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  1. Resident Evil Revelations Wii U

    No Umbrella watch, no deal, yeah i know Umbrella is no longer a thing but i like the logo.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    MECHS!!! I was already excited when i saw how gorgeous the game looked but Giant Robots make everything better, i jumped out of my seat when i saw that part much to the annoyance of everyone in the room at the time. I now need to work on finishing the previous game lol
  3. Resident Evil Revelations Wii U

    I was planning to get this on 3DS at some point but ill just pick up the WiiU edition instead, i have to imagine after the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4 there is some pressure on them adding motion controls, they have to at least have a template to work with from that game. I hope they add in stereoscopic 3d too, so far the only WiiU game to have it is ACIII, would love to see it in this game too.
  4. The Openess of Nintendo

    I really enjoyed the openess and Iwatas usual humble way of presenting, it does make the videoes he makes take on a more personal tone and i just couldnt see Microsoft or Sony pull something like that off. I do like when Nintendo keeps some games hidden and revelase them suddenly at random events but i do think its important for them to present a broad selection of games to customers to keep them excited and to entice new fans in. Regardless of this being forced or not, we had a lot of great announcements, most of them expected but still great to hear them confirmed. The only thing that still irks me about Nintendo is that they dont have a universal games store, i would like to be able to buy the SNES version of Super mario world and be able to play that one title accross both 3DS and WiiU, even if it was a quid or two more expensive to have a universal version of the game. We need a universal platform and it would be nice though not essential to have some sort of cloud saving or save transfer between them, if Nintendo announce that id be overjoyed. As it stands i have plenty of games from launch to play, i have lots to look forward to going forward and the prospect of a new Zelda and Mario game is enough to tide me through. Ill be very excited to see what E3 brings because lets face it, with the other two releasing new consoles this has to be a killer press event for them.
  5. Im really excited at the prospect of a brand new Zelda game, i hope they keep motion controls in as these where a great addition to the series and if they refined the control on WiiU that would be fantastic. Of course my favourite Zelda game of all time is Zelda 3, it seemed to be the biggest, fullest adventure Link ever went on and the world was full of interesting characters, if they can somehow bring that grand scale over to the WiiU with the motion controls intact we could have the best game ever made. Lets not forget too that apart from the main story beats, a lot of the content in Zelda 3 could be completed in any order or missed out completely.
  6. I can see some sort of Pokemon and Animal crossing cards coming out, possibly available through the stars catalogue. What would i like to see it being used for though? Bring out a mech game (Gundam/Armored core) and allow you to get exclusive parts using the cards. Or they could do what they did with F Zero GX in Japan and give you a card that you can scan with NFC to update your personal stats and then take that card to an arcade or another WiiU...
  7. Assassin's Creed III

    Looks like Ubisoft finally released some dlc for the game too! Hope this means that Nintendo have worked out the kinks in their online so that all developers can distribute dlc to the WiiU versions of games at the same time as the 360 and PS3 versions.
  8. Wii U Setup Guide

    Just a quick tip too, when you launch Nintendoland and get the update thing pop up tell it no, it will then go download in the background instead and allow you to play the game straight away. Its not explained anywhere that you can do that but if did it so far for ZombiU, Mario bros, Sonic and Sega all stars and Black Ops 2. You wont be able to play online until the patch for each game has gone through but it does let you have a go on single player whilst you wait.
  9. I guess it will happen to us all one day, i dread the day when someone asks me if bought the new <insert device here> and i have no idea what they mean. My Dad used to be fairly tech savy and hes started doing that now, im hoping because i work in IT it will take longer. I guess thats a fair point, if people are genuinely being mislead reagardless of my feelings on it they are entitled to as much information as they require. I guess this sort of thing isnt really aimed at us anyway, we have usually been drooling over the specs and features months before the machines launch lol.
  10. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    being able to use the same save between both games is a huge draw for me, ill now be able to play on the move, at work and at home, make no mistake, this is huge! A note to newcomers, this is the kind of game that you will need to play for at least 2 hours before you know if you like it or not. Everything is deliberatly paced to make it a risk and reward combat system, learning to block and dodge successfully is just as important as learning the monsters attack patterns. You do have good company in the NE forum though so you shouldnt find yourself ever needing to fight on your own unless you want to.
  11. They are probably hoping that even though they put the disclaimer in that you wont notice. I just think this who ASA thing is going way too far, in a world where you can pull up literally any bit of information on anything using a mobile phone browser i dont understand why people are still getting confused. Am i just giving the general public too much credit?
  12. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    ah okay, Castlevania and MGS Rising but the others that i want (Tomb Raider, Bioshock, Splinter Cell, Deadspace, dmc and Darksouls 2) are all PC bound too so ill just get them via Steam. I really hoped they would have announced Castlevania for the WiiU but it wasnt to be...for that matter i thought MGS would be ported too with it being made by Platinum but my hopes are dashed
  13. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Im with you, im slowly letting my 360 and PS3 die in the corner whilst i buy the multiplatfrom games for WiiU. To be honest beyond Ni no Kuni and Gears Judgement there is nothing left for me on those machines, lots of good WiiU games coming though..
  14. Need For Speed Most Wanted U

