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  1. Diddy Kong Racing Wii U (Wanted)

    I used to rent this pretty much every week from my local Blockbuster Video back in the day, i dont know how it would stand up now but at the time i really enjoyed it.
  2. Wish they would come to Edinburgh, Distant Worlds came here last year and it was an instant sell out, im sure the same would happen for a Zelda concert. Dont know if i can afford to get to London, stay over and get tickets T-T
  3. I seem to remember during the late 90s, Nintendo bringing out their own cell phones in Japan, would have been pretty basic units but im willing to be a Nintendo branded phone (could be partnered with Asus or Samsung) would sell like hot cakes if they made some VC games available on a customised Android based system. I want no part of this Apple "Utopia" everyone keeps going on about, Android would be a much better fit for Nintendo as it was for Amazon and Google.
  4. Assassin's Creed III

    I just finally started playing for real the other night, a friend gave away the massive spoiler about the guy you start as so its going to lose some of its effect on me now lol. Ive been playing it in stereoscopic 3D and it really adds to the game, when the storm hits the ship in the first bit of the game and the waves are crashing around as you climb the mast i genuinely had my heart thumping away as i progressed. A lot of the 3D is fairly subtle, things like the depth of field in the Aniums as its loads sequences is fun to watch but it does sting your eyes a bit each time it does that white flash between loads. Ive heard a lot of negative things about it but im still having a lot of fun, that said ive only just landed in the Americas so anything could happen between now and the end...
  5. I cant see any of the images on my work pc but im assuming the 360 controller has the thumbsticks in the "correct" positions? I found whilst playing shooters and such on the PC with a wired 360 pad that having one stick at the top left and one at the bottom right was way more comfortable for long gameplay sessions, i did a 12 hour session on Sleeping dogs during the holidays and i felt comfortable the whole time. Despite that its the higher capacity battery im more interested in, i have two cats so the minute you have a cable dangling from the power outlet you immediatly have two sets of eyes trying to work out how they can bite through it. Another couple of hours charge would go a long way.
  6. Lovign the game right now, it meshes just the right amount of other game ideas into a simple yet addictive platformer. It also looks fantastic due the HD upgrade, the music also totally suits the visuals and gameplay style.
  7. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

    I love pretty much everything about the Walking Dead, the adventure game by Telltale was my favourite game of the year but this just looks plain bad. Its hard to predict how a game will come out, sometimes you get a real suprise (just look at sleeping dogs) but they seem to be just reskinning a generic shooter with a walking dead skin. The comics, the tv show and the other game all work around the premise that attacking the zombies straight on or using a gun is a fairly bad idea, playing a shooter based in that universe just seems totally against the spirit of the whole thing. Not to mention that our playable characters are a couple of racist brothers from the South, sure Daryl redeems himself but are we going to have to listen to Meral swearing and shouting racist slurs at asian zombies? I just dont understand who this game is being made for...
  8. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    To be fair ive been playing Tekken since the original game came out in arcades and i still get my ass kicked online. Im the best player out of all my friends but the level of play online is way beyond what i can do.
  9. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    Great review! It pretty much nailed everything i think about the game, its just so much fun even if it does get super hard ^_^
  10. Trine 2: Directors Cut (eShop)

    Yeah it took a complete age to download for me too, i wasnt sure if the game was just big or if my net connection was letting me down at the time. Seems a few others had slow downloads too though.
  11. ZombiU locking up?

    Just wanted to see if i was the only one experiancing this or if there are others... The other night i was playing ZombiU and my internet connection dropped as it likes to do randomly and the game completely locked up, couldnt turn my WiiU off and the game literally froze mid battle so had to unplug it at the wall and left it at that. Tonight, ive played a bit of Tekken, a bit of Mario and then decide ill replay the bit i did last night and lost the progress on. Was playing for an hour or so, my internet connection dropped and the same thing happend again, game froze up, the WiiU wouldnt respond and i had to unplug it at the wall. Has this happend to anyone else out there? Is it a coincidence that my WiiU locked up when the network dropped in that exact game or is this something that needs a patch to fix?
  12. Trine 2: Directors Cut (eShop)

