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  1. I actually agree with pretty much everything Zechs said, i knew going into the event last night that it wasnt about the games, it was about the machine etc but looking at it made me feel the same kind of indifference i felt about the PS4 event, that is to say, nothing has really changed. I dont know what i was expecting but the graphics on both of those machines just arnt that much better, yes they are more defined, yes they are shiny but its just more of the same with a higher polycount and some new shaders. The whole more intelligent AI thing is a facade, ive been hearing EA beat the drum since the PS1 days and nothing has changed, AI characters are still dumb and unfortuantley thats down to programming not horse power. I dont think Microsoft of Sony are doing anything wrong per say, they both appear to be going for the same thing and thats an all in one media centre for the living room, unfortuantely its at the expense of us gamers who will be subjected to slightly better looking last gen games with social hooks. How is this different to Nintendo? They are making games i care about, its a personal thing but i look at COD, i look at Need for speed and i like those games, but i dont care about them, if i miss this years version ill just pick up the next one. When i look at Mario, at Zelda or Starfox, i get excited when a new game comes along, i feel like i MUST play them, that if i dont im genuinely missing out and that is the difference. Its maybe just my opinion but i feel like Nintendo games are made with a little more love and care than most, thats not important to the masses but its important to me and its the reason why im still looking at the other two thinking, "why bother?".
  2. Sonic Lost World (Wii U/3DS)

    Adventure was fine, Generations was great until it switched from the old games to the new ones and the other two i was never able to enjoy. I guess its more a matter of taste but to me the best Sonic games in the last 10 years have been on Nintendo hardware.
  3. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    some of the shots look amazing and others, not so much, regardless im all over this whenever it launches. Im still holding hope out for a WiiU edition so i can use Transfarring again.
  4. No more EA support for Wii U!

    Thats a fair point but lets be honest, they put out way inferior versions of those games missing out all the enhancements that they added to the other two skus. The games sold poorly because EA couldnt be bothered putting the time in to make a decent port, its a shame NFS isnt selling better but if you got burned on a crap version of FIFA and Madden you would assume that NFS (from the same publisher) is a sloppy port too, they are doing it to themselves and then blaming Nintendo for it. Like you said, they own the games and can choose whatever platform they want but at the end of the day, when you put shit in you get shit out, you cant expect to sell thousands of copies when you cant even be bothered putting the work in.
  5. No more EA support for Wii U!

    This is unacceptable, had that been a tweet about Microsoft or Sony that guy would have been out on his ass before the tweet hit the internet. I think EA are missing the point, they are making money off of consoles that have been around for longer than thier CEO, the new batch of consoles are set to bring about higher production costs, even bigger teams and they just spent a small fortune getting the license for Star Wars? Its a pretty huge gamble, if they dont sell a crap load of units on the new machines they are going the same was as THQ, the casuals who used to buy FIFA now have iphones, profits are at an all time low, should have gotten some ports accross to the WiiU more like NFS and less like Mass Effect. Remember when THQ started making losses and quickly kicked out the guy in charge and brought in someone else who promised to turn the company around? Sound similar? The worst of it, i really loved the THQ games and im indifferent to most EA games, how they have gotten this far is an injustice.
  6. Any Nintendo fans want Fifa 14 on Wii U

    Actually i dont think this is just going to be Nintendo and if i was Sony or Microsoft right now id be pretty damn worried too. Look at the profits coming from the games released even on the other two machines and they are in a steady decline, even huge titles like Bioshock and Tombraider are barely making any profit. Now that people can pick up games on their iphones for a couple of pounds the whole industry is in trouble, have a look at the sales of the new consoles when they launch, its not going to be as rosey as EA seem to believe.
  7. Sonic Lost World (Wii U/3DS)

    Sonic colours was good, i also liked Sonic and the Secret rings so im looking forward to this game too. You can argue that the 2d games are the best but the 3d games on Nintendo machines have been pretty good too, unlike the games on the other machines...
  8. Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics

    I hadnt really been interested in the previous titles, i played them at work during olympic fund raising stuff but never felt the need to buy the game. This however, does look great, events in the mushroom kingdom and sonic universe? Look at those graphics! Im back on board...
  9. Nintendo Direct (16 May, 3pm)

    Wait...this really happend? I hope to hell that comes to the West too, those games have been really popular on the PS2 and i never did get around to picking them up. Sonic is a pretty decent win, he seems more comfortable on Nintendo platforms ^_^
  10. No more EA support for Wii U!