    Is this really happening? This is great news, i loved the previous Need for Speed and Burnout before that, now i get to play this on my tablet controller too ^_^
  15. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Voicechat...Keyboards...transfarring (not a typo, my fav made up word) to the 3DS! This game has everything! I wonder if i should book the week off work...
  16. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    I know a couple of reviewers and they end up doing one of two things, either they review it before the game lauches and only get to play it against a handfull of other reviewers online but meet the games release...or they wait until the game is out, review it properly with everyone on playing and the review goes out too late to be of any use. Im sure there are also some dishonest ones that take backhanders but i dont associate with them.
  17. Fist of the North Star 2 (eShop - Feb 7th)

    Digital only? Thats annoying, really wanted this one in my physical collection... Ah well, ill buy it regardless, huge fan of the series, it does mean i have to download it at a stupid time at night (thanks Germany) as it wont be available during the day.
  18. aw bloody hell, seriously? I cant believe how petty that is, i remember an ad got taken off the air because it had a car surfing and when it came back it had in huge letters (car does not actually float), i was baffled that anyone could be so thick. Clearly we live in a country of idiots that need protecting from the big bad advertisers ^_^
  19. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Ill take it! usb keyboard chat is definetly a good step forward, especailly when its late and my girlfriend is sleeping ^_^
  20. Disney Infinity

    Didnt they already try something like this with the ecard reader in the US for the GBA? I was sure they had some pokemon cards you could scan into one of the games.
  21. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    The game is indeed coming to WiiU but where as the Xbox and PS3 get nice special editions with tin boxes and statues of Batman, the WiiU only gets the standard edition. The games website and Warner Bros both have the WiiU listed as well as showing off the box art.
  22. Perfect Dark Wii U (Wanted)

    Rare dont make games so much anymore, they seem to be totally focused on the Xbox Live avatars (they program everything and create the assets for new items/clothing) and games like Joyride. They had their studio pretty much cleaned out last year leaving no one of any significance there, all the people that made the Banjo Kazooies nuts and bolts and the Kameo and Perfect dark games are long gone. As for the IP, i doubt Microsoft are going to sell it to Nintendo, they just announced a new Killer Instinct title a few months ago so if anything id expect to see more X Box Live arcade releases of Rares other titles. Id rather see Retro make something new, a spiritual sequel to PD or failing that, a WiiU follow up to the DS game Metroid Prime Hunters.
  23. A new Gunstar Heroes in this style would blow my mind, they already did it on GBA, maybe Nintendo can do a deal, get that and Guardian Heroes rebooted
  24. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Why does it seem so far away? The guys at 8-4 play have been playing this for months (they are based in Japan) and they keep talking about it, i want in T-T Does anyone know if the Inu Yasha weapons are still in the game? I know we probably wont get them but you never know...
  25. Got home so i can finally see the video, as i said before im all over that internal battery, if the tests show that it really lasts 3 times longer im getting it! The classic controller....i like where the sticks and buttons are but it does look kinda jankey, ill wait for reviews on that one for definite, but to be fair, the one i got with the ZombiU pack is doing fine now that my fingers are used to the button layout.