionate about will not be published in the form I was expecting it to be. I am referring to the Nintendo Wii game you will be publishing in Europe next February called no more heroes. A game I have been following for some time now. I’ve recently heard its being published with the blood and gore removed, like the Japanese version rather than the US version. Having played through Killer 7, I have a feel for the aesthetic style the developers employed, part of that aesthetic was the depiction of violence and excessive use of blood. Killer 7 was controversial for a number of reasons, but the most interesting was the reaction from the video game industry. Members of the industry were split on the games noir minimalist art style. I found the game to introduce an art aesthetic to depictions of violence in videogames as a whole. Rather than trying to contend with countless other developers trying to achieve a level of realism, Grasshopper went for a unique idiosyncratic style, truly standing out amongst the crowds. No more heroes continues this trend, but its relevance could be lost if the violence is censored. This may not be as much of an issue in Japan, whose videogame preferences clearly vary to our own. RPG’s and other popular genres in Japan don’t depend on realistic depictions of violence. But in Europe (perhaps excluding Germany) huge popularity of FPS and sandbox game (ala GTA), the violent aesthetic of videogames has become a sensibility amongst seasoned gamers. A game that questions that aesthetic, and who delivers its satisfaction through exaggerated anime perhaps even Avant-Garde style. Has the opportunity to bring into question the 'norms' of the industry, by standout amongst the crowd as 'ART'. I'm unsure as to the reasoning behind this decision, but there is a definite ignorance to the potential impact this game could make. Perhaps the censor’s reaction to manhunt, and the obvious comparisons to rockstar. Perhaps the assumed family demographic of the Wii audience. But this game stretches beyond that. It’s a game that has gamers talking, and people who otherwise wouldn't hold an interest in the Wii are turning heads. Not only because it’s an 'Adult' game appearing on the Wii, because it questions the violent aesthetic of Videogames. You have the opportunity to standout, please don’t waste it, because I want to enjoy it. If you have little influence whether to publish No More Heroes in Europe as the Japanese or US version, please forward this email to who might, or let me know who to contact. Thank you for listening, Chris.
  12. European Wii Preorders

    I have a slight problem, i pre-ordered my wii at currys, perhaps not the best place, but seeing as the chain had taken very few pre-orders i thought i would be ok. But i've found out my store is only getting 3 Wii's, and not even until next week. Granted i live on the isle of wight, but i've not had a problem in the past, and it is a big store. I know i'm either third or forth on the list, so i'm either getting one next week, or could be waiting sometime . Does anyone know of any stores/chains that haven't taken pre-orders, so i can at least try getting one early tomorrow morning. Oh, i'm new, been visiting cube/revo/n-europe for a while, but only just joined the forums.