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  1. Finally found the armor i want, but the catch...its mega rare, its the Mosghari set. It requires bumblepumpkin which is a bloody 5 star trade with that captain! i need at least a dozen of them....looks like im going to be playing this for a long...long...long time...
  2. On that same note, im still running the original 3DS with the circle pad pro but i dont have anything big enough to put the combo unit in when im out and about. Its a pain to have to use the box it came in, anyone come accross a case that would hold both? Anyone know where i get an S.Barioth Claw+ to upgrade the Tenbra? I take it i cant just farm it off a regular Barioth but that its some sub species i havent come accross yet..
  3. I just unlocked Night time hunting...NIGHT TIME HUNTING! I mean...i thought i had pretty much unlocked everything and then i find this, and a type of armor sphere above Advanced! I love this game so much....
  4. This kind of thing makes me really fearfull for the future of our favourite genres, for every Metroid Prime or Maximo we get there is a Bomberman act Zero or a Bionic Commando. We dont need them to take our classics and make them all grimey and realistic, we just need them to give us the natural progressions (Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda series).
  5. I enjoy both modes, offline is more for me to collect resources and grind bits of my armor, i enjoy playing along with people more, some of the laughs you just cant get offline. Cant wait until offline play comes along, it will make getting online about a million times easier.
  6. My 3DS just crashed on me again whilst fighting the green and yellow rolley in the Volcano, took me 20 mins to get him drooling and the game crashes, it has to be the cart at this point, ill need to see what shopto do about returns. No one else is getting this are they?
  7. I only just realised that at 2am last night, was getting stressed out and flying through my items for a potion and noticed the trap wasnt crossed out whilst in the water. For some reason i had it in my head that i could only trap monsters on land, d'oh! ^_^
  8. Im on that Laggy quest just now, keep killing the damn fool by accident, he never wants to jump up on the land for me to catch him lol. Maybe i need to use a weaker weapon... edit - ive literally hit a brick wall on this quest, its the only quest i have left to do so i cant progress until i finish it, but i cant seem to get him to go up on land a second time to capture him. I either end up killing him in that room with all the Ludroth (in the cave with the beach) or i float around with him not able to hit him for fear of killing him and i run out of time. Can anyone suggest anything? Typically im smashing his face in with a great sword until he starts moaning and swimming away and then if i hit him like 6 more times he dies, but he never goes anywhere i can capture him.
  9. A polished turd is still a turd, i know we arent exactly rolling in games but this is one game i think the WiiU can afford to lose. I was as excited as anyone when a Gearbox developed Aliens game was announced but its arrived and no amount of bug fixing or rejigging of controls is going to make a bad game good. Its a real pity too, the last good Alien game in recent memory was that Aliens vs Predator shooter from Rebellion back in the 2000s.
  10. Cant during the day but if you are still on at night i can give you a hand, ill keep an eye out for you on the friends list ^_^ Im going to take you up on that one of these days lol, i could do with a hand later to build the rest of my UFO Grendizer armor (from that one monster that spins itself around by its tail). That Pink Rolly in the Volcano is harder than it looks, wouldnt be so bad but that green poison it sprays out is a killer if you are low on health! Need to work on getting my immunity higher
  11. You download an app from the 3ds estore and use that in conjunction with the "transfer" option on the Wiiu version of the game to pull your character backwards and forwards from the two versions of the game. Its not perfect and im sure if there is a Monster Hunter 4 for WiiU it will be done better, but thats how it is for now. Its worth bearing in mind that the original 3ds version, Monster Hunter 3g was not an online game in Japan and they have bolted these things together to allow us to overcome the limitations.
  12. I totally agree with the others, honestly, if i hadnt already played the game on psp and Wii before hand the demo would not have won me over. The game does not reward you outright, infact it almost seems to punish you for trying to play it like other games, its only when you have sunk some time in you realise just how good the game is. Ive probably already said this before but its definetly not a game for everyone, the game revolves around killing giant bosses, skinning them, using their bits to make armor to fight bigger bosses etc. Of course there is the gathering of resources, teaming up with friends, cooking, forging, lots of stuff that will take a huge amount time but in the end, is hugely enjoyable.