    I saw that the sale was ending soon and picked it up along with Mighty Switch Force, ive got to say, its a lot of fun! The game is perfectly fine in single player and looks great visually! You can play the game on the pad screen as you would expect and the controls are perfect. I personally dont use the touch screen controls but my girlfriend does when she played it. I havent played it online and i havent played enough of it to really review it as such but for the price its a great game. I can see why some would think it plays like Lost Vikings but its a lot more physics based and way more fast paced. There is also a great sense of humour in the game, some of the dialogue had me thinking of Discworld and it certainly dosent take itself too seriously. It is my impression that you can play it in small bursts but i havent tested that. I personally feel that other players get in the way a bit, i play it on my own and i havent found myself being punished for doing so. Each of the characters are totally unique and using them all is required to get through each stage, one character can not do it on their own. Yep, its a platformer with puzzle elements.
  13. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    My girlfriend had to go through the process 3 times yesterday to register her 3DSXL, kept getting an error message. Looks like if you stick with it then it does go through eventually.
  14. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    You are not going to be pleased then, its not either of them...although i could see Sega releasing Billy at Easter
  15. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    I actually own the 360 and WiiU editions and i honestly didnt notice any issues with the game and usually im pretty nitpicky about things in my fighting games. Ive played it mostly in local multiplayer and in single player and i couldnt have told you the difference between the two versions without watching that video. Obviously offscreen play is a huge plus for the title and considering its a launch port, im really impressed.
  16. Mass Effect 3

    This should be treated as a rumour only, but apparently Amazon Germany briefly had a pre-order up for a WiiU edition of Mass Effect trilogy, its gone now and it might have just been a misprint...but ill put my money where my mouth is right now. If that game does show up for pre-order with or without WiiU enhancements ill buy it, gives me an excuse to play through the whole thing from start to finish again.
  17. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    My headset just arrived so now i have to be patient until the 25th so i can get the game, hope folks are still playing at that point ^_^
  18. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    That might actually be it, ive never played in local multiplayer so it might be the source of all the frame rate issues. Playing in singleplayer dosent seem to have any issues.
  19. ZombiU locking up?

    Well...ive offically given up on playing ZombiU, its still the only game that freezes on me, Ubisoft dont have any answers and Nintendo dont seem to even know there is a problem. Its a shame because i really love the game, but the prospect of playing for an hour and losing all that progress when it inevitably locks up on me just makes it not worth my while. *edit* - Ah who am i trying to kid? Ill be playing this tonight no doubt, its just too good...
  20. Aw nice! Hopefully they will start releasing a bunch of these, i love the Capcom arcade stuff, maybe this will finally mean a release of the Streetfighter, Darkstalkers and Megaman anthologies that every other console (in japan at least) has gotten.
  21. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    Agreed, the difficulty in world tour totally spikes randomly and then drops again, ive spent nearly 2 hours on one race and finally beat it only to find the following races super easy. I dont know if there is an easy answer for this, it seems as you unlock racers they take over the positions of the slower characters so maybe if you dont unlock anyone until the end it would make world tour easier? Sonic R actually had that problem, if you unlocked the higher tear characters too quickly it was way harder to finish the game.
  22. Darksiders II

    Thats a really good price for the game and all that dlc! Now...if they would just confirm that the other dlc is coming id gladly pick it up again.
  23. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    I havent noticed any of those things but ill keep an eye out for them, could be i just didnt notice. Ill post any findings on here tonight.
  24. Im a bit of a convert, i felt exactly the same, really hated it for a good week or so but forced myself to keep playing because everyone i know told me that you dont know if you really like it until youve played it for at least two weeks. After that i really did start enjoying it, i think if they changed the controls and made it easier it just wouldnt be dark souls anymore, its not for everyone but i its worth giving it a try to see.
  25. Lego Lord of the Rings

    I found the Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Lego Batman games to be a lot of fun, i didnt really enjoy Harry Potter though and looking at Lord of the Rings i get the same vibe from that game. Some properties seem to be a better fit for the lego universe, i could totally see a lego x men or lego star trek working but for some reason fantasty stuff dosent seem to work as well.