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  1. Name Changes

    I should probably request a name change to from shin_kagato to Kagato, its probably more important that my forum name matches my Nintendo account rather than my steam one. If there isnt already someone skulking around with my name that would be awesome ^_^
  2. Fallout 4

    Despite the game being a few weeks old all i've done is wander around the wasteland doing random bits and bobs, suppose i should probably head to Diamond City at some point. Had a few weird sound loop glitches that wouldnt stop until i rebooted, love that soundtrack of old timey classics though, cant stop singing them at work...
  3. Playstation Now

    I was off for a week (sigh back to work tomorrow) and did the free weeks trial thing, seemed fairly stable but there is a noticable input lag if you are playing anything as fast as Sonic and need to perform double taps of the x button or any pin point accurate moves. It is still a good way to play the majority of games though, played a little bit of Darksiders and Tokyo Jungle (everyone needs to play that!) and it seemed fine, especially if you are new to psn, lots of classic games already there or on their way. I did have both Darksiders and Sonic 4 lock up on me but my ISP was also acting up so might have been them. Conversely, I am also in the xbox one preview program for their backwards compatibility games and that works better, especially for offline games, i think if Sony offered both they could be onto a real winner.
  4. Les revenants/The Returned

    I forgot this was coming back but luckily my girlfriend didn't and recorded it, got to find some time to watch it before the spoilers get on twitter. Did anyone ever end up watching the US remake? I heard mostly bad things but that was from folk who watched the original series in French first.
  5. Earthbound OUT NOW!

    Okay, you sold me on it, i will pick it up this afternoon and give it a go, its great ill be able to play the whole thing on my gamepad, i hate being interrupted when playing jrpgs ^_^
  6. Pocket Card Jockey (eShop)

    Its like a crossover of some sort though just by looking at the image its not mega clear what it could be. The font used in the background looks really close to the font used in G1 Yugioh so maybe duel monsters vs Pokemon? The only other game that springs to mind is Digimon, its so similar to Pokemon and bandai/namco are working on smash bros so maybe some resource cross over? Probably none of the above, its probably something super obvious that we just cant see yet..
  7. Earthbound OUT NOW!

    I never did play Earthbound the first time, not even through an emulator though i had it downloaded literally for years. Someone sell this game to me, i didnt like Nes in Smash bros, the trailer didnt do anything for me but i do freakin love 16 bit rpgs! I just need a little push, in your opinion what makes this game the game that i should be completely pumped for?
  8. RIP Ryan Davis

    I cant believe he is really gone, my first thought when i saw the headline was that it must be a joke (in poor taste) but then i confirmed it. I feel really sick thinking about it, listend to him every week on the bombcast, watched every video he had ever recorded. He hasnt just left the gaming world emptier, but the world in general, he was one of the brightest flames and was estinguished far too soon. Of coure as sad as I, and we as a community are, its his friends, family and Wife that are suffering the most. My thoughts are with them most of all, thought it breaks my heart to lose him, it must be truely devastating for them. RIP Ryan Davis, the world will be a lot less colourfull without you.
  9. What you take as arrogance i take as him being super passionite about the game he is working on and honestly, if he wasnt so into making the game i wouldnt even be interested. Regardless of his original intentions with the community, he has posted at least once a day on there since it went up and he has been on the majority of the podcasts too. The game of thrones thing...well i dont know, maybe he did read the book, its certainly been out long enough but i certainly cant see the links myself, maybe as Mokong said he has just found something modern to link back to the games that he thinks people will identify with. Im still on board with the game, Precursor recently did a podcast with one of the community members i talk to on a fairly regular basis so they certainly seem to be trying to involve the community as much as possible.
  10. TitanFall (Xbox One/360/PC)

    All this talk about offloading stuff to the cloud is the same BS Sony hit us with when showing off the PS2's emotion engine, remember that? Its all smoke and mirrors, none of it has an ounce of fact, they are counting on the majority of consumers being just stupid enough to buy into it all and except it as an excuse. Sim City has allowed a lot of users a peak behind the curtain and we are as a society becoming less tolerant of this rubbish.
  11. Dying Light

    Unfortuantely the Dead Island guys have no idea what they are doing, the first game was jankey as hell but it had some really good features, they get to part two, strip out the stuff everyone liked and kept all the boring zombie corridors in. Im convinced the contract their fmv out to someone who only has a very rough idea at best at what their games are about because they always look fantastic and then have nothing to do with the actual game. Ill keep an eye on the review scores but all this talk about how the next generation of machines is allowing them to make all these enhancements only to then announce it for 360 and PS3 makes me doubtfull that its anything more than some PR bullshit.
  12. Gamestrailers just put up a short interview with Paul and Denis explaining the games premise and community interaction that will feature in the game http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/jgf7yb/shadow-of-the-eternals-e3-2013--out-of-the-darkness-interview edit - sorry guys, im really bad at posting videos that play from the site, i've put in a working link that takes you directly to the page
  13. Xbox One Console Discussion