  13. I got mine for a fiver last week from Game too, they must be trying to get rid of them now that the 3DS version is out. If anyone needs one check out your local store, makes playing Monster Hunter 100 times more comfortable ^_^
  14. Those Cat switchaxes and masks for Cha Cha are amazing! You must have sunk so much time into the game already lol
  15. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Yeah i do lol, played the demo of the 3DS game a few minutes ago and im totally hooked, if i had the cash id totally buy it this month but alas the only monies i had paid for my Monster Hunter addiction instead lol. I will be playing the GBA one in the meantime. I havent played a Fire Emblem game before and i found the hints they give you at the beginning very helpfull, was able to understand the basics by the time the demo ended. Though to be fair, i have played Final Fantasty Tactics and Super Robot Taisen before this and they are pretty similar.
  16. Royal Asshole is about right, those damn things always show up at the worst possible time lol
  17. Ah nice catch! I started playing it in 3d but its difficult to maintain the view when sitting on a bus so started playing it in 2d, ill make the adjustments for the sharper picture. Yeah the font isnt the best lol. Finally got the full set of Barroth armor, spent hours today trying to cut that damn things tail off and then in one session i did that and then smashed his skull and got that other part i didnt have yet! Now i can concentrate on my sword...
  18. It should be okay, my WiiU was crashing a lot with ZombiU but never on anything else, the save files always stayed intact so hopefully it wont cause your file to corrupt. My 3DS game on the other hand crashes at least once during each session, ive formatted the card and it still does it, worringly it dosent do it with any other game so i think my cart is done and since i threw ot the packaging it came in i cant return it to shopto. Ill maybe just download it digitally so its always on my machine, its the only thing im playing these days anyway and im a bit scared it will crash and corrupt my character one day lol
  19. Fire Emblem Awakening

    I forgot all about this until Blade and Mokong started talking about it during last nights hunt, downloading the demo just now. I kinda liked Final Fantasy Tactics back on the Playstation and really got into the Super Robot Taisen games before Nintendo decided to region lock their portables <damn you guys!>, im hoping its similar to those. I forgot i actually got the SNES one as part of that ambassador thing so might play that after ive finished the demo to see how i feel.
  20. Has anyone listend to this yet? I tried pasting it in properly as a Youtube video but couldnt make it work, its a lyrical rendition of the Monster Hunter Tri theme, its pretty great!
  21. Was in my local shopping centre last night and wandered into Game to see if they had any circle pad pros left, in typical Game fashion they had a pre-owened one for £7 and a brand new one for £5! God it makes playing the 3DS game infinitely easier, though im going to have to start looking for a bigger case now that my 3DS has put on a few pounds lol.
  22. @Ike that simple? Cool ill do it now, think it needs formatted or i need a new one....at least i hope its the just the memory card needing done T-T
  23. Anyone know what to do when your 3DS starts locking up whilst playing the game? Hasnt happend on any other titles but i probably havent played it as long in one sitting as i do with MH. edit - So some people reckon it might be memory card corruption, anyone backed up a memory card via windows before for 3DS? Anything special i need to do?
  24. I had read about it ages ago but totally forgot about the feature, its a really good incentive to be social and hunt with friends and randoms alike. I traded cards last night so ill keep an eye out for the extra quests, thanks for the reminder ^_^ Youll be fine, there seems to be a good mix of people playing early and late so you should be able to get into a game at most times.
  25. DuckTales Remastered (eShop)

    Ugh...so i say to my girlfriend, "man! Scrooge McDucks voice actor is in his 90s!" and she gives me a blank expression, i ask her if she remembers Duck Tails and she tells me she has never seen that, Rescue Rangers or Tail Spin despite being two years older than me! Looks like im buying some boxed sets on payday lol