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  1. Official Flash Development Thread.

    Sites like Flashkit.com and pixel2life.com are best for this kinda thing, especially flashkit if its actionscript advice your looking for.
  2. First Wii Impressions

    Mines updated fine, my ass was in knots doing it though. The system itself is the nicest looking console ive ever seen, very polished, very sleek, controller is great, playing zelda just now, very intuitive.
  3. Midnight Launches

    Are we getting any sort of bonus/collectors edition zelda box for pre-ordering? ive heard mumblings about it, can anyone clarify? I better start practicing MK.
  4. Midnight Launches

    haha, im sure he wont be a paedo. I cant get in until ten
  5. Midnight Launches

    Hey, should be there for 10, with my DS in hand, some mario kart will be good :awesome:
  6. Midnight Launches

    coool man, cheers. I work next door to gamestation and they know who i am so im sure ill be ok.
  7. Midnight Launches

    Ill be queing at Stirling Gamestation, then its zelda time. Im probably being paranoid here, i cant find my pre-order receipt but i filled in a form and stuff, im sure thatll be ok wont it?