    I hope all those people saying that they will boycott the Xbox one on my twitter feed actually stick to their guns, so often i see people exclaiming that and a few days later you see them playing the game or machine they said they wouldnt buy. If we as gamers want to send them a message we have to do it financially because at the end of the day, Microsoft dont give a damn about what we write in blogs, flame on their twitter/facebook feeds, if the sales figures are good they will just ignore it. This may be nothing, but long time console publisher Konami has just announced ports of both Castlevania games and Metal Gear Rising for PC, maybe its nothing but i think they have realised that a lot of us are leaving the other two behind and sticking with PC/WiiU combos.
  14. Xbox One Console Discussion

    This is truely horrifiying, i mean really scary stuff, i got a whiff of this when they told us the xbox live arcade stuff wouldnt carry over but this...this is punishing legitimate consumers to get at pirates and its unacceptable. If anyone supports this then they are sending Microsoft the signal that we do infact want to be controlled and that our freedom is indeed worthless. I am worried like everyone else that no one else is aware of this, ive had people in my work ask me about this and they really didnt know about the always online and disc restrictons. Are you even allowed to return an Xbox One to the store when there is nothing wrong with it because its working as intended? Truely disgusted with the whole thing, i was willing to wait to see their E3 event before making my decision but im done, it dosent matter what they have now, im not interested until they reverse all of these stupid restrictions. Same goes for Sony who have said nothing, im willing to bet they would have tried this too but have seen the backlash and will change their stance on it. Well done microsoft, you just encouraged me to buy a PS4. As an IT professional myself, there is no way they have 300,000 physical servers, the real estate this would take up and the power consumption alone would cost them a small fortune. Its more likely there will be a few hundred servers worldwide running VMware or something similar which allows the provisioing of virtual servers. This is a highly cost effective and efficient way to run this but, if a couple of physical servers go out a few thousand VMs do too.
  15. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Oh yeah! Smash Bros stuff incoming, lay it on me Nintendo!
  16. They are teasing some big reveal for the start of the new campaign, purely speculation at this point but people think there may be some backer willing to step in with a sizeable donation but until they officially announce it we wont know for sure. What we do know is they are reloading the whole thing, getting it all done in one place (kickstarter) to avoid any confusion and they are going to have a whole lot of press people playing the game and reporting in on what they think for better or worse. Im just mega interested to see what comes out of all of this, ill keep everyone posted on any updates and of course if you want to have a look for yourself they do have a forum that is updated with podcasts etc at least twice a week (though often more).
  17. From what i understand the Sanity effect itself cant be copyrighted (see Batman Arkham City for a good example of this) but the sanity meter has been. They have created a new way of measuring this which they will show off at E3. They have decided to take down the current crowd funding schemes, refund all of the money (even the early adopters) and retool the whole thing after E3. Im really curious to see what they come up with, they have reached out to many of the big news outlets, they are eager for people to talk to them about the game and to let them play it so that shows a great deal of confidence in the product. Ill be keeping a close eye on this, i know a lot of you are skeptical so for those who just want the highlights ill post them here. This E3 just got a whole lot more interesting.
  18. They currently only have Kickstarter (via Amazon payments) and Paypal as options which both require cards to be used, Paypal can be direct funded through a bank account but i still think they need a card to be attached before they let you do that. I guess i just want a new Eternal Darkness game enough to give them the chance to prove themselves, they have completely locked down what the funds are to be used for and i believe its honest of them to come out with the actual figure they need rather than try for a lower amount knowing they couldnt deliver on it. Although i wasnt a huge fan of Too Human it was hardly the train wreck everyone makes it out to be, sure for a game that was in production since the N64 it should have been way better, but it wasnt awful and i was really interested to see what the next two parts of the trilogy would being though now i guess we will never know. X-Men....that was just plain bad, there is no defence for that game, it was a disaster, but they have made some great games, more hits than misses so that was enough for me to back it. I hope it gets funded and created not so i can have bragging rights, but because i really want this game on WiiU and after seeing the trailer and gameplay footage i cant see how it can be anything other than great. They are right now prepping a playable demo for E3 so if any of our awesome site staff are going it might be worth checking it out since my E3s are sadly spent in front of the PC at home T-T
  19. So my curiosity got the better of me, I couldn’t let this lie as it was, the video of Denis and his team going through the questions and answering them in the way he did left me wondering just who these sources are, who Kotaku had hired to write the story and more importantly, what was the state of the game right now. I spent all of Friday and Saturday looking around and came up with the following, now this is only my opinion and I encourage everyone to look at this case and decide on your own as I did because this is one of those really shady situations. First off, I read the Kotaku article again with a view to try and make some sense and see some proof of the claims made against SK, Denis and Precursor games. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a damn thing, the source was never named and after giving this interview has completely vanished off the face of the earth. Denis has been brought in after the fact, the new developer was around already before he joined the team and regardless of the accusations, he is not in a place to make any kind of financial decisions anyway so the fear of "Denis is in charge, he’s going to steal my money" is completely unfounded. I then spurred on about something Denis said in the video about other sites turning down the news story had a look and could confirm that at least two sites didn’t want to touch the story because most of it was conjecture and either difficult or impossible to prove since 1. There was no proof and 2. The so called witness refused to reveal who he was. I then read a follow up on Kotaku by Stephen Totilo which although not completely debunking the original story did say at the end that everyone should look at this themselves before deciding what they think of the situation. Is it just me or if he really believed the story would he not just have straight up said I stand by the story" instead of asking us to make up our own mind? It strikes me that either he has no faith in the article or like me he can’t find anything concrete to use to support it and is treating as it should be treated, as sensationalist journalism. I wanted to see exactly what the game was about so i joined the forums, put in some time reading the posts of concerned backers, reading the dev diaries and watching the videos and there isn’t a single thing there that says to me that they have any intention of not making this game as good as it can be. They have since reached out to various members of the press including Kotaku and Reddit to try and put some constructive information out there, they have as far as I can tell, been very transparent about what the money will be used for and they already have a cross section of the game running on the Cryengine3 which is looking really good even at this early stage. They are also heading out to E3 to put the game out there, let people see it and it’s my hope, to reconnect with gamers and put their case to them directly. I feel like a bit of an ass because I read the whole kotaku republished on another site and straight away (well after the whole Epic thing) was willing to believe the worst, but when you actually examine the evidence and claims under the microscope there is nothing of any substance to it. Had I known at the time that it was actually Kotaku who let’s face it, has become the internet equivalent of the Sun newspaper, I would have been way less likely to believe it. This is confounded by the fact that they are now being investigated for publishing stories like this very one and despite having their own journalistic integrity questioned have still managed to put the development of this game in a pretty dire situation. Full disclosure, around 3am on Saturday morning I decided that I had read enough and decided I would put some money into the game, I would be remiss not to at this point when my own investigation has turned up no good reason not to. In a world where one bad game can sink a company I think this is literally the case for SK, the X Men game they created was pretty bad and now it’s being used as ammunition against them despite having a string of great games (Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes) and one fun if flawed game (Too Human) and only one really bad game that they themselves admit they didn’t want to release. I’m not saying take my word for it (though if you do thanks, that’s a lot of faith) but if you are looking at this game and wondering if you should help fund it or not, don’t sit on the fence, judge them by the games they have made already, consider carefully if you trust they can do what they are setting out to do and either put the money in or if you still have doubts don’t. The team making this are all very talented and have years of experience in making fun games, they have some terrific writers and i personally think it would be a shame to see this game not arrive on WiiU because of what amounts to slander.
  20. The 90′s Arcade Racer

