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  1. Definetly agree with the others, fighting the monsters is only a small part of the game, gathering resources, harvesting bones and scales from defeated creatures to build new gear, thats what the game is really all about. You can really see your progress as you become stronger and more resilant to monsters that used to be so hard to fight, that to me is what makes the game worth playing.
  2. DuckTales Remastered (eShop)

    I loved this game as a kid and doubled up with Dungeons and Dragons...literally over the moon! Glad to see some of this stuff finally coming to WiiU, how about some of those 2d fighters next? ^_^
  3. I feel like such a novice lol, even after having played a good bit of the Wii version i had no idea you could upgrade the starter weapons to such a degree! My mind has just been blown lol
  4. I wound up in bed sick last night with food poisoning (damn you Morrisons and your "fresh" Pizza!) so im still at the very start of the game. People have already gotten so far, good to see everyone on the friends list playing too ^_^
  5. My gran has been taken to hospital so taking the hunt with me for the bus trips, it amazes me more games dont have a similar feature, up until now only Kojima had tried it and movie streaming sites like netflix. This is definetly the future of gaming, maybe not in this exact way but i can totally see this being a standard feature in the future.
  6. Thats the transfer tool available on the estore now, downloading as i write this, let the transfarring begin ^_^
  7. April?!? aw pants T-T At least the transfer thing should be up soon lol, now that my gf has gone to bed the Tv is all mine ^_^
  8. I cant get off screen play to work, is this something thats being patched in tomorrow? Girlfriend is watching some horrible surgery show and the 3ds transfarring tool isnt available yet...
  9. Ah screw it, im just going to have a quick shot and hope i dont get a cursed table lol, smile kindly on me lady luck ^_^
  10. Im so glad this got fixed, it just made Nintendo look really silly when you dont know the reasons why it happend, and even then, still didnt seem to make a lot of sense.
  11. I just got home and found both games waiting, cant really do much right now but im installing the update and setting up my character, will play tonight and transfer to my 3DS tomorrow when im due to travel to visit a sick relative. Kinda wish the tool was up today though... Love the new intros...so damn sharp in 1080!
  12. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut

    Finally an excuse to pick up the game and play through it properly, i got it for free with my OnLive sub a few years ago but it just never looked great with all the atrifacting associated with streaming a game online. Off TV Play is fast becoming my favourite buzz word on WiiU games, as ive mentioned previously, if im playing on my screen and sitting next to my girlfriend it still counts as spending time with her ^_^
  13. Last day at work before my long weekend starts, cant wait to get home as i know both my Monster Hunter games will be laying on the floor in front of the door waiting for me. Totally forgot to get a circlepad pro and the only versions they have in store at the moment are the XL ones and i still only have the small 3ds, ill need to hit the shops on the way home... If anyone is playing online tonight ill be after 9pm as its unfortunatley the day we do the weekly shopping, looking forward to getting this kicked off ^_^
  14. Sometimes they sell more copies than they physically get in, they did it to me a couple of times and then the following month they have a sale with the same game because they must have gotten too many on their next order lol. They really seem to be poor at stock control.
  15. ZombiU

  16. Yeah! Both of my games are paid for and on their way, cant wait until they arrive! Im going to grind the hell out of this game over my long weekend ^_^
  17. ZombiU

  18. Super Hang-On 3D (eShop)

    I LOVED Road Rash! The second game was one of my favourite racers of all time, liked how folks would side with or against you depending on your actions. Why havent they tried to revive the series? Give it to the Burnout guys lol
  19. My thoughts exactly lol, they should have it out to us by Thursday but im really hoping for Wednesday ^_^ The N Europe review has me even more excited now, just reminded me of how much the game was the first time around.
  20. ZombiU

    All my freezes where really early on in the game, before any of the palace visits but having said that ive probably jinxed myself now ^_^ I havent had it lock up on me for a good few sessions now but anticipating it is almost as scary as Zombies themselves.
  21. Gah! How can it only be Monday?! I feel like ive been waiting forever for this game lol. Im really glad and truely greatfull for all the experts in the game posting all their findings about the tables, like a lot of the others im just looking to avoid a cursed table but i already have an idea of which one im going for since ill be using a Great Sword.
  22. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    It seems the game just isnt for me, i enjoyed Lords of Shadow but this just feels like they jammed the 3d sprites and moves onto a 2d plane and there dosent seem to be much in the way of exploration at all. I was lucky enough to be able to convince a friend to let me have an hour on his copy and something just dosent feel right, ill probably end up buying it when it goes down in price as im planning on playing Lords of Shadow 2 and dont want to miss any of the story, still, @Captain_Falcon is right, fans of the series havent done themselves any favours and this may well be what we are stuck with going forward.
  23. I had no idea this even existed, i never really got far enough in the previous game for charms to make any real impact on my guy but since im planning on spending hundreds of hours playing id better make sure i spend some time doing this correctly. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah i remember being caught out on PSO, i was an android shooter type and my section id made it so i only ever found swords lol. So it seems that everyone is saying if you dont know what table to chose, to go for table 10, would everyone agree with this?
  24. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    So being a huge Castlevania fan and loving the old Metroid-vania style games i was really worried about this game after hearing the most recent 8-4 podcast. Is it true that the maps on some of the areas are practically straight lines? Are there major perfomance issues when only battling a couple of enemies at a time? I dont know why the gave the handheld version of the series to Mercury Steam, the previous 2d games always seemed to review and sell well...
  25. ZombiU

    lol i just did something similar, walking around underground with my crossbow and a zombie comes running towards me, i take aim, wait for her to get closer and fire just as she lurches and my shot goes over her head! Then im frozen trying to remember how to reload and then she was on me chomping on my head T-T