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  1. Kororinpa

    I found the key was not to hold the remote too tightly. Just hold it lightly and let it roll around in your hand when you need to turn it upside down. Don't make the wrist do all the work . I've now unlocked and completed 3 bonus levels. I've got 16 gold trophies so need another 9 to unlock all the bonus levels. Getting gold trophies is starting to get pretty tricky though now as I've done all the easy ones. The bonus or space levels are a real bitch but addictive at the same time. I can't believe some of the narrow platforms I'm rolling along.
  2. Kororinpa

    Now completed 83%. Got all the green crystals and have completed the 14 secret levels (number 15 isn't unlocked until you complete all the bonus levels). I've unlocked and completed two of the five bonus levels but need to get more gold trophies to unlock the others. I've completed half of the mirrored stages, which I gather need to be done in order to get 100%.
  3. Kororinpa

    I've played this for the last few days and here are my thoughts. Let's get the negative over first - the game shouldn't cost £35. When you look at it against other games where you can spend weeks/months just playing through once, a game where the first run only takes hours doesn't justify the price tag. Right, now that's over, this is actually a really beautiful game. Where Monkey Ball is manic and frustrating, for a game that requires maximum concentration, Kororinpa has a really chilled out vibe. The carved wood platforms and calm music of the first 10 levels just made be feel relaxed - the fact that these levels are all very easy helped too though! As you progress you unlock more balls, which means you can make those easy levels a little bit harder - I'm quite liking the watermelon at the moment. On the gameplay front, there are a few frustrating levels - one of the night town ones has you guiding your ball along lots of really thin roads with no sides - this took me several attempts. However, there's nothing that will have you wanting to throw the remote at the TV unlike Cobalt Caverns on Monkey Ball. The replay value is in collecting the green gems, which unlock secret levels - I've unlocked five so far, and in aiming for the trophies. There's also this weird thing going on where you can play a mirrored version of all the levels (including secret ones). I'm currently half way through my second run of the game and I'm using the mirrored option to mix it up a little. I've completed about 65% so there seems to be loads more to be done. I've got most of the balls - about two left to unlock but I think I must have many more green gems to collect - some of them are pretty tough to reach and involve you hurling your ball off platforms in a desperate attempt to hit them. The controls are definitely intuitive and I love the way it has you turning the remote over as walls become platforms. You have to be fairly dextrous at times but I never found that it got too uncomfortable. Overall, this is a really neat game with great visuals and addictive gameplay. It reminds me a bit of Katamari with its quirky flavour. This is a game made by people who know that beautiful games aren't always about having the most realistic graphics. It's more about creating an atmosphere that draws you in. I'd give it 8/10 - whilst the main game should be longer, the secret levels and multiplayer element mean there's plenty of replay value.
  4. SSX Blur

    Amazon delivery estimate is for 15th - 16th March.
  5. Kororinpa

    I've got this arriving from Amazon today. I was a bit put off by the price but I'm desperate for a new Wii game so decided to go for it. Will post a review over the weekend when I've played it.
  6. SSX Blur

    I want this game now! Oh well, my Kororinpa has just shipped from Amazon so at least I'll be able to play that until the new SSX comes out.
  7. FIFA 2008

    I really want them to utilise the new control system. Otherwise, we'll just get another football game that's exactly like last year's. I already have Fifa 06 for the PS2 and Fifa 07 for the DS. Why do I want exactly the same game for the Wii?
  8. Kororinpa

    I've got it pre-ordered from Amazon. I wasn't 100% sure about it but I can't wait another month for SSX Blur to come out which will be my next purchase, so I decided to splash out. It's £35 from Amazon btw.
  9. Will they bring out a football game for the Wii

    To be honest, I never used all the fancy moves you are supposed to be able to do. When I'm running down the left wing, I'm working out whether to pass the ball or cut inside, not worrying about which button combo will make my player do a step over. The left analogue stick, R1, square, x and circle buttons were all my brain could cope with! I recently played Fifa 07 on the DS and won the Premier League straight off. It's really no different than playing on PS2 and I'm starting to find it formulaic and boring. So I hope that if Fifa comes to the Wii they make the experience different by utilising the unique control system. I don't want to pay £30+ for the latest version of a game I already have on another console unless there's some added value.
  10. Will they bring out a football game for the Wii

    I'd love to see a footie game come to the Wii but I want it to make innovative use of the new control system. I've played Fifa and PES on both PS2 and the DS and I don't want something that just replicates those versions. As these games generally don't change much year on year, they need to do something different to make me want to buy yet another version.
  11. What is your favourite Wii sport?

    Tennis is definitely my favourite and the one I keep coming back to. I think I'd follow that with boxing as its a good workout. I like baseball but am rubbish at it. I played the golf when I took my Wii to my parents at Christmas as my dad was into it and I play bowling when we have friends round as its easy to get into and good for parties. My folks loved Wii Sports and my mum has asked my dad to buy her a Wii for her birthday as a result. I couldn't believe it as my mum has never been into gaming before. Hats off to Nintendo for being able to sell a Wii to a woman in her fifties!
  12. Are you happy with your Wii?

