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  1. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Ah cool, im hoping if its recongised as an input method that we can customise it, id be happy with camera movement but hopefully we can customise it a bit.
  2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Is that definetly true as Monster Hunter 3G supported the stick attachment, its troublesome moving the camera using the trigger, i was all set to buy the stick specifically for the game but if it isnt comptabile there is no point. Looks like it just the demo the stick dosent work for, Joystiq did a feature in November saying that the stick is compatible so ill do a search when i get home tonight to confirm. I really dont want to play without the stick (though id obviously do it if i had to).
  3. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS)

    The game looks great in 3d, the level of depth is great for making it easy to identify monsters running around the plains. Really hope the thumbstick attachment works as im sure the demo said it didnt support it...i dont really fancy using the shoulder button to switch the view constantly.
  4. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    As am i, i should be paying back credit cards and loans but instead ive orderd both the WiiU and 3DS version of the game so i can use Transfarring and keep playing the same character wherever i go. I also need to buy a thumb stick for the 3ds...
  5. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    So whilst watching the Playstation thing last night on an HD stream i got to see some WatchDogs running on the machine and honestly, my current PC can do those graphics and its nearly 5 years old, dosent look that much better than Sleeping Dogs. Also noticed it had an inconsistant frame rate and some screen tearing which is likely a sign that the newer consoles are going to have the usual launch day port problems. The good news is that since Xbox360, PS3 and WiiU are all running on current hardware, those versions of the game should run much smoother and wont have to sacrifice too much in the way of shiney effects since its running on a modified Anvil engine. Id fully expect the WiiU to have some touch screen mini game-esq stuff to keep things interesting which may or may not make it into the PS4 game with its copycat Vita screen thing. The game itself looks like a modern day version of Assassins Creed and that is no bad thing, if they make good on the premise it could be one of the best games to launch this year.
  6. Rayman Legends

    For me its too little to late, i know its the publisher and not the developer that made the decison but i feel something has to happen to let them know that this is not on. I know im only one person in a sea of people who are indifferent or dont care but if i just accept it and buy into the BS we are being fed then im part of the problem. I mean really? An exclusive demo? That pretty much cemented it for me, i was still considering buying it but that is the final insult.
  7. The 90′s Arcade Racer

    Nice! So its basically Daytona USA, Scud Race and Virtua Racing all in one game? Sign me up for that, id much rather play those than Grand Turismo or Forza any day!
  8. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    I did the exact same thing, ill play it on WiiU all day monday and friday and when my girlfriend gets home ill swith to the 3DS game. I cant loose ^_^
  9. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

    lol, good point, it will arrive on PS3 and Vita with additional dead or alive females as playable characters ^_^ Did i not hear that Nintendo helped Team Ninja fix their train wreck of a game into something decent? If thats true, isnt it a little unerhanded for them to then release the code on another machine after they where shown such good will?
  10. Me too, i have load of others to finish up but i keep looking at videos of this one and sighing lol, ive got it bad for Monster Hunter.
  11. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    I wonder if Patrice Désilets will be back on board now that Ubisoft have swallowed up the bit of THQ that he was working for, feels like Revelations and AC3 went a bit off track story wise, maybe he will oversee the next one....
  12. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    I wonder if Patrice Désilets will be back on board now that Ubisoft have swallowed up the bit of THQ that he was working for, feels like Revelations and AC3 went a bit off track story wise, maybe he will oversee the next one....
  13. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

    I wonder if Patrice Désilets will be back on board now that Ubisoft have swallowed up the bit of THQ that he was working for, feels like Revelations and AC3 went a bit off track story wise, maybe he will oversee the next one....
  14. Rayman Legends

    Im with the majority in that, i dont care that its not exclusive but delaying it presumeably so they can work on the 360 and PS3 versions is really poor, especially since at that point it will have been a dely of just under a year! I wanted to buy this at launch, i was willing to buy it this month but now, ill probably be buying other games or saving for my second console whenever i decide which one im buying. How long do you reckon before we see a ZombiU port now?
  15. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Right, this game better not get delayed cause ive just taken a long weekend off to play it lol.
  16. Gameplay Vs Convenience