    Id forgotten all about this, glad to see they are making progress, this game looks great and 60 fps is fantastic! I only wish i had noticed the kickstarter when it was live, how cool would it have been to be one of the guys at the side of the track?!
  21. Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

    God i loved that game, i used to have a store an hour away from me that imported games before that whole scene fell apart and i got this for like £15. I had an ice type devimon (no idea how i even did that) but i was also playing Jade Cocoon at the same time so never really got as far as id like. Id love this to come to the west, there is a decent chance since a lot of the other games did, got my fingers crossed ^_^
  22. edit - So i watched the video a few posts above mine and now i dont know what to believe, he seems sincere enough and Kotaku are not exactly known for their journalistic integrity, but i read about the story on Giantbomb and i cant imagine they just reprinted the same thing. How does everyone else feel?
  23. Or maybe it actually dispenses water, hey they said it does everything ^_^
  24. EA and you

    I own the Mass Effect games, one of the NHL games and The Old republic..oh also the first two Deadspace games but thats it i think. I wonder how many people will actively avoid EA now though, i previously didnt care but ill personally be keeping my EA spend down as much as possible going forward.
  25. Rare to show 'historic' franchise at E3

    Interesting...is it enough for me to want the Xbox one? Depends on what it is, it could be a game from when they used to be Ultimate games...Perfect Dark or Killer Instinct seems likely though since Banjo didnt sell anything for them.