    I'm definitely still happy with my Wii although I'm not playing it as much as I was at first. That's mostly as I have a full time job and other commitments so don't have as much free time as I did over Christmas. As a result, I've still got plenty left to play as I've not completed Rayman, SMB or Zelda yet. I'm still really into Wii Sports though and I had some friends round on Saturday who really got into the bowling and boxing. WarioWare was good as it demonstrated what you can do with the Wiimote although some of the actions are a little clunky and it doesn't last very long - it should have been cheaper IMO but then maybe that's because I'm not likely to play the multiplayer mode as much as people who have loads of gaming mates. I think we are in a bit of a lull at the moment whilst we wait for new games to arrive but I certainly don't think that's a big deal or is a reflection on the Wii's ability to sustain interest. March and April will see some exciting new releases. As time goes on, developers will become more used to working with the Wiimote and the games will advance. I'm looking forward to playing some more involved sports games and I want to get stuck into some online multiplayer gaming. I also hope that the internet channel evolves as I'd like to see it support more multimedia formats - YouTube is kind of limiting and I want to access on-demand progs. Also, the news channel isn't that great - I'm currently not sure why I'd use that rather than going on the internet channel and accessing news sites that are more relevant and have more detailed reports. I still like how innovative the Wii is and I honestly think it'll just get better. I love the way Nintendo produces games that Microsoft and Sony will never produce. For me, variety is important in gaming - I don't want endless 1st person shooters, which are basically the same game wrapped up in a different package. Also, gameplay is more important than graphics. The Xbox and PS3 have gorgeous graphics but the games won't change - that's not innovation, it's just technology advancing, which isn't the same thing.
  13. Wario Ware review

    Any tips for doing the 'boxer' and 'pestle and mortar' forms? Sometimes the game responds to my actions and sometimes nothing seems to happen no matter what I do with the remote. All the other forms seem to work fine but when I'm shredding paper I can do one turn and then it just stops.
  14. I finally bought a ps2

    Katamari is a great game - so un-PS2 really. It's one of the only two games I could persuade my other half to play (the other being Crash Bandicoot) although now the Wii is here, I can add Wii Sports and Rayman to that list.
  15. Back in Stock?

    Thanks for the info about the Arndale. My sister wants to buy one for her boyfriend as a birthday present but hasn't been able to get hold of one anywhere. I suspect the one's in Game have probably gone now but I'll let her know so she can give them a ring.
  16. Godfather: Blackhand Edition

    I really enjoyed this game on PS2 but then I love the film and the whole atmosphere of the game drew me in. From a purely gameplay point of view, the main story is quite short and there isn't a huge variety in the missions. I finished the main story without actually taking over any of the warehouses (I guess I expected the story to be longer and to have more time to do the side missions). I then found I couldn't be bothered to complete the warehouse takeovers as without the storyline to accompany it, there wasn't really the same drive to continue. Having said that, I did really get immersed in it for quite a while and I like the idea of the playing it with the Wii remote. However, as it looks like a direct port and I've only recently played it, I doubt I'll be splashing the cash on this one.
  17. Has the Wii worked?

    The shorter, more basic games offered in Wii Play and Wii Sports were no doubt produced for the following reasons: i) they demonstrate the capabilities of the Wii Remote really well - within an hour you can have used the remote as a racquet, a golf club, a gun, a fishing rod or to box, bowl etc. ii) they are simple to pick up and offer instant satisfaction unlike more involved games that have a steeper learning curve; this means that Nintendo can appeal to those who don't traditionally buy consoles I think that these games have a different role to play than games like Zelda but they can exist side by side. Playing the tennis in Wii Sports gave me a taster of the capabilities of the new controller and has left me desperate for a full tennis game to come out with more refined features and added depth. It will be a wasted opportunity if we don't see some of these featues worked out more fully in more elaborate games. I hope we will see developers take the ideas and features of these simple games to a new level in the future, but this was never going to happen for launch. Developers need time to figure out the potential of the new controller so it was odds on that the launch games would consist of party games and ports. I do think that the future of gaming looks very bright for both old Nintendo fans and new converts alike.
  18. Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

    I've been wondering what's happening with this as it's gone very quiet and it doesn't seem to be listed in lots of release lists I've seen. Really looking forward to it as played it briefly on the DS and loved it. I wish we could get some confirmation of a date though.
  19. Game, Overpriced Nunchucks

    I bought a Classic Controller from Game last Saturday. It's supposed to retail at £14.99 but they were selling them for £17.99 because all the other stores in Bromley had sold out. They are seriously taking the p***.
  20. Bad Press = Sony at work?

    This story can only run for a short while longer and then everyone will get bored of it and move on. Let's face it, it's not like it's ruining sales figures. There'll be plenty of bad press come the Sony launch due to the outrageous price of the thing.
  21. Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Thread

    Damn, I continued on the boss battle on level 2.
  22. Wii Sports Thread

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks hitting it straight is a little hard. Will try those methods you suggest though thanks. I love the tennis - am so into it and feel that the movements on the whole are really natural. I would love to see a full tennis game developed for the Wii. I think that a real bells and whistles game would work really well.
  23. Wii Sports Thread

    My high score is about 180 so looks like I've a way to go yet. Sometimes I go through a bad spell, mostly if I've been playing it too much and I'm losing concentration. My fitness age is still pretty terrible so I won't mention it here until I've improved a bit! My problem seems to be the tennis one where you have to hit the orange rectangle with the ball. This is because when the ball is played to you down the middle of the court, I'm struggling to return it straight back down. Instead, I either play it to the left or the right. It's hard to explain but it's like when the ball comes straight at you, how can you play it straight back when you don't have control of moving your Mii?
  24. Rayman Raving Rabbids Thread

    I lumped for Super Monkey instead at launch but I may get Rayman tomorrow as you guys all seem to rate it. Need to sneak buy it though as my other half thinks I've spent too much already .
  25. Wii Sports Thread

    Re the left turn issue on the bowling, use the 'turn' feature to bowl further towards the right. This will compensate for when the ball curves to the left. This and the spin practice seem to be working for me.