    Ive got to be honest, i love the off tv play as the WiiU is in the living room and without it i wouldnt be able to play the WiiU until late at night which would be fine but thats usually my mmo time. There are games i insist on playing on the TV though, Assassins Creed III for example uses 3d which i am enjoying though it does render the controller screen fairly redudant, i would love to see more utilisation of the controller screen but then id be playing the games less so throws up a bit of a dilema for me.
  17. Scribblenauts Unlimited

    I was going to wait on the WiiU edition but its now taken far too long so buying it off Steam. The Germans better not be butchering our games again, anyone who remembers Castlevania on the NES and SNES will know what im talking about...heck or even Contra for that matter.
  18. Its a good point, the Vita and PSP both suffered from getting console style games or ports of exisitng games and they both died prematurely because of it. I think its a good idea to have the same basic scalable architecture but i dont want to see the same resident evil (for example) on both machines, rather id like to see two seperate games that slot into each other and reward the user for playing both. Dont get me wrong, there is a definite case for having Streetfighter or Monsterhunter work the same way accross both platforms, but does anyone really want to play Final Fantasy or Persona on a handheld instead of a big screen?
  19. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    I know he said it before and then did two more games (DCUO and Arkham City) but Mark Hamill is pretty much done being the Joker. Its a pity because i have never come accross anyone who could do it quite as well as him, even John Di Maggio couldnt match him and hes usually pretty good.
  20. New Sonic (Rumour)

    Sorry dude, Sonic Unleashed was called Sonic Adventure 3 in Japan so its unlikely you will see a third entry in the west. I dare say we will see a new 3d Sonic at some point but the "adventure" name has likely been shelved. edit - gah! ignore the above, looks like they relabled it world adventure prior to release
  21. What HD remakes do you want on Wii U?

    @Murr - I love your avatar! ^_^ Uh, as much as i keep buying remakes/remasters for some reason (devil may cry and metal gear collection just arrived) i would honestly much rather have a new entry in the series. I dont think there is a Nintendo game made that i wouldnt buy a remake of and Monster Hunter Ultimate is kind of that too, but other than that i cant think of anything off the top of my head. Actually thats a lie, remake Mass Effect 1 and 2 for WiiU so i can play the whole thing on my favourite console, i have them all on 360 but thats not where i play games anymore.
  22. A Few Questions :)

    Pretty much what dazzybee said, if you can hold off until June/July you will see a lot of the current VC games ported accross, if you have a title you just cant wait for though buy it by all means but if you want to play on the WiiU gamepad later on you will need to pay one or two pounds to upgrade it. Although, there is nothing to say you have to move your VC games accross, there are plenty of games for me (Donkey Kong Country for instance) that are no longer available so i will always have to play those game using the Wii front end.
  23. My list is: My collection: Sold/Traded: N/A - I dont trade or sell games, i try not to buy bad ones Discs: Assassins Creed III Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 New Super Mario Bros U Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition ZombiU eShop: Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Trine 2 Zen Pinball 2 VC: Balloon Fight To buy list: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Bayonetta 2 Pikmin 3 Aliens: Colonial Marines LEGO City: Undercover Injustice: Gods Amoung Us Need for Speed Most Wanted Rayman Legends Scribblenauts Unlimited Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge Resident Evil Revelations The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD
  24. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    You have to pick and choose your lego games, i liked the Star Wars ones but stayed away from Indiana Jones, picked up Batman but missed Harry Potter. I havent played anything since the last Batman one and being a fan of superheroes ill likely pick this up, if nothing else my girlfriend enjoys the lego games so its one of the few things i can get her to play with me.
  25. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    I pre-orderd from shopto, Game are a bit ropey at getting things to you on time and their customer service is poor when they inevitably mess up and order. Shopto on the other hand usually deliver things up to two days early, have a reward scheme that is actually really good! For instance, i bought around 12 games last year and due to built up points i got Sonic and all stars racing for less than a fiver, was well impressed.