    Ill miss Need for Speed (the Criterean one at least) but honestly, i dont care, i dont play sports games, im not a fan of Sims or Sim City and Mass Effect is done for the next few years. I think it looks bad for Nintendo when you just look at the headline but when you really think about it, its not so bad. It just means that when Konami release their Soccer game it will have zero competition and will sell bucketloads.
  11. Nintendo Direct (16 May, 3pm)

    God i hope so.....
  12. NINTENDO @ E3: Towards Hype and Hyperboles

    I would kill for a new Wave Race, the N64 original is still one of my favourite games (i even own the Japanese only Shindou Wave Race with rumble pack compatibility and a remastered soundtrack) though i wasnt as keen on the Gamecube one. Give me another one and i can die happy ^_^
  13. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Saw that this morning, i only hope we get all the dlc, the fighters and the costumes (including the Arrow dlc and the stuff from the ios game), for a fan of comics like myself the costumes are as important as new fighters. I just dont get what the delay is, some people have been speculating that this is down to the summer update Nintendo are launching that will improve the console in some specified way. Who knows....i just want to be able to get my dlc the same time as everyone else.
  14. Zen Pinball 2 (eShop)

    Thanks for that, had my eye on that Ghostrider table for a while, gonna grab it for WiiU ^_^
  15. Wii U VC

    I did think it was expensive until i played Super Mario World, then it seemed like a bargain. I think it really depends on what they release, they really need to get this worked on as a priority, get the team releasing at least one vc game for each console every week and appeal to the third parties they had on Wii like Sega and NEC to get their own titles updated.
  16. Rayman Legends

    Ive really been enjoying the couple of hours i played of it, it might just have sold me on putting the game back on my buy list. Unforunately between Monster Hunter, beta testing a bunch of pc games and trying to squeeze Injustice in there im running really short on time.
  17. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I feel fortunate to have only ever played the DS version properly, dabled on the Gamecube at a friends house but never picked it up. There seems to be enough new content that ill be kept busy for the duration, especially since i know my girlfriend will be playing it too.
  18. Wii U VC

    Damn NOA lol, as long as it gets here soon ^_^
  19. Wii U VC

    I thought the updat was today, its nearly tomorrow and its still not live. Anyone mentioned anything about N64 games? I really want them to give us the 60hz version of Wave Race... Id settle for one game for each console a week to be honest, that way the catalogue will be a fairly decent size pretty quickly. Id also like to see (but dont think we will) a bulk release of all previously added titles.
  20. Is there a fool proof way of getting five star items to trade with the captain? Some people are suggesting capturing monsters instead of killing them at night but thats only got me one 4 star and a bunch of 3s. Is there some monsters more suited to getting the resource?
  21. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Playing it on the Xbox just now, cant wait for the WiiU version to arrive next week, having a blast playing it.
  22. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    My girlfriend wants it digitally, shes one of those "anti-clutter" types that dosent like physical copies of anything so i have to get her the card with the code on it, if i get it for myself ill buy the physical copy.
  23. Wii U Headsets?

    I use the Turtlebeach Earforce NLa set, its pretty good quality and the mic is great from what the others have told me, only £23.98 at Zavvi just now! http://www.zavvi.com/wii-u-accessories/official-wii-u-turtle-beach-ear-force-nla-headset-black/10649792.html Just noticed @kav82 uses these too ^_^
  24. I really wish they had allowed the WiiU to stay on standby the same way the Wii did, imagine how better it would be for games getting title updates whilst you sleep or downloading demos in sleep mode like the 3DS? Why Nintendo...why do you abandon some of your best